Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 28



Yuri Dinner Show

The adventurer guild has a function similar to a bank.
The merchant guild has a similar mechanism, but their scale is overwhelmingly larger.
The advantage of using the adventurer guild’s system is that the guild exchange is shared throughout guilds across the country. This solves the problem of adventurer’s carrying too much money whenever they move from one city to the next. For the guild exchange, the only cost of moving money from one guild to the next is a 20 thousand ril fee.

For example, when traveling from Warren to Marsfield, have the Warren adventurer guild issue a transfer document for 10 million ril at a commission of 10 thousand ril. Once you bring the document to the Marsfield adventurer guild, you can create an account there and deposit the 10 million ril at another 10 thousand ril fee.
In short, the document is a seal exchange, and the guild exchange is a passbook.

For Ellis’s group who all own Bags of Gluttony, the guild exchange is unnecessary, but if they don’t use it, third parties would definitely find that suspicious. So the five girls transferred some money to Ellis’s account, and Ellis had a transfer document of 30 million ril issued.

By the way, Ellis’s revenue sources are now as follows:

The money obtained from Lily Garden’s entrance fee is about 200 thousand ril every day. After subtracting the Thieve’s guild’s 50% along with the money for the payroll fee, 90 thousand ril still finds its way into Ellis’s pockets.

Goods and fare sales entrusted to the merchant and adventurer guild add up to an additional 100 thousand ril each day. After the Thieve’s guild takes a 10% commission on Ellis’s portion of those sales, Ellis still receives 9 thousand ril each day.

That means that Ellis earns about 100 thousand ril every day. A tidy sum of money.

This income is kept collectively in a treasure chest taken from the Wight Labyrinth kept inside the mansion. It is left for everyday expenses and any of the five can use it, but it is mostly spent by Frau for food expenses and by Claire to pay the Flint Studio for general repair to the mansion.

On the other hand, 50% of the profit from stripping equipment off of the victims of the Scarlet Laundry is put directly into the accounts of whoever’s ribbon decorated them.
The remaining 50% is paid out to the adventurer guild, transportation fees, management, and other commissions.
The stripped amount can range anywhere from almost zero to several million ril. When hanging the two members of the Brave party, the amount would have definitely been over 100 million. Though all of that equipment was given away for free at Ellis’s discretion.

Claire’s design office receives about 5% of the commission fee on all construction projects that she has as a design fee. In the future, Claire will also receive an additional 100 thousand ril for every unit of the Claire Flint brand luxury toilet & shower from the merchant guild.

Finally there is the income from exploring labyrinths.
They can receive anywhere from a few thousand ril from searching elementary labyrinths to hundreds of thousands or even millions of ril from searching advanced labyrinths. The income earned is distributed evenly among all members. Since she is a thief adventurer, Katie has to pay 10% of her income to the thieve’s guild. Ellis used to have to do that as well, but she is supposed to not have any relation to the thieve’s guild at the moment.

That’s why they have more than enough money to travel.

“Then let’s make a plan for our trip.” Ellis proposed over dinner.

“We’d better prepare a few more toiletries.”
“The meal on the move is also important.”
“I will have to prepare the interior of the carriage.”

In such a way, the five enjoyed making plans for their journey to Marsfield until a messenger from the merchant guild arrived at their door. The messenger delivered a letter straight from Maria.


• After 7 days, I will head to Marsfield, and I will take a carriage from the merchant guild.

• It takes 3 days to reach Marsfield, so it will be necessary to prepare enough food for a 6 day round trip. If you’d like to prepare your own food, that is fine, but if you want us to prepare your shares as well, tell the messenger. It will cost 10 thousand ril for every day.

• On the way to Marsfield, I would like to hire you as escorts, so please prepare combat equipment as well. As an escort fee, I will pay you 50 thousand ril per person per day.

• We will stay in Marsfield for 3 days, but the accommodations will be prepared by the merchant guild.

• Day one of the three day stay at Marsfield will be a free day. The messenger will have a map of Marsfield for you, so make plans in advance.

• Horses and drivers will be prepared by the merchant guild, so have a Magical horse carry your carriage until then.

• I wanted to ask that we have a Reeve’s Dinner Show at the Yuri Garden Restaurant the day before the departure.


