Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 27



Are the Toilet and Bath that Important?

 One morning on a certain day.

“Let’s go on a trip!” Ellis suddenly made such a declaration while enjoying Frau’s specialty french toast.

Actually, Ellis could not forget the pleasure she felt when she had harassed the Hero and his party. It was a sense of accomplishment that Ellis-Eiji had never felt in their life.

I want to feel more of that pleasant feeling!
Ellis was caught up in that impulse.

I have discovered the existence of the Hero. I also already made my first strike. Then the next is the Demon Lord. If the Demon Lord won’t come here, then I will venture out to him.

Ellis’s proposal was met with a positive reaction.

“Yeah, it’s important to broaden our horizons.” Reeve nods with folded arms.

“We might find a new type of magic tool.” Frau is thinking about new discoveries.

“Traveling is fun.” Katie is interested in the journey itself.



One person isn’t joining in to the conversation.

“How about Claire?”

Ellis tries to get the only remaining person’s opinion, but she is just staring down at her lap.

“Does Claire hate traveling?”
Claire silently shakes her head to Reeve’s question.

“Are you worried about your health?”
Frau is worried about Claire’s frailty, but Claire once again shakes her head.

“Are you bad with carriages?
Katie thinks it might be because of motion sickness, but Claire rejected that as well.

“Claire, what’s wrong?”

Ellis gently asks for more information, and Claire eventually raises her head with a look of determination.

“Everyone, what about the toilet and bath?”


Four people became rigid at Claire’s point.

Claire continued shyly. “In the Wight labyrinth… When I saw the rotten giant… I leaked a little…..”

Ellis remembered. When everyone was having lunch after that, Claire was sticking by herself away from everyone else.
I see. That’s why Claire wanted to go home after that fight.
So Claire was enduring cold underwear.

Claire goes on. “If everyone stays in the mansion, we will be able to stay beautiful and enjoy the toilet and clean baths. But what will we do while traveling? I can’t live without a toilet and bath anymore!”
Shouting so, Claire fell to the floor sobbing.

It probably took a lot of courage for Claire to tell her shameful story.

Reeve bent down and started stroking Claire’s back.
“We weren’t thinking.”

Frau also stretched out her arm and brushed away some of Claire’s hair.
“We had no idea.”

Katie nodded her head.
“The toilet and bath are really pleasant.”

I have to manage this…….

Ellis racked her brains, going over every piece of knowledge she had about her previous world for the petite Claire.

Oh. I got this.

Ellis spoke gently to Claire as she picked herself up.
“Let’s make a bath and toilet for traveling. I know we can do it.”

Claire finally raised her face on Ellis’s encouragement.

First is the toilet.
Make a wooden private room of vertically elongated rectangular sides. Set a toilet and a a large water bottle inside.
In front of the toilet hand a funnel shaped barrel at eye level when crouching down, and connect a water intake pipe from the funnel to the toilet.
If you scoop out the water from the water bottle and pour it into the funnel, the momentum will carry along the waste.
Prepare a lot of thin cloths and sanitize them thoroughly after squeezing them with water from the water bottle every time you use them. It is very hygienic.
Incidentally, the used cloths will flow gently together.
The sewage flow is pooled into a barrel in a separate room that can be removed for disposal.

Next is the bath.
When she thought about it, Ellis concluded that it was indeed impossible to set up a bath in the carriage, so Ellis decided to set up a shower instead. This should be as easy to set up as the toilet.
First of all, warm the water to an appropriate temperature with a fever stone, and pump in as much water as we need into an overhead cask.
Afterwards, if we twist a plug attached to the base of a pipe, shower shaped hot water will be poured onto the head.

Both the toilet and the shower can be installed into a horse-drawn carriage if there is about a 1 x 2 x 2 meter space.

“How about it, Claire? Can you design it?”

Claire responded with a large smile. “Yes! I will make it up as soon as possible! Thank you Ellis!”
As she said this, Claire ran back to the area which was currently dubbed “Claire’s design office” and retired.

As she watched Claire go, Reeve was filled with hope.
“The toilet and bath were certainly a blind spot.”
Frau nodded.
“And the Ellis who instantly thought up a mechanism for Claire’s point was also wonderful.”
Katie looked happy.
“Will it be possible to travel in comfort with this?”

While Claire worked in her design office, Ellis and Frau went shopping for lunch, and Reeve and Katie patrolled Lily Garden.

“Since Claire will jump out with her drawing, how about we having something simple for lunch that can be eaten with one hand?”
“Good thinking Frau. Let’s do that.”

When Reeve and Claire returned from hanging out the laundry with blue and white ribbons, Frau had just finished making some stuffed cheese balls(pão de queijo) and vegetable sticks. As they started eating, Claire jumped out right on schedule.

“Everyone, how about this?”
The paper laid out on the table had detailed drawings of the toilet and the shower room.

Claire, who had regained her spirit, threw a stuffed cheese ball into her mouth before proudly describing her work.
“This drawing is a drainage storage type that can be used by anyone, but if you have Ellis’s ability, it will be even more convenient!”

The problems with such facilities lie in water supply and drainage. To solve this problem, Claire boldly suggested using a Bag of Gluttony.
“You can see that you can put as much water as you want into a Bag of Gluttony for the water bottle.”
The four girls nodded in confirmation to Claire’s claim.
“Then, what would you say if you installed a Bag of Gluttony here?”
Claire pointed to the toilet and shower’s drain.

