Slow Prison Life Ch. 1

A fun new series that I found. I actually found this because it had just been turned into a book in Japan, so if the book ever becomes available in your country, be sure to support the author. I am translating the web novel version, but I do know that the novels have extra chapters in them that were written for their release. In the meantime, enjoy.


Noblewoman Placed in Prison

The evening’s festivities were a rousing success, but the venue quickly descended to silence as the Prince declared the annulment of his engagement.

In the middle of a luxurious banquet hall was a handsome young man with long blonde hair that reached his shoulders. Prince Elliot, eldest son of the King. And at his back was a lovely young woman with fiery red twintails.
These two’s gazes were planted squarely on a noblewoman who was being taken away by one of the Prince’s aides.
The woman had tied up chocolate brown hair, and despite her current situation, she was unnervingly calm. The Prince’s (original) fiancee, Rachel, the eldest daughter of Duke Ferguson.

The Baron womanTwintail was trembling behind Elliot’s back as he and all his aides stared daggers into Rachel.

“Rachel. If you have even a bit of shame, then you will apologize to Margaret immediately!”

Two people were standing on each side of Rachel, twisting her arms. They were Sykes Abigail, the head knight inside the castle, and George Ferguson, Rachel’s own younger brother. Both of them soon spoke up as well, berating Rachel.

“You’re getting what you deserve you witch! You are the one who incited those other noble women!”
“……please just admit to your sins honestly Sis. How much more do you intend to drag the Ferguson family’s name through the mud?”

These men were condemning a woman who could no longer move anything other than her mouth.
But whatever they said to her, a fire in Rachel’s eyes refused to extinguish as she stared back at the prince while wearing a cold expression.

“I have done nothing, so there is no need for me to apologize to your girlfriend.”

Her white porcelain skin looked all the more beautiful when held in contrast to her dark brown hair.
Thin lips painted pink with pale eyes darker than cobalt.
Her naturally pale face had a mature touch to it, and her eyes gave off an intense yet intelligent feeling.
The dress she was wearing had a calming design to it, showing off the figure of the wearer rather than trying to appear glamorous.

Rachel was the same age as Elliot, but she looked older with her somewhat plain and calm appearance. She kept that image intact while repeatedly voicing her denial to the charges in a quiet tone.
She remained the same as the Prince continued to lay his anger upon her…….with that attitude of hers, the words Rachel kept repeating came out more and more believable.
The Prince was annoyed.

In fact, the fact that Rachel’s attitude was no different from how she usually was only served to annoy Elliot even more.

Why is this rebellious……..!

Rachel had never fought with him before and always acted with the utmost discreetness. Hers was an exemplary attitude for a noblewoman to take up with her future husband, and it was probably partially the reason why she was chosen to be the Prince’s fiancee in the first place……although because of that, if there was ever a problem it was because of Elliot’s restlessness.
The Prince’s mind wandered… of the reasons why he had never liked this woman from the beginning was because of her attitude. Adults around Elliot had yet to break their habit of treating him like he was a child. And with her being the way she was, it just showed how much Elliot had to do to grow up……
He had thought that confronting her like this, adding pressure from all sides, would finally break that superwoman demeanor of hers, but the only result from all this was a growing desire inside him to punish his fiancee who absolutely refused to apologize.

“That’s enough already Rachel. It was pointless to give you time to reflect on your actions.”

Elliot rose his chin up, and Sykes began dragging Rachel to the dungeon.

“Rachel, life is long. Enjoy yours inside the prison.”

At Elliot’s mockery, for the first time Rachel’s expression distorted from the calm look she had before. However, it wasn’t the look of humiliation that Elliot had wanted……it was a sarcastic smile.

“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll be sure to have lots of fun and enjoy a long, leisurely life.”

The sudden show of emotion took the Prince back, and an expression unlike anything this Duke’s daughter had ever shown before left him speechless……..but before the Prince could come up with a meaning for her words, Rachel had been pulled out of the hall by an indignant Sykes.



Rachel coldly watched on as her fiancee continued to spout out funny theories and ridiculous logic.

There was nothing she could do about this guy.

It is said that men take longer to mentally grow up out of their childish attitudes……..but this idiot was supposed to have become an adult years ago.
It is ridiculous that Rachel would want to harass this woman who means nothing to her, and it is really annoying that she had to be lectured by this guy.

How hard would it be to educate a royal fiancee?
And then there were all the surrounding people snickering at the scene without knowing anything and smiling like they were happy that justice was being served. Were they all born without brains?
Honestly she had never wanted to marry Prince Elliot or become the queen in the first place. As the daughter of a duke, she was just fulfilling her familial obligations. Why is it that she had to keep leading this idiot around like she was his mother…..?

Rachel, who had originally only agreed to become this idiot Prince’s wife out of familial obligation, was actually quite apathetic throughout this whole stupid farce. She didn’t care about anything Elliot was saying and wished he would just get on with it.
And right when Rachel was thinking like that,

“Rachel, life is long. Enjoy yours inside the prison.”

she became unable to hold her poker face any longer. A large smile spread across her cold demeanor as her true feelings spilled out.

“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll be sure to have lots of fun and enjoy a long, leisurely life.”

She would do it. Did this guy not understand what his future would hold?
The Prince seemed to have made this decision rashly, but in truth the news about his intentions had already been leaked to Rachel long ago. Although she had thought at least some of the information she had gotten would have been inaccurate, but…..
Apparently she had given him too much credit. All was well though. This meant all of the preparations she had made won’t go to waste as he had already completely annulled their engagement. The expectations she held were enough to make her laugh.
Rachel’s heart was burning hot even as she remained her composed exterior while Sykes walked her to the dungeon.
At the Prince’s command, she could forget all of that queen education she had been subjected to and live a leisurely life.