Reeve’s Dinner Show is a periodic activity of the Reeve Fan Club. It is a dinner party where ladies of the fan club enjoy renting out the restaurant in the evening and enjoying her songs along with their meals. The dinner show has already become one of the premier events in Yuri Garden, which was already a fancy restaurant venue, so Reeve volunteered to appear herself.

Naturally Reeve does this for free, but Reeve has received some gifts from the ladies instead. She already has 10 new sets of clothes and a mountain of different jewelry and accessories. Unfortunately, almost all of these gifts were men-wear.

Ellis told the messenger that she would prepare their food, and from that day on, the five prepared the horse-drawn carriage for departure in full swing.

The horse-drawn carriage is 2.5 meters in width and 6 meters in length, and it has an entrance in the front and the back. When entering the front entrance, you see a 2.5 square meter space of carpet. This is the space that Ellis will spend most of her time.

Beds are tied in the back.
There are two vertical rows of triple beds on the left and right with a passage running between them.
The bed is .8 meters in length and 2 meters in width. A little tight, but it can’t be helped. Both the second and third beds have a handrail to prevent anyone from rolling off, and there is a small window near the head of every bed to be able to watch the scenery.

There is a 1 meter wide storage space on the left side of the carriage, and a kitchen space on the right. In the kitchen, there are two Fever stone stovetops and a simple sink. Finally the toilet and shower room take up the remaining space.

Ellis put three Adventurer’s Bags instead of Bags of Gluttony in the storage so that no problem occurs even if a third party investigates the carriage by chance. It has already been confirmed that Adventurer’s Bags can be put inside of a Bag of Gluttony. The first bag is for food. The second bag is for sanitary goods for the toilet and shower while the third bag is for drinking water.

Once she had confirmed the inside of the carriage, everyone went out to the town and bought bed sheets and toilet cloths. The topic on the way there is mainly about what they will do in Marsfield. It seems that Frau, Claire, and Katie have already decided that they would definitely take some time to visit the grocery store, the large clock tower, and beastkin district.

There is still the matter of the trip itself, though.

“We have to buy enough food to last us for six days, so please make any requests for meals in advance.”
As soon as Frau said that, everyone raised their hands.
“I would like to eat pasta with some shrimp.”
“The risotto from that time was delicious.”
“I love meat stew.”
“Fried chicken was my favorite.”
“Fried things on a horse-drawn carriage…. But if I bake the surface crisply, it should be okay.”

While talking about that, five people were already on their way home.

The next day, after breakfast, the five girls went to the Wight Labyrinth to make up for their recent lack of exercise.
It was different than when they first visited.
There were less than 10 skeletons and zombies in each room. With those numbers, it usually ended with Katie, Frau, and Reeve sweeping them away.

The boss of the fifth room was a ghoul. This fight ended with one punch from Katie after it took Claire’s {Fire Bullet}.

The boss of the fifteenth room was a zombie golem. This fight ended with Reeve and Frau’s simultaneous assault after Katie paralyzed it with Stupor.

The last room’s boss was the same as the previous time, a wight. However, this one didn’t have the kingly aura that the last one had. This one was similar to just an ordinary human.

Frau charged through the monster’s {Fire Bullet} with her Resistance armor. Her Purification maul passed through the wight, so that part was the same however the fight still ended with the wight dying after taking Claire’s {Explosion}.

The enemies were all much weaker than the previous time, but this was still considered an advanced labyrinth. Even though Ellis didn’t take part in a single battle that day.

“All I did was open doors and treasure chests.”

The total treasure of the day was one million ril in cash. Magic tools were a Amulet of Silence, {Lightning Shower} scroll, and a Poison Nullification necklace.

{Lightning Shower}— Gives 10 damage in an area and additionally gives out paralysis through electrical shock. Required MP: 10

“I could deal as much damage as Claire by reading this,” Ellis realized.

Poison Nullification necklace — Poison will not affect the user for a certain amount of time. Required MP: 3. Command word: [Finish the poisoned meal].¹

By combining this with the Bond Bracelets, everyone will become immune to poison. Finally, Warren’s Jewelry Box has nothing to fear from poison.

