Grimoire Master Ch. 138   Chapter 14Section 2: Knight Pair Bold Loire.  The simple description for these kinds of monsters is a kind of giant moving knight statue.  They're a mysterious kind of monster. Despite technically being golems they have no core, and it is still unknown how they function. [Saluena]: "Rosa, destroy the legs first." [Rose]: "Roger … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 138

Grimoire Master Ch. 137   Chapter 14Section 1: Dungeon Exploration We found ourselves beneath the castle early the next morning before the sun even had a chance to rise up. Oh, even if I say we're underground, it's not like Larpis's foul mouth has gotten us tossed into prison okay? [Yuhanna]: "Then if you'd please." At the request … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 137

Grimoire Master CH. 136   Chapter 13Section 14: A Peaceful Place [Carol]: "Hmm. So that's why you're so mopey?" Carol poked my cheek as I buried myself in couch cushions. [Lapris]: "You should've summoned Phoenix and rubbed her right in that pompous girl's nose. That would've shut her up." Lapris was lying back ready to sleep on my … Continue reading Grimoire Master CH. 136

Grimoire Master Ch. 135   Chapter 13Section 13: Magic Training Part 2 [Grides]: "The hero is also a witch yes? Then I imagine she would also be considerably proficient at handling magic." [Iris]: "Ah, no......I wouldn't say considerably." Is Grides-san......trying to pick a fight with me? If so then she's probably not going to be satisfied with my … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 135

Grimoire Master Ch. 134   Chapter 13Section 12: Magic Training Part 1 The second day of my new school life had magic training as its afternoon period. The explanation for our lesson was simple enough. Read the spellbook and cast the assigned spell. Normally each class would be doing this inside one of the labs, but since Litzreich … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 134

Grimoire Master Ch. 133   Chapter 13Section 11: Ribbon My second morning after enrolling in Eleonora Academy. I put on the school uniform custom tailored by the castle's fifty seamstresses and traveled to the school's gate with Rose-san and the others seeing me through the gate. [Classmate A]: "Good morning" [Classmates B]: "Good morning♪" Unlike yesterday where I … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 133

Grimoire Master Ch. 131   Chapter 13Section 9: Awareness as a Lady The next day I was back at Eleonora Academy. Grimm-sama and the others could once again only follow me up to the gate, but this time unlike yesterday, Rose-san and the others didn't follow me inside. Litzreich followed through with her offer, and I'm now officially … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 131