Grimoire Master Ch. 187 Chapter 16Section 17: Capitol Defense - A Princess's Role The head of a dragon golem splattered like a watermelon when a giant, heavy mace came crashing down on its crown.  The resulting debris crumbled apart and returned to the soil. The Goddess Knights have already slayed well over a hundred dragon golems under Rose-san's … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 187

Grimoire Master Ch. 186 Chapter 16Section 16: Warrior Anthem [Iris]: "Names born before me." Sanz Wanz was flat on the ground with tears in its wings from where Phoenix attacked it.  For some reason, those were the only part of it that did not regenerate, instead falling to pieces and crumbling on the ground.  [Iris]: "Forged in steel. … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 186

Grimoire Master Ch. 185 Chapter 16Section 15: Capital Defense - Epithet [Iris]: “The Goddess Illya overwrites reason as commanded by Iris Calvafon!!” The grimoire burned a bright red in my hand. When I turned the page, the flames burned even brighter as words rose to the surface.  [Iris]: “Absolute law established in the name of the Almighty. Long … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 185

Grimoire Master Ch. 184 Chapter 16Section 14: A Noble's Duty [Iris]: "Sarah!! That girl!! Descend near where that blonde-haired girl is!!" [Sarah]: "Got it!" Unicorn's sky running took a steep turn downwards as we headed straight for Grides-san.  Grides-san is currently about halfway between the still standing seventh wall and the collapsed sixth. Among the pattern of noble … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 184

Grimoire Master Ch. 183 Chapter 16Section 13: The Name of the Girl Who Fights Back *Kiiin*.....Unicorn's hooves bounced off the barrier panels laid out like a rising spiral staircase.  [Rose]: "This shaft is running through each of the dungeon's floors. Seeing these different layers lying on top of each other is making me think of mille-feuille." Rose-san murmured … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 183

Grimoire Master Ch. 182 Chapter 16Section 12: Encore Dance [Rose]: "Yaa—!" *Clop*......Goldmund's hooves trampled over the fragments of Sanz Wanz's body broken off from the cannon bombardment and used them as a springboard to leap forward.  [Sanz Wanz]: "......idiots...... Fools. Sanz Wanz!! The unrivaled Pterosaur who once shook the world!!" In desperation Sanz Wanz lashed out with … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 182

Grimoire Master Ch. 181 Chapter 16Section 11: Dressage Dressage. It's a kind of equestrian competition held all throughout the Van Delucia continent.  The jockey communicates with their stead to have them dance together. In a grassland nation like Oshunel, the relationship between its people and horses is especially close, so we hold regular competitions every year.  [Rose]: "Skutua"¹ … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 181

Grimoire Master Ch. 180 Chapter 16Section 10: Three Lovely Sisters Mippo and Moppo were deprived of their egos, sealed away for a thousand years, and ultimately.......killed.  Despite all the pain they had already endured, when they thought about how their sister was still in trouble......they never once thought about escaping by themselves.  That's why.......I will never forgive you.  … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 180

Grimoire Master Ch. 178 Chapter 16Section 8: Sorrow When I turned around, Linzflare-san was standing up.  Her open, empty gaze was fixed on Sanz Wanz's fallen body.  ≪Sister!≫ ≪Stop! Not yet!≫ Linzflare-san's two sisters stood in front of her, jumping up and down while wildly waving their arms to try and get her to stop.  However their elder … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 178