Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 129


As a person who works at a casino, I just want to say that gambling’s bad. You shouldn’t do it. Life creates enough troubles just from the random acts of your car breaking down or sudden ant infestations ruining your day old doughnuts. No need to go out of your way to make some more problems for yourself.


Rosen Princess

“Don’t do it, Grandpa Fel”
“Hohoho, this is the difference in our years.”

This was the Master’s Hideaway VIP room. The people inside were currently caught up in a game of Warren Numbers.
There were ten people total with Former Lord Ferdinand, Sir Chaffee, the head escort, Baltis, Theseus, Flint, Maria, Nicole, Ichiro, and Reeve at the table. They had all been playing at one of the general tables earlier, but they all moved to the VIP room so they’d be able to play in earnest.
Sir Chaffee’s group were a bunch of newbies, but they were quick to pick up on the game. So, they were able to continue without sustaining any large injuries. The members of Warren’s Council were already veterans. And of course there was Lady Bluegreen there as well.

But among the group of them there was Grandpa Fel who was a head above. After several hands his granddaughter had given him the nickname, Teaser Eel.
It was impossible to fully get a grasp on his habits. That doesn’t mean it was impossible to win when Grandpa Fel was dealing, but if you were trying to go in for a large hand, you’d end up losing everything. He had managed to remain inconspicuous for a while there until he pulled out a ridiculously crazy win.
Inside the VIP room, the tension had set, and nobody said anything unnecessary. Each of them were reading the others’ expressions. War had begun.



Today’s bellboy Minoru quietly raised his right hand and greeted the Demon Lord as he walked into the store with Berunal wearing a fiery crimson dress hanging on his left arm.
The receptionist also saw the Demon Lord come in, and with a smile, “Welcome Mr. Straw Hat,” greeted him. In truth, the Demon Lord was actually quite popular at the Hideaway. It was said that he was Margherita’s favorite customer, he had quite the blunt personality, and he was quite free with his money. The reason why everyone kept a distance from him was actually because of the long conversations he had with the man who everyone had already figured out was the Hero. Rumors had started to spread that he was actually the secret child of a lord or some kind of high-level sorcerer, and in the meantime everyone had taken to calling him Mr. Straw Hat to show their respect.

Berunal on the other hand was technically a newcomer here. But with her black hair, dark eyes, and skin white as pottery, she was seen as an outrageous beauty. There was nothing the women inside the store could do other than keep their distance.
At the reception desk, Berunal finished exchanging her money for some chips and began walking towards the game room while pulling the Demon Lord along. Halfway there they spotted Margherita who was wearing a rare deep purple dress. The fact that she wasn’t wearing black meant she wasn’t seeing any customers today.

“Oh Bell, what are you doing here today?”

Margherita approached them while glancing over at Berunal. The Demon Lord answered with an embarrassed look on his face.

“I brought this one here to the city before, but since she’s a woman she couldn’t come in. So, we’ve come together today.”

Hmm. Margherita was eyeing the appearance of Berunal wrapped around Berudeus’s arm and a small flame sprouted in her heart.

“Is that so, then would you be happy to come and play with me? I’m not scheduled to work today, but I don’t mind if it’s Bell.”
“Seriously. You get what you get.”

This was an unexpected drop of good fortune for the Demon Lord. An offer without a reservation could only be answered with an “OK!” He really wanted to play around here.

“With that being the case, Berunal, will you be all right from here on?”
“Yes, Berudeus. I’ll be fine.”

Berunal’s heart was already set in the game room.

“Great, then I’ll meet you two hours from now.”

Thus the Demon Lord left the store alongside Margherita and Berunal made her way to the game room unaware of the animosity the other women in the store were aiming her way.


Berunal roamed around the game room. There was unusually no vigor at the Warren Numbers table. There was also no sign of Machel or Matilda anywhere nearby. What she did eventually see however was the door to the VIP room. Berunal opened it without hesitation, and a raging inferno far beyond her expectations met her there.
In the tense air, only the sound of the dealer’s number calls echoed off the walls. Berunal looked over the players’ faces and recognized a couple people she knew. A ferocious beauty like a lone wolf, Berunal walked over to Reeve and called to her from behind.

“Good evening. My name is Berunal. And I do believe you are Lady Bluegreen.”

Reeve was silent.

“I have heard rumors about you from my brother. You seem to be strong.”
“Excuse me, but could you stay quiet until the end?”

Reeve batted her away looking irritated. Soon after, assistant Matilda walked over to Berunal.

“Honored Guest, the present location is quite tense. Please refrain from making any noise while inside the venue,” Matilda whispered in Berunal’s ear before leading her to a vacant seat.

Doing as she was told, Berunal silently waited for the game to finish.
And once the game had ended, the atmosphere at the table relaxed all at once. Then Reeve called over to Berunal.

“Some time ago I spoke out and acted inexcusably. I was unable to remember Gramps’ habits, but I ended up taking my frustration out on you. By the way, are you possibly Beruiel’s sister?”
“Yes actually. I’m Berunal. I came here today on my brother’s behalf.”