Oh, I see.

You can leave the bag open.

Reeve put out a question here.
“But you can’t put a Bag of Gluttony into another Bag of Gluttony.”
Reeve was thinking that they were going to carry the toilet and shower in a Bag of Gluttony. It would greatly decrease the amount of luggage they would need to carry, and they would never have to leave the carriage behind. The fact that you can’t put one Bag of Gluttony into another was something Ellis had already concluded from her experiments, so if the design incorporated a Bag of Gluttony in it, they wouldn’t be able to carry the product in a Bag of Gluttony.

But Ellis realized Claire’s plan upon looking at her confident look.

“We would just need to erase the Bag of Gluttony’s ability before packing it away!”

“That’s the correct answer Ellis!” Claire nodded.

Ellis had already performed quite a few experiments with the Bags of Gluttony. One of those experiments was what would happen if a Bag of Gluttony had items inside it when it lost the “Gluttony” ability after it was copied twice. The answer was, “items will never return.” That’s why whenever copying Bags of Gluttony so far, Ellis always made sure that the bags were empty.

But Claire has thought up a way to make use of that advantage. If the waste bag loses its ability, then all the waste inside would cease to exist.

“Wonderful Claire!”

“Then the design for the portable toilet and bath is ready for construction!”

But Ellis stopped her.
“Let’s create a spectacular carriage for traveling anyway!”

In the half a day thereafter, Claire tailored together a plan for a carriage that reflected the hopes and tastes of all five people.

The next day, Claire brought the luxury horse-drawn carriage with toilet and bath blueprint to Flint. When he reviewed the design and went over the details, he said, “Something like this could probably be regularly produced and sold. I’ll get you the estimate, so show it to Maria at the adventurer guild.”

Then, when the estimates and plans were delivered to Maria, Maria confirmed the design with Claire and asked that the prototype be delivered to her upon its completion.

In this way, the story of the mobile toilet and shower goes on.

A few days later, the model room for the Claire Flint brand “Luxury home toilet”, “Luxury home shower”, and “Luxury horse-drawn carriage with toilet and shower” opened. People could now own a tiny piece of the Lily Garden experience.

It was a product sought after largely by wealthy people.

The reputation of a “household toilet and shower” coupled with Lily Garden’s renown spread to every city in the country.

Thus, in addition to the initial design fee, Claire would receive an ongoing payment from the patent she holds.
Claire is now classified as one among the wealthy.

A few more days later, the customized carriage was delivered from the Workshop Guild to Ellis’s mansion.

There is a high class toilet and shower installed at the back of the carriage.
It is loaded with a wastewater treatment tank as camouflage for any third party viewers.
In the center of the horse-drawn carriage, two rows of three-tiered beds were arranged so that everyone could enjoy a good night’s sleep.
Roll type awnings are installed on both sides of the carriage. Once they are stretched out, it will create a large amount of shade and cover for any picnics or meals.
Between the bed and the toilet is a kitchenette set with a Fever stone stove put in at Frau’s request.

“Hey, hey. We can finally start our journey.” Four people unanimously agreed with Ellis’s statement this time.

Then Claire asked a simple question.

“By the way, where are we going?”


Three people went rigid.
Ellis was excitedly designing with Claire, so she didn’t think about it.
Frau was absorbed with everything she was going to cook in the newly built kitchenette.
Katie’s mind was always drifting away anyway, so she never even tried to think of a destination.

Then Reeve, who had not gone rigid, raised her hand.

“Maria, the merchant guild master, invited us to go to the Citadel.”

“What is the Citadel?”

“Citadel City Marsfield. It is the city of the lord who rules this area.”

“What are you going to do there?”

“She invited us to go see their theater’s opera.”


It is an activity of the Reeve fan club.

“Does Reeve want to go?”
Ellis wanted to make sure of Reeve’s feelings on the matter, but before Reeve could answer, three others interrupted her.

“Marsfield is a cornucopia of rare ingredients!”
Frau is excited.

“Marsfield  has a tremendously large mechanical watchtower!”
Claire is also excited.

“There is a beastkin district!”
Katie is also unusually excited.

Shut up you guys.

“So what about Reeve?”
“Although I would like to watch the opera, Maria and I alone is just a bit…..”

Yes, then.

Ellis wrote a letter to Maria and entrusted it to Katie.
The contents are as follows:

“If you want to go to the opera with Reeve, please bring all of us with you.”

When Maria received the letter from Katie, she roughly looked over the contents.

“I can deliver your reply for you.”

As Katie said this, Maria looked up at her sitting on the Magical horse and said, “I’m still pretty young.”

Maria immediately wrote a letter to Ellis and had it delivered.

“Please bring everyone.”

Once Katie was gone, Maria then wrote another letter.

“The escort was successfully caught.”

This letter was addressed to Flint, the workshop guild master. As she sealed this letter, Maria’s grin broadened.

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  1. What? ‘Pão de queijo’ in english is ‘stuffed cheese balls’?! Never knew… guess it’s really better than ‘chesse bread’? It’s funny to see random things in BR out there~~~
    Thx 4the chappy! õ/


  2. “I can deliver your reply for you.”
    As Katie said this, Maria looked up at her sitting on the Magical horse and said, “I’m still pretty young.”
    I don’t get what Maria’s age has to do with it?


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