Grimoire Master Ch. 171   Chapter 16Section 1: Hidden [Ashel]: "I see, this is where we were transported?" Ashel-sama glanced around us to confirm our position. She didn't look surprised about this development in the least. Her question was entirely rhetorical, having completely accepted everything that had happened. ≪Bright sun≫ ≪Great weather≫ Mippo and Moppo were still holding … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 171

Grimoire Master Ch. 170   Chapter 15Section 20: Sky Enclave ≪Here≫ ≪This way≫ After finishing our break, Mippo and Moppo guided us over to an ordinary-looking wall.  A stone wall no different from anywhere else in this cave that you would be guaranteed to walk past without a second thought. However if the gnome sisters are to be … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 170

Grimoire Master Ch. 168   Chapter 15Section 18: Remnants of a Curse While we were filling up our tummies with tea and cookies, Toslin and Carol eventually came back with a large, leather bag filled to bursting. That was five minutes ago already. [Toslin]: "Haha~, another profitable venture." Toslin had dragged over the broken remains of one of … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 168

Grimoire Master Ch. 166   Chapter 15Section 16: Selfless Love [Iris]: "........The older sister's, older sister? ........In here?" I know it's rude to point, but I had to confirm with the older gnome sister what was being claimed here. I pointed at the gnome sister before then tracing my finger through the air and towards the cold, crushed … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 166

Grimoire Master Ch. 165 Chapter 15 Section 15: An Older Sister's Older Sister *CRA-CRACK!!* My ears were suddenly met with the sound of multiple barriers shattering. The bold loires standing between us and the sphere broke down my barrier, and several of them quickly swarmed through the hole punctured in my defense. [Lapris]: "Iris! Put 'em up already!!" … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 165

Grimoire Master Ch. 163   Chapter 15Section 13: Nearing the Enemy Magic can roughly be divided into three different types. Magic that is exercised with the help of spirits. Magic that calls a spirit to you and then utilizes the spirit.  And then the type of magic that spirits themselves use. [Iris]: "Carol!! I need to get closer … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 163

Grimoire Master Ch. 162   Chapter 15Section 12: Qualified It was an army. Equipped with an array of weaponry, the bold loires marched forward in orderly lines. It was as if a long, massive wall was slowly pressing towards us. [Litzreich]: "Magnificent, aren't they?" [Ashel]: "So those are the enemies." Lined up in order.......I'd guess there are about … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 162