Then Baltis interjected himself into the conversation from the side.

“Is Missy also a gambler?”
“Yes, my brother taught me some things.”

Theseus came in next with an enthusiastic smile.

“If it’s the Rosen Angel’s sister then would you be called the Rosen Princess? Well welcome.”

And so the next game was soon underway.




The Demon Lord, after having finished his first round with Margherita after a barrage of her abusive words, was feeling hot from the fruit liquor Margherita had given him.
Margherita then abruptly asked him a leading question.

“So that girl from before, does Bell know her well?”

The Demon Lord began laughing loudly.

“Indeed, she’s the younger sister of one of my subordinates. You know the black haired guy who likes to come down here sometimes and gamble? That’s his sister.”
“And what’s her relationship with you?”

Even the insensitive Demon Lord was able to notice. Depending on how he answered, Margherita could turn cold on him.

“Uh, she really is the relative of an associate. For form’s sake, I’m taking care of her as a favor to that associate, but she’s nothing more to me than just the sister of an acquaintance.”

Margherita was somewhat relieved.
But then a message from a receptionist came through.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your enjoyment, but I’m afraid there was a sudden call for Mr. Straw Hat. Because the circumstances were a little unusual, we decided to rush here from the reception desk.”

The Demon Lord became suspicious of the receptionist’s words and recklessly rushed out while still naked. Margherita chased after him wearing only a thin line of silk to cover herself.
When they arrived, they found Berunal waiting at the desk. With teeth clenched, she looked like she was trying to put on a strong front.

“You, it’s still early. What’s the matter?”
“My Demon Lord…….”

The Demon Lord walked over and quickly covered Berunal’s mouth. Leaning over towards her ear, he angrily whispered to have her at least call him Master or something when they were out in public. And then they tried again.

“My Master…….”
“What is it Berunal?”
“Please lend me some money.”


“You, didn’t you go in with a million ril on you?”
“But I lost……..”


“Aren’t you good at this game?”

A heartless comment that brought a stream of tears careening down Berunal’s cheeks.



Berunal had participated in a game inside the VIP room. She started off small during the early stages of the game betting little more than a thousand ril, but she almost immediately became drunk off the atmosphere in that place.
The Teaser Eel Grandpa hit her with an intense thirst for blood. Everyone began reading the looks in each other’s eyes and the tension grew thick. The fire in her heart became alight.

And then came the dealer change. Berunal had already lost a hundred thousand ril, so she recklessly raised her hand and volunteered to be the dealer. The jackpot was the final 900,000 ril she had left.

1st game was her complete victory with a 4.

2nd game she was brought back down to even with a 3.

3rd game was when everything changed. All ten players bet the maximum of 10,000 ril on two different cards. Berunal flipped over her 5 and all the other players flipped over their guesses one at a time. 5’s all around. Everyone had bet on 5 resulting in an All Hit, and Berunal lost 200,000 ril in one game.

4th game. Berunal sent out another 5 and it was an All Hit once again. Fel, Reeve, and Maria had bet on a single card while the others went out on two. Berunal lost 290,000 ril this time.

5th game. Everyone bet on a single card. Berunal flipped over her choice revealing another 5. Three 5’s in a row. It was a perfect reproduction for the game she had originally had with Reeve. She had lost that time, but this game would fix everything. However, every player revealed that they had also bet on 5. She had been completely read, and for the third time in a row it was an All Hit.

Berunal had to pay 500,000 ril, but there wasn’t that much money left in the jackpot. It was a Dealer Bust, and her turn at the table came to a screeching end.


“My Master, I can’t return home like this.”

She had completely broken down. The Demon Lord borrowed his key and a towel from the receptionist at the desk and retrieved his wallet in his locker. He used the towel to wipe away Berunal’s tears and handed over some money.

“Here, is 800,000 enough?”
“Thank you My Master! I will win my money back by all means!”

Berunal excitedly bowed while giving her thanks before returning to the store performing a cute little skip that didn’t match the sexy, chic outfit she was wearing.

“Hm, I guess she might be like a younger sister to me too?”
“Yes, she’s really cute. But today’s VIP room is like the nest of a beast. Well, if she’s related to the Rosen Angel, then I’m sure she’ll be fine.”
“Don’t worry about it. Come on, let’s continue. For now, I’d like you to step on my forehead.”
“You’re always the same. Would black underwear with red, white, and pink heels be okay?”
“Oh yes, please do.”

And so the two of them returned to their own games.



“I’ll be sure to come again.”
“Yes, I’m looking forward to your next reservation.”

The Demon Lord took out the remaining 200,000 ril from his wallet, giving 150,000 to Margherita and the leftover 50,000 to the receptionist as a tip.
He then returned to Master’s Hideaway to pick up Berunal.

“Now, I wonder how Berunal’s feeling.”

After passing the reception desk, halfway towards the game room, the Demon Lord ended up seeing something at a tall table seat.
What was there was the figure of a crying Berunal being comforted by Lady Bluegreen.

Chapter 128

Chapter 130

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