Slow Prison Life Ch. 26


Noblewoman Dotes on her Little Brother

A soothing afternoon when the sun was shining its brightest. Two small tables sandwiched the cell bars, and one noblewoman inside the cell sat directly across from a noblewoman outside as both enjoyed a spot of tea.

“The moving party was a great success, Alexandra. Thank you for helping me set it up. You really saved me.”

Sitting opposite the delighted Rachel was an impressive looking girl with loose, wavy blonde hair and clear blue eyes like sapