Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 6


The First Victim

After leaving the adventurer’s guild, Ellis and Reeve headed towards the thieve’s guild. Ellis’s application to change her affiliation should be processed by now, so they had to get her new certificate.

“Hello, Katie.” Ellis greeted the cat-eared girl like usual, but unlike usual, Katie had a dark expression on her face.

“Hi, Ellis. I’m sorry, but your application is on hold, nya.”

Ellis frowned. Normally changing your affiliation to a thief adventurer isn’t a problem for the thieve’s guild.

Katie ignored Reeve and beckoned Ellis to come closer.

“Are you sure that woman isn’t deceiving you, nya?”

“Yes. Why, do you think so?”

“It takes a lot of work to get into the infiltration unit, so it’s weird to become an adventurer, nya.”

“Do you think so?”

“Usually I think so, nya. Also, the reason why your application was put on hold is because of Kevin’s strong opposition to it, nya.”

A rat has begun to move.

“Hey Katie, which do you think is more dangerous: an 8-year-old infiltrating by herself or me going with Reeve to explore a beginner’s maze?”

Katie thought about the question. The infiltration unit is an elite unit, so it would be foolish to switch from infiltration to being a thief adventurer. However, infiltration also has the most dangerous work. Katie had overlooked that fact because Ellis had been a member of the thieve’s guild for so long, but it is true that she was only brought into the infiltration unit at Ellis’s father’s request. And now that Angus was no longer around to protect Ellis, the risk would have only grown.

Ellis tried to press the issue. “If Kevin says something about trying to ‘protect’ me by bringing me into his intelligence unit, could you tell me in secret?”

Katie understood Ellis’s wishes. Yes, if Ellis was brought into the intelligence unit, that would be the exact opposite of protecting her. After all, in intelligence work, a woman’s charm is her most vital weapon.

“I understand Ellis. I’ll keep it a secret between the two of us.”

That’s right. Ellis is right. Kevin is the one who is suspicious. By the way, the mission that Angus lost his life on was a job Kevin ordered. This is worth looking into in many ways.

Ellis and Reeve returned home after buying food for dinner.

“Today was a hectic day.”

Reeve sat down on the chair and tried to make small talk, but when she notice Ellis sitting on the carpet thinking about something, she decided to remain silent.

“It’s frustrating that trouble has popped up sooner than expected,” Ellis kept on thinking. “I’ll have to be sure to fill Reeve in before the end of the night.”

Ellis turned around and smiled at Reeve. “Hey, Reeve. I’m all sweaty, so why don’t we take a shower before dinner.”

Ellis’s pleasant proposal causes Reeve to break out a large smile. The two go to the washroom, strip naked like yesterday and start to bathe together.


Reeve hugs herself and stares at Ellis who looks like she might unexpectedly break if she is hugged too tightly.

“Reeve, it’s embarrassing.”

Ellis’s cheeks blushed almost as if she understood the meaning of Reeve’s gaze. It was a level that only served to increase her loveliness.

Then Ellis suddenly stood up in front of Reeve who was sitting . Their faces were at the same height.


Ellis slowly brought her face close to Reeve’s while murmuring her name. She then imposed her lips on top Reeve’s silently.

At the same time, Ellis began embracing Reeve’s head with her small arms.

Amongst the kisses and hugs that were suddenly coming from Ellis, Reeve’s mind went white.

With skills cultivated by a hikineet who learned from the professional home delivery sex service company, Reeve was assaulted by an 8-year-old doll. It was more stimulus than a 16-year-old girl could handle.

After a while, Reeve was left breathing heavily and convulsing on the floor.

“Ellis, are you perhaps the devil?”

“Maybe so.”

The smile Ellis floated was unbearable. Is she the devil? It didn’t matter. The fear of devils was already nonexistent in Reeve. Because she was completely stripped of shame as she was treated like a woman.

Ellis saw Reeve’s state and was satisfied.

“Then Reeve, I will tell you about the reasons for today’s shopping, so wipe me off with a towel and help me put on our pajamas.”

Reeve nodded and picked herself up off the floor. She wrapped Ellis up in a large towel and helped her put on her pajamas.

Then Ellis wiped Reeve’s body with a towel. As Ellis gently wiped off her body, Reeve remembered the violent pleasure of the past. By the time it was over, she found that she couldn’t stand up.

They had sandwiches and herbal tea for their meal, and as they ate Ellis explained to Reeve about her abilities.

Reeve obediently listened to Ellis’s explanation and was marveled by her abilities.

There are four magic tools that Ellis had bought today.

The first is the Bag of gluttony. Ellis has the original and Reeve has a first copy pouch.

The second is the Flying Swallow Dagger and the Flying Swallow Shamshir. Both are first copies.

Two Rings of Detoxification which are both first copies.

Lastly are the sacrificial dolls. Ellis has the original and Reeve has a second copy. The first copy is stored in Ellis’s bag.

We must take care since the originals and second copies will disappear after being copied again.

Ellis then handed the intelligence piercing to Reeve. This will allow her to listen in to any conversations that Ellis has while they are separated. If Ellis uses her intelligence headband at the same time, then they should be able to keep in contact by using them as a pseudo radio as well.

Ellis then began to explain the situation with Kevin and his wife.

Reeve became enraged at the story of the couple. “Do you want me to take care of them?”

But Ellis soothed her down while shaking her head. “If you do something like that, then the thieve’s guild will retaliate against you.”

“Then what should we do?”

“First we need to collect evidence.”

Kevin suspended Ellis application for a transfer. This will be the starting point. Katie has already agreed to help out as well.

“Since you might end up being tailed, please be careful.” Ellis smile at Reeve.

After the explanation was over, Ellis sat down on the carpet and began performing some more experiments.

“Alright. But you be sure to be careful too.”

Reeve thought about the smile of Ellis who was just advocating about their safety. An 8 year old girl was driven to such a position. At the very least, I want to become a shield for this girl. Reeve swore so to herself.

After finishing up her experiments, Ellis started cleaning up the various tools scattered across the carpet.

“Now, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so let’s go to bed.” Ellis pulled on Reeve’s hand and headed towards Reeve’s room as if it was a matter of course.

To such an Ellis, Reeve could not resist. No, she did not feel like resisting in the first place.

In bed, in exactly the same position as yesterday, Ellis was gazing up towards Reeve. Except, her expression was one of the King of Scum. To Reeve, it was the smile of the devil.

“Hey Reeve, are you going to bed?” The devil whispered to her.

Reeve felt Ellis’s face hit the tips of her chest and she began to squirm unexpectedly. Ellis whispered as if to tease Reeve while sprinkling love into her chest.

“If you want me to continue, just say so.”

But Reeve could not let out her voice. She was desperately trying to resist the pleasant feeling attacking herself again.

“Are you already bored with me?” Ellis raised her face and peered into Reeve’s eyes.

Reeve continued twisting her body and redirecting her gaze away from Ellis. She decided to bury her face into her pillow.

Then Ellis crawled up the bed and ran her hands through Reeve’s hair. She began play biting Reeve’s ear and nibbling on her earlobe.

“What do you want, Reeve?”

The desperate resistance that Reeve showed was easily broken apart.


And the devil’s night began.

From this day on, Reeve’s night belonged to Ellis and Reeve would desire it herself.

Now, it was a new morning.

“Good morning, Reeve.” Ellis had a refreshing smile.

“Good morning, miss.” Reeve had a smile that put other smiling faces to shame. The new way of referring to Ellis was probably just a symptom from what happened last night.

While they were preparing their breakfast, a messenger from the thief guild came. It was a letter with work orders for Ellis to go to the guild, alone, that evening.

“Are you finally showing your true colors?”

To Ellis’s spoken words, Reeve chimed in, “Isn’t it already abnormal to have an 8 year old girl do infiltration work by herself?”

“The job is probably a dummy. It’s real purpose is to detain me, so that they can dispose of you, Reeve.”

Reeve understood what Ellis was getting at. “It’s from Kevin, then?”

“No doubt.”

The two continued to finish their breakfast as if nothing was wrong, and they decided to go to the market today again. Today’s aim was to counter the assassination of Reeve.

Today’s street vendors also had some pale lights for sale.

Ellis examined the glowing lights and picked out their next magic tools.

Spirit Ring–the wearer’s MP is increased by 10, and any MP consumed is drawn from the ring first. Required MP: 0. Command word to refill the ring: {mental power reflux}.

This ring is for Reeve’s use only. In subsequent experiments, it was confirmed that Ellis could refill the ring’s mental power unlimitedly. The original ring was kept by Reeve while Ellis kept a first copy spare in her bag.

Flash Bracelet–emits a flash of light. Required MP: 5. Command word: {Light}.

Reeve kept the original while Ellis wore the second copy. The first copy left in Ellis’s bag.

Mimetic Brooch–hides the wearer. Required MP: 3. Command word {chameleon}.

This was treated the same way we treated the Flash Bracelet.

Today’s bargain is this.

Inhalation Needle–Any damage dealt with this needle is recovered by the user. Required Mp: 0. Command word: none. Autonomous type.

Ellis was concerned about copying the needle, but when she tried copying it to Reeve’s shamshir, it was a success. Moreover, the effect of the Flying Swallow remained on the shamshir.

The experimentation that Ellis had done yesterday was about the classification of copies. Because they had plenty of detoxification rings, when she tried a lot, she found that duplication could only be done between items of similar types. She was also unable to give an item multiple abilities with command words. Even if the copying fails, the copy effect still counts as having been used once. That was why she was unsure if the effect of the needle could be copied to the shamshir.

The needle having been copied once is put into Ellis’s bag.

Did the copying work because the double damage was a command effect while the insemination was an autonomous effect? This would be left for future experiments.

“If you have this, you should be fine even if you’re attacked by several people.”

“Miss, I want to rampage soon.”

Two people began laughing together. The preparation of the booby trap is finished.

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

10 thoughts on “Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 6

  1. “, but it is true that she was only brought into the infiltration unit at Ellis’s request.”
    And here I thought it was her father who requested it. Ellis joined the infiltration unit through her own request? I think you got something mixed up here.
    “Because she was completely stripped of shame as she was treated like girl.”
    Again I think there is a word missing here. Shouldn’t it be “treated like a girl.”? Also since Reeve is a girl why is it so special that she is treated like a girl. Or is it meant in some kind of sexual way?


  2. As much as I don’t like the setup to this story. I will admit that I like the relationship between Ellis and Reeve. I do hope that we get to see more of an expressive Reeve later on. She doesn’t seem to talk besides when responding to Ellis.


  3. “Did the copying work because the double damage was a command effect while the insemination was an autonomous effect? This would be left for future experiments.”
    Wut? Insemination?


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