Trapped inside the royal palace’s dungeon which hadn’t been used in recent years…..Rachel was excited thinking about her future life.

There was no more painful or bothersome queen education.
There was no more by-the-minute schedules.
There was no more family tutors trying to teach her useless facts, no more noisy made to interrupt her sleep, and an opportunity to read lots of books.
She had the free time to do whatever she wanted, and she could have a tea break whenever she so desired. Plus there would be nobody there to get angry with her should she sleep until noon.

A time where she could do whatever she wanted had come for Rachel during her prison life.
Consciously holding down her feet that wanted to start skipping, Rachel kept her feet moving forward to her sunny future.

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44 thoughts on “Slow Prison Life Ch. 1

  1. That’s actually somewhat rare.

    In most of these cases where the prince believes utter nonsense lies and gets rid of his fiancee, they usually just break the engagement and exile her to somewhere or remove her status.

    Imprisoning them ? First time i’ve seen it.

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  2. Ah, another one of those idiot prince of otome games, even if mc is not in the game (at least in this chapter there’s no ‘I remember this game I played in my past life’ whatsoever. I always feel the kingdom going to collapse given such idiots become the king later.
    Well anyways, the mc is cool. So cool. Never seen a person can’t wait to enter prison, though.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. That’s always a common thread. Either the idiot prince replaced/demoted/etc or he becomes king and the country falls apart.

      I think that’s the one type i havent seen played out yet in villainess novels.

      MC is so cool, definitely


      1. Lots of time I read, the princes aren’t the 1st prince so they’re not in immediate line to become a king anyway.


    2. Try “When I woke up, twenty years passed! ~The Villainous Daughter’s Afterlife ~”
      Fiolia is the daughter of a duke, thoughtful of her people and active in her fiefdom. One day, she is poisoned by the heroine of an otome game and falls into a coma. When she wakes up, she regains the memories of a previous life… but finds out twenty years have passed?! Fiolia learns of the scheming that the game heroine, Anne Rose, has been up to and that has been damaging the country. In order to return the favor to Anne Rose and save the people, she must act!“Just you wait Anne Rose. You’ll pay for what you did!”The refreshing revenge fantasy of a handsome lady who is always outside the norm!!

      It’s pretty funny. The entire country pretty much collapsed because of the idiot prince.


  3. I’m pretty certain prisons don’t offer tea or books to read especially in medieval times… she will certainly have a lot of time on her hands to do as she wishes though.

    Well what do I know what she prepared but I hope the explanation is good or I’m going to be disappointed in the story.


  4. no more noisy made to interrupt her sleep -> […] noisy maids to […]

    Just started reading, and it certainly seems interesting. Thank you for your work on this series!

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  5. I love history and also your work, I belong to a Scan and I would like to ask permission to translate this novel into Spanish, and I would like to ask permission to use its translation into English, I will be waiting for your response


  6. Thanks for the translations, I loved the first chapter of the manga and just had to read the novel 😛

    >>Rachel’s heart was burning hot even as she remained her composed exterior while Sykes walked her to the dungeon.

    I think instead of remained it should be retained.

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  7. I just started to read this story after giggling my way through the first chapter of the manga. I think something is missing in this sentence: “Although she had thought he would at least some of the information she had gotten would have been inaccurate, but…..” he would at least what?


  8. I just started to read this story after laughing my way through the first chapter of the manga. Thank you for your hard work translating this story.
    I think something is missing in this sentence: “Although she had thought he would at least some of the information she had gotten would have been inaccurate, but…..” He would at least what?


  9. Some corrections, although they have already been mentioned in other comments(hope it’s more visible like this):
    “she remained her composed” -> {she kept her composed}/{she retained her composed}(by @Mr SpinelesS))
    “no more noisy made” -> {no more noise made}/{no more noisy maids}(by @isopotonic)

    Short chapters but great story, at least very different from other villainess novels.
    Thanks for the translation! God bless you!


  10. Logically speaking why would she think she can drink tea and read books all day? If that’s the case everyone would be making reservations at “Chateau le Dungeon.” I think thats going to be the major concession I have to make to keep sane reading this I think.


  11. Hello, Experimental Translations
    I am Vietnamese and I am writing for you in order to ask for permission to translate your translations into my language – Vietnamese.
    We have many people loving light novel but it’s very rare here. So l am asking you to permit us to translate yours. I guarantee that our translations from yours are non-profit translations for enjoyment purposes only and the Vietnamese translations. If the translations were updated on the other site, we were sure we would announce your Group first.
    Firstly, I hope you allow us to translate: The Villainous Noble Woman’s Slow Prison Life Began With Her Broken Engagement. And in the future, if you allow us, hope that we can translate some more projects of yours. Of course we will announce your Group first when we do that and put your credit on the manga link to, Experimental Translations. I am looking forward to your answer. Please, reply me soon!
    P/s: Sorry if my English is not good


  12. Heh? Why does she like the idea of a dungeon? Aren’t dungeons typically uncomfortable, dimly lit, boring, and with very little freedom or ability to go outside or look outside and have fresh air?

    Thanks for the chapter!


  13. Hello… how are you doing? Hope you are doing ok….
    It is a really great novel… i always want to come to read it again and again… thank you very much for your translation…
    I was wondering if i can retranslate this novel to portuguese using your english translation, with all the credits to you and your translation….
    Thank you very much for your attention and hope to hear from you soon


    1. You are more than welcome to. I translated this from the original Japanese, so I don’t have any right to turn you down. The more people who read it, the more people who can buy the book if we are ever lucky enough to get a localization.


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