Grimoire Master Ch. 118   Chapter 12 Section 10: Friends [Ashel]: "I heard from Yuhanna. You're the Dark Violet Knight, Hadion correct?" Ashel-sama's back straightened in her seat as she turned towards Saluena. [Saluena]: "Indeed. But that was a thousand years ago. Now I wield my sword for the Goddess's promised one, Iris. And you may call Iris … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 118

Grimoire Master Ch. 116   Chapter 12 Section 8: Hero After returning to the castle and sharing a bath together, we all sat back and relaxed in our room with steam still rising off our freshly washed bodies. [Noelia]: "Thank you for all the work you put in today Calvafon-sama" [Iris]: "Aah, uuh......uwaah......" When I opened my mouth … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 116