Grimoire Master Ch. 23   Chapter 4 Section 3: Adventure's End "For my part, I shall make sure to contact the church after leaving the neighboring village, but are you certain you do not wish to come with us?" Rose-san was talking to Lapris who was still sitting on Quinn-san's shoulder. "I thought you wanted us to bring … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 23

Grimoire Master Ch. 20   Chapter 3 Section 7: Grimoire Master Iris Calvafon Several people started screaming near the dragon's fallen body. "........." Sometimes when you 'see something unbelievable', people use the expression that it 'stole your breath away'. That expression certainly describes me right at this very moment. "It's alive! It's still alive!" The villagers who had … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 20

Grimoire Master Ch. 19   Chapter 3 Section 6: Shining Sword Flare in the Setting Sun "Gururu, ga............GAAAAAAH!?" Yes, right now is the most important moment. The spores burned by the explosion will melt together into a thick slime. With the spores diffused through the air like they were, the gunk will end up pouring down like rain … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 19

Grimoire Master Ch. 18   Chapter 3 Section 5: Provocation "It's dangerous there Quinn! Jump to another roof!" The building Quinn-san was standing on happened to be the one the dragon's tail mowed down. Quinn-san was just barely able to jump to the neighboring roof in time, thankfully meaning that nobody had gotten hurt. "No good, it's not … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 18