When they returned to the adventurer guild, they sold the Amulet of Silence for 400 thousand ril and the original Poison Nullification necklace for 800 thousand ril. While Katie went to the Thieve’s Guild to pay her 24 thousand ril fee, Ellis decided to take a break and wait for her inside the Adventurer Guild.

Then another party came back with a *Don*.
Recently the prices for Fever stones have jumped up.
The reason for this is the large amount needed for the luxury showers. Big ones can especially sell for a large amount. As a result, Fever stones have become the most popular item to hunt for right now among adventurers. This is made especially appealing because Fever stones are dropped by salamanders – the boss of the beginner labyrinth Salamander Labyrinth and a regular enemy in some intermediate labyrinths.

It has come to the point where even employees of the Adventurer Guild have started to frequent the labyrinths in their spare time. Since beginner level labyrinths and the regular enemies of intermediate labyrinths respawn after about half a day, this doesn’t cause any conflicts with regular adventurers.

One of the uncles from the party that had just returned then noticed Ellis’s group and waved to them.

“Claire, I need to thank you. The armor you gave me saved my life twice today!”
The man who had won the first prize at the bingo tournament bowed his head.

“You too, Ellis. I was only able to kill that salamander because of the Flying Swallow long sword you offered.”
Another adventurer smiled graciously to Ellis.

Ellis and Claire shook hands and happily chatted with such people.

The receptionist Helen watched this scene with a warm smile on her face.
“It’s gotten a lot brighter around here,” she thought to herself.
Then Helen pulled out the Light Emission stone she won from the bingo tournament. She liked to play with it and activate it every once in awhile. The light it released was much more dazzling than a regular Luminescent stone.

Time passed and eventually it was the day before their departure.

Today was Reeve’s Dinner Show, and of course the other four were invited.
Ellis changed into a dress for every dinner party. Today, Ellis and Claire were both wearing cute dresses. Ellis’s was a light red while Claire’s was a kerria yellow. Frau and Kattie decided to go with sensual evening dresses with a wide open back. Frau’s was white while Katie’s was an unusual black.
“It is not hot in the evening, so I am fine wearing black,” was what she said.

When the four entered the restaurant, the eyes of all the other women gathered on them. Sighs are heard from here and there toward their appearance, but those sighs immediately ceased.

Reeve appeared.

She wore a gold button and crimson silk short jacket with sewn yarn patterns overtop a white dress shirt, long black boots, and white slacks. Her blue hair and sharp eyes shined in her outfit. Everyone was in awe of her dignity and grace.

Then Reeve started to sing.

Every gaze in the store focused on her, afraid that if they looked away, she would vanish as if she was only ever a dream. Every girl would continue to watch her even if they were to be killed. Maria, the organizer of the event, looked like she had died already and was in heaven.

As a service, Reeve went around the tables as she sang. Every woman sighed or swooned as she walked by. One woman started to cry in delight.

In the meantime, there were four people eating their meals without minding it too much.

They imagine how Reeve is when she sings opera at the bathhouse every day as the “Fully Naked Monarch.” How many people would actually faint if they saw Reeve sing in that form? Maybe someone would actually die?

Ellis was thinking about the desperate, fallen form that Reeve showed every night.

When Reeve looked at Ellis, Ellis nodded her head and moved according to Reeve’s eyes. While gracefully dancing, Reeve silently threw one of her favorite throwing daggers. Nobody noticed the woman who had been hit.

Ellis put a dagger to the woman’s throat before knocking her out with the Sleep ring. She then used Full Recovery right after she pulled out the dagger from the woman’s breast.

The painted knife that the woman had held dropped from her hand.

She was sitting next to Maria and was aiming for a woman sitting at the same table who was brought to tears out of the admiration she had for Reeve’s singing.

Reeve rose to the top of the stage, bringing everyone’s gazes up to her and off of Ellis. Meanwhile, Ellis and the three others quietly carried the unconscious woman out of the building unnoticed.

1. Not entirely sure how to translate this. It’s another Japanese idiom which is the same as the English saying that if a dish is poisonous, you might as well finish it.

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  1. Ellis provided the idea and solution for the portable toilet/shower in my opinion it should have been a joint patent and she should get half of dem monies


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