Armored Girl Monette Ch. 29


Armored Girl and Senior Witch (?)

There was a crevice covered in shadows by the surrounding rocks, and when I looked in, I could see that the road continued on through it.
Is there a door back there? Inside the rock face, it almost looked like there were some disproportionate doorways embedded into the rock, but there was an order to them that seemed to say, “There is something here.”
However, I was only able to find it because I noticed and understood the magic words on the wall. Without them, I never would have looked into the rocks’ shadows, and as a matter of fact, I never would have thought to look up here in the first place if Concetta was not acting as a guide.
You need Concetta and a person who can read magic words in order to reach this place.
Actually neither Alexis nor Percival had noticed my discovery, and they had continued walking by until I drew their attention back over.

“The witch is here?”
“Yeah, there’s no mistake. This place is definitely a witch’s house that cannot be found except by another witch.”

When I gave him my affirmation, Alexis gulped nervously.
He was prepared, but I could see the tension in his creased brow. Percival as well was not lacking tension as he examined that pathway through the crevice with the utmost vigilance.
With these two so on edge, I could feel my own heart beating intensely underneath my armor. For the first time, I was about to meet a witch. A real witch. Whether the two of us will get along well, whether she will accept me as a witch, the anxiety was keeping hold on my heart.
Completely oblivious to what was running through our heads, Concetta jumped forward into the crevice and let out a small nya to signal us that we should follow. The way he was skipping along, it was quite obvious that he was excited to see his master again.
When we reached a large, wooden door imbedded in the rock, Concetta let out another small nya. A few second later, the door slowly opened, and a woman appeared.


Monette marveled at this woman’s beauty, and even Alexis and Percival found their breaths caught in their throat.
Brilliant black hair elegantly swayed like ocean waves every time she took a step. A slim body wrapped up in a dark black one-piece that emphasized her long limbs with a shawl wrapped over her to protect her shoulders and chest.
When she saw Concetta, a soft arc spread with her shapely lips across her face as she lifted the cat in her thin arms. When she rubbed Concetta’s cheeks with her porcelain white hand, she appeared like a saintly mother, but she had an air about her that made her seem like she wasn’t even real.
This person was a real witch……I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and the witch in turn pointed her gaze towards me after giving Concetta a kiss on the forehead……

“Hello! I welcome you beginner witch! Make yourself at home. Ah, but the two men are filthy. Wash yourselves up first.”

The first part was spoken very tenderly. A sharp contrast from the cold tone she took with the other two…….


The name of my fellow witch(?) is Gina Abarkin. The Abarkin family is made up of a long line of witches, and Gina is a witch(?) with expertise in the culmination of knowledge gathered during that long line.
A wonderful mansion was built behind the door where she(?) came out of, and on our way there, she told me she lived there with Concetta. She guided me inside to a table where a couple cups of tea had already been prepared. It was such a wonderfully decorated room that I almost forgot we were inside a valley.

As expected of a witch(?)…..While I was marveling at the scenery around me, Gina was the first of us to speak up saying, “I know what you want to talk about.” From there, she affirmed that she had nothing to do with the curse plaguing Alexis.
She told me that she had heard rumors about the ‘unfaithful prince’ and the ‘armored girl’ before, and at the moment that I crossed the border, she knew that there was magic involved with both of them. She also figured out that we were both crossing the border together in order to meet with her.
So she sent Concetta over to act as a guide. When Gina said his name, Concetta started to move about in her(?) embrace, rubbing his nose against the palm of her hand. His nose was petted, then his head, and then not yet satisfied, he rubbed himself up against her palm again. His eyes remained in a half- closed state of ecstasy as his body continued to roll around on Gina’s lap.
The figure of Gina stroking Concetta was beautiful, “You will get fat if you keep lazing around like this……”
though her voice was just a little cold.

“I am sorry, but I know nothing about Alexis’s curse.”

Gina made a blunt declaration to Alexis while stroking Concetta.
Even though he did not have the opportunity to explain why he was here, she was still able to figure it out, and she instantly shot him down. Alexis simply nodded back, relaxing a little bit of the tension he had built up. He released a deep breath, and a painful expression crossed his face.
There was relief that Gina was not the criminal there, but he must also feel a bit of despair as well now that he knows the solution is still further down the road. A cold sweat had begun to form on his brow, and he could not hide the uneasiness in his expression…what had he even come here for?

“I could tell who cursed you if I saw them though.”

Gina made a rather bold claim as if it was just a matter of fact. I stopped mid-sip of my tea to look back up to her–But without saying anything more, she was just casually dropping two lumps of sugar into her tea. She truly is a real experienced witch. I had a little doubt towards that bold voice of hers for a second, but a witch will not go back on something they said under good will. It is a pride in their own self-declarations…
When I asked, it seems that no matter how venerable a witch is, it seems like it is difficult to pick apart a spell that they have never seen before. In addition, the curse affecting Alexis is too aggravated and effective; she would not know where to even start in examining it.
Even so, it seems that you can identify the person who cast such a spell at a glance. It is a basic skill for witches. As a still beginner witch, I lack this skill. I could not even tell that Alexis was cursed by looking at him. If the witch who had cast the spell was standing right in front of me, I would never be able to tell.

This is the skill of a witch who has had her skills passed down for generations. I watched Gina in blank amazement, and noticing my gaze, Gina in turn smiled at me. The same sex….probably the same sex… was such a beautiful smile that it made even my cheeks blush red. For the first time ever, I was thankful for my helmet covering up the weird expression I was probably making.
While I was blinded by Gina’s overpowering beauty, Alexis called her name to try and bring the conversation back onto him while deeply bowing his head. He had just washed off all the mud off of him, and a few water droplets dripped off his still wet hair.

“I am sorry to suddenly appear like this with my issues, but please, can you lend me your strength?”

Following along with his prince, Percival bowed his head down and entreated her for her help as well. Before this witch’s curse, they were just powerless humans, and they knew no other witches they could ask for help.
These two’s pleas brought me out of my infatuation, but I did not bow my head, instead moving my gaze between the two of them and Gina.

“Hey Monette, what will you do?”
“Well, if Monette wants to remain in this town, then I will not go. Let’s live together here.”

Completely ignoring Alexis and Percival’s honest pleas, Gina instead turned towards me and offered the opportunity of a lifetime. My eyes went round inside my helmet. I had never thought that she would ask me about my opinion on the matter, and it was accompanied by the invitation to live together.
The two men had already turned their heads away from Gina and towards me, but them doing so is absolutely pointless. My answer was obvious.

“I’ll return home.”
“Oh? So you will leave this town?”
“There is someone waiting for my return….Because there is a spider waiting for me.”

The memory of Robertson crawling along the wall back at the old castle as I bid my farewell returns to the forefront of my mind.
Once I said so, Gina was visibly surprised. The ‘armored girl’ she heard about surely would live alone in an old castle. That’s why she suggested we live together.
But I am truly happy. For me, there is no more appealing an invitation than moving out of that old castle, in a country where I am the only witch. So I will go home once, and I will bring Robertson back with me to this town.
When I told her my plans, Gina laughed happily and nodded her head. In her expression, she(?) showed her utmost smile to welcome me, causing me to blush once again inside my helmet.

“Then Monette will return here once again.”
“Yes, and I would also like to learn about Alexis’s curse, so if you can, please help Gina.”
“I’ll do it.”

I’m happy about her reply, but the prompt decision is throwing me off a bit.
I would like you to hear the story to the very end such as how long the journey would be, or what the journey would entail. Alexis and Percival were also left dumbstruck at her prompt decision.
Gina noticed our reactions and laughed while boldly saying, “I’m happy.”

“Witches enjoy visits from other witches. Plus, you’re still a beginner witch. There is no witch who wouldn’t be overjoyed right now.”

Gina’s joyfully laughing face did not appear to carry any lies in it, and she started to gently stroke my helmet with her thin hands while holding on to my shoulders.
The movements of her gentle hand made me unconsciously narrow my eyes. It feels a little embarrassing to be treated as a child like this, but I am happy to be accepted as a fellow witch.

“But please put off our departure until tomorrow–there are many preparations to be made. Monette will stay with me.”
“Yes, thank you for your help.”
“The two men roll around somewhere else and go to bed.”
“Wow, so sloppy.”

I kept my laughter at the men’s lesser treatment inside my head.
When directed to the room they would be staying in, Percival objected at first, “Putting the prince on the floor…..” but he was barely able to stop himself. His mouth hung agape, and he looked like he had just swallowed something bitter, but if he said anything more, Gina might change her mind about helping them.
As for Alexis, he was happy with the thought that if he slept on the floor, then his bed could not collapse under him–forcing him to sleep on the floor.
It seems like there will not be a problem with leaving them alone. Judging so, Gina then directed me to the room I would be staying in. Concetta jumped out of Gina’s arms, taking the lead for us three as we headed deeper into Gina’s house.

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  1. Well, suddenly became more suspicious when she said especially a beginner witch. There’s probably some kind of magic stealing spell and beginners don’t know how to protect against it. (but there’s a witch killer there to save the day). Thanks for the chapter


  2. Maybe having apprentice will make gina more powerfull or have higher status than other witches…
    or maybe gina is not “she” (because of “?”) but hideyoshi, and attracted our cute witch


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