Armored Girl Monette Ch. 8

Trying out a second series. My tastes in novels are as wide as the ocean. I hope everyone enjoys it.


Witches are Capricious and Selfish

“…What about witches?

“Yeah. It seems that whether the person asking is a normal person or royalty, a witch won’t listen to their request unless it benefits them in some way. At the same time, witches are said to be whimsical, and for some reason they always take great care in the connections between one another.”

It is surprising, Monette explains without noticing the meaning of her remarks. On the contrary, with a magic book in hand, “When a fellow witch visits, it is considered very rude to not greet them with the utmost hospitality,” she teaches them about the manners among witches.

They are tremendously careless remarks. So careless that just calling them careless doesn’t quite fit. Robertson and his fashionable friend who were stretching along the ceiling came sliding down their silk….. However Monette is reading from her magic book without noticing their warnings.

“…Miss Monette. Are you a witch as well?”

“Well, the Idira family threw away their witch heritage long ago, but I am able to read the script and spells. If I were to visit a witch, they would surely welcome…………..”

Feeling an unpleasant premonition from her remarks—Finally—the end of Monette’s sentence gradually disappeared. At the same time, the words, “I am an idiot….” occupy Monette’s brain, and she curses herself. Alexis and Percival are staring at her.
The color of their eyes are different, but what they are trying to say is the same. That is why the pressure is so astounding. So much pressure is being applied.
Monette’s helmet makes a grinding noise as she turns her face away from the men and pushes the map forward with her gauntlet.

“……….please be careful. Be sure to send me some souvenirs.”

The words echo in her helmet creating white noise.

“Monette, I beg you! Please come with us!”
“I don’t want to; it sounds bothersome! I already told you where to go, isn’t that enough!?”
“Monette, isn’t there a possibility that the witch won’t meet with us even if we go alone!? And the Prince’s curse could worsen in the meantime!”
“Then I guess you should give up and die! I’ll tell you, I didn’t curse you, but that doesn’t mean I forgive you!”

Monette shouted out her refusal and turned away.
I don’t like to shout because it gets noisy when my voice echoes inside my helmet, but I don’t care about that right now.
I don’t want to listen to anymore of their stories. You two spewing out words, threatening me and accusing me of casting the curse, did you think I would hear you out?
I don’t want to go outside. It’s not a joke to leave the country. Alexis is the main reason why I ended up in this old castle, of course, so there is no reason to do so much for him.
Rather, there was no thanks when I saved him from being killed by wolves nor when I gave him a place to sleep. In such a case, I should have abandoned him and not opened my door in the first place.
So thinking, Monette tried to once again reject their pleas…..and caught her breath in her helmet.

Alexis had deeply lowered his head.
Deep enough that his face could not be seen. His hair was hanging straight down, in a posture that would be painful to hold, he was bent down as if he had become stuck in that position.
Royalty. The first prince. To the daughter who has all but been disinherited from her family tree and left with nothing the moment her engagement had ended.
Deeply, deep enough to make you think he was a miserable existence, he lowered his head.
The neighboring Percival narrowed his eyes at such a spectacle……And then he also lowered his head.

“Monette, I’m asking…..I can only rely on you. I swear to listen to whatever you say, and I won’t force you to do anything. You don’t have to unravel the curse, I don’t even care if the curse is solved.
“I want to know who placed this curse on me; I want to know what I’ve done. I want to apologize if I can apologize, and I want to provide compensation if I can make up for it. I know that this is just for my self-satisfaction, and I know it’s horrible for me to inconvenience Monette like this. Nevertheless….”

I want to know.
Monette stared at him for awhile as Alexis’s words seeped into her. His dark brown hair shook, and the words the boy once said crossed her mind.

As before, Monette had the resentment towards Alexis swirling in her. While she could say that, it is also true that those emotions were diminishing. She would not forgive him, but she didn’t hate him from the bottom of her heart.

Even if all the problems Monette faced were because of his words, he was as young as he was. Even if he had the influence of the royal family behind him, she did not want to impose the responsibility of her life afterwards on the words of such a small child. Moreover, he was aware of his mistake, and he continued to show his sincerity and tried to apologize.
It was rather a series of things  that continued on after his words that had so deeply injured Monette’s heart. It had become an obstacle, and she had several opportunities to overcome that obstacle…..she could not stop using her helmet as a shield.
But it is a fact that his words were the origin. They were the reason why Monette is staying in this old castle.

It is such an exquisite place. Maybe it would be easier to just hate him.
Thinking about such things, Monette let out a large sigh.

“Please make sure that it is only the finest room in the finest inn.
“… ….Monette?”
“With the highest grade room service. I will return home as soon as the mood gets worse, and depending on the reason for the curse, you may be at fault and just anger the other party.”

So saying, Monette added, “If that is still good…”

I was interested in other witches. It is a witch from a family line whose practices were passed down through the generations. If it is possible to talk, it must be fun, and I could learn a lot.
Besides, I can be selfish this way. Special room service in the best room. Of course I will eat expensive high-class dishes and anything I want.
If I am going to be dragged out of this castle, I have a right to luxury. Do you know your wallet’s circumstances?
This witch is capricious, selfish, and will play on your fears. Sometimes I will laugh at your bad luck, and sometimes I will threaten you to make your curse worse. I will enjoy your reactions, and I will enjoy the scenery as I travel. Surely it will feel great.

So she told herself. And finally,

“If it is still fine, you may come with me as I go visit a witch in a neighboring country.”

As I said so, Alexis and Percival’s eyes rounded…..and I floated a smile while crying in relief.

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  1. I would have asked for his firstborn child 😈 but that might imply something different, so I guess what she asked for is reasonable

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. This is a pretty good story so far and it doesn’t seem too long (57 chapters). I wouldn’t have found out about it if I didn’t look at the new releases on NU. Thanks for translating this chapter.


  3. Thanks for picking it up! I was eyeing it, but I’m a turtle translator (just lookit mah site), so thanks for allowing me to laze and leech!
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  4. Thanks for picking this series. I hope Monet can get out of that armour soon, that’s really painful.


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