Grimoire Master Ch. 187

Chapter 16
Section 17: Capitol Defense – A Princess’s Role

The head of a dragon golem splattered like a watermelon when a giant, heavy mace came crashing down on its crown. 

The resulting debris crumbled apart and returned to the soil.

The Goddess Knights have already slayed well over a hundred dragon golems under Rose-san’s command. 

Scattered cheers and cries rose up from the seventh wall. 

Knights, soldiers, and random citizens who were evacuating towards the castle had stopped to clap and marvel at the battle.

[Lapris]: “Ah, they’re cheering.”

[Iris]: “Y-Yeah…..they really are. It, doesn’t feel real.”

[Grides]: “…..why do you say that? If you have this kind of power, you should already be used to a response like this.”

There were various kinds of emotions mixing together on Grides’s face when she spoke.

[Lapris]: “Nah, Iris’s only ever fought in remote areas until now, so this kind of thing is completely new to her.”

Oh yeah…..Lapris is right. And when I silently nodded at that fact, Grides looked like she didn’t know how to react.

[Grides]: “Is…..that how it is. Then, rest assured you should be proud. You have, done so much here.”

Grides pursed her lips and turned her gaze towards the ground. And then after a moment of hesitation, she bowed her head.

[Iris]: “Grides?”

[Grides]: “Allow me to offer my gratitude, for both myself, and the injured who were saved thanks to your intervention.”

It felt like the distance between me and Grides shortened a bit after that duel. So I hope we can continue to close that distance one step at a time from now on. 

I left my hometown and jumped into the world of adventurers that I’ve always longed for. I think I’m allowed the selfishness to hope that all my experiences and encounters will be wonderful. 

[Ruruka]: “Princess. We have completely cleared the area in front of the sixth wall of all enemies. Please give us any follow-up orders you have.”

Ruruka-sama’s courteous voice brought my attention back to the situation at hand, and I had to stop myself from immediately rushing over to Rose-san and the others.

[Iris]: “Oh, right. I’ll head over right away. Grides……”

[Grides]: “I am the daughter of a count family. As long as there are people at my back who require my protection, I have a duty to keep fighting.”

[Iris]: “…..I understand. Sorry for the trouble Ruruka-sama. Please protect her as well.”

[Ruruka]: “Leave it to me!”

[Grides]: “Hold…..I-I do not believe I necessarily require your protection. I am on my own, and I will be cautious so…..”

[Iris]: “But no matter how careful you are, it doesn’t guarantee you will be okay.”

[Grides]: “…….”

So I hurried over to Rose-san while under Ruruka-sama’s protection. 

And as I sped through the broken rubble that once belonged to an army of golems, I could hear a pair of footsteps following along from behind.

[Grides]: “……thank you for the warning. And the kindness.”

[Iris]: “Of course. We should do what we together and protect as many people as possible.”

There was about a 50 meter long hole ripped into the 30 meter tall wall. 

Rose-san and the other knights had hunkered themselves down on the broken fragments of that wall, stopping any dragon golem from moving further inside the city. 

[Iris]: “Rose-san!!”

[Rose]: “Iris-san. We have managed to reclaim the sixth wall. However we cannot afford to relax until Sanz Wanz no longer lives.”

I could just make out the fifth wall from over the broken ruins of the sixth. Right in front of it was the large hole that Sanz Wanz had emerged from, and the amount of destruction between here and there was enormous.

[Lapris]: “Oi oi, is it still growing new golems from its broken wings?”

Sanz Wanz was currently still embroiled in a deadly battle with Phoenix.

The two mighty wings, which could be called the mark of a true dragon, had been dealt with, but in turn, its body had become covered in thick, sturdy scales of rock. No, as time has passed those rocks have smoothed out and become shiny and transparent, so perhaps it would be more accurate to call them crystals at this point.

*Kiin Kiin!!*

Although surprisingly, Phoenix’s talons had begun tearing apart that outer shell as well.

Phoenix had been on top of Sanz Wanz ever since she knocked it out of the air. From beginning to end, she has been completely on the offensive.

[Lanselva]: “Rosalith-sama. We should crush this mob and move to join that brave phoenix.”

Luotung-sama shook her head at Lanselva-sama’s suggestion. 

[Luotung]: “If we abandon this position to focus our efforts on Sanz Wanz, who will protect the citizens still working to evacuate?”

[Ruruka]: “The dragon golems would flood the sixth wall, and we’d be right back where we started.”

With Ruruka-sama backing up Luotung-sama’s point, it seemed like we would have to pass on Lanselva-sama’s idea.

[Linzflare]: “Then allow me to restore the wall.”

But with Linzflare-san with us, we are in a completely different situation. 

[Grides]: “Is a fairy capable of that?”

[Lapris]: “Ah? She’s a gnome, not a fairy. And a great spirit to boot. One that’s lived for over a thousand years.”

Lapris offhandedly answered Grides’s question while waving her arm towards the wall. She was ordering Linzflare-san around as if she were her subordinate again. 

[Lapris]: “Allrighty Linzflare. Fix ‘er up!”

[Linzflare]: “Right away, Lapris-senpai.”

Linzflare-san hopped off the top of Unicorn’s head and placed the palms of her hands on the ground in front of her hooves. 

And after a second had passed, the rubble beneath our feet began to rise.

[Lanselva]: “W-Woah! Is this…..magic?”

[Luotung]: “I’ve heard that a group of gnome could cause natural disasters if they a group gathers together. Considering that, something such as this must be child’s play for her.”

Lanselva-sama and the other knights were in awe at what they were seeing. Grides and I were unfortunately too busy propping each other up so as to not fall over from the ground shifting under our feet to really appreciate the sight. 

[Iris]: “Woahwoahwoahwoah, High, HIGH!!”

[Grides]: “Wait, don’t cling onto me! We’ll both fall!!”

The rubble twisted and morphed like soft clay. When Linzflare-san finally stood upright once again, the collapsed wall had been brilliantly rebuilt.

It was thirty meters high, the same height as all the rest of the wall. More than enough to make me shake at the knees.

[Linzflare]: “I crafted it to be as dense and solid as possible. Even Sanz Wanz would not be able to easily break through.”

Rose-san nodded at Linzflare-san’s words.

[Rose]: “Thank you. This will greatly increase the options available to us.”

[Lanselva]: “Ah, then…..Rosalith-sama”

[Rose]: “I know Lanselva-sama. I agree, we must focus on the greatest threat here.”

[Lanselva]: “Just what I’ve been waiting for!!”

[Rose]: “Iris-san”

Rose-san turned back towards me. 

[Lanselva]: “Princess”

And Lanselva-sama’s gaze quickly followed.

[Ruruka]: “Princess…..your orders.”

Fifty knights were all waiting for my orders.

Far below us, Phoenix skated through the air, diving and weaving to keep Sanz Wanz in place.

By now she must have already taken several intense attacks. The traces of such could be seen up and down her body from where her feathers had been scattered about.

[Iris]: “…….”

I took a deep breath and let the tension leave my shoulders.

[Iris]: “……Knights, I, Iris Calvafon, lord of your order, do thus petition your aid.”

With my left hand clutching the grimoire to my chest, I pointed towards Sanz Wanz with my right.

[Iris]: “By the virtue of the Goddess Illya, purify the phantom who has slept beneath the capital for this past thousand years!”

[Knights]: “””Yes!!”””

Each of the knights raised their shields while responding to my wishes in a single breath. 

The courageous and noble warrior priestesses that everyone in this kingdom knows of and envisions….

are on the attack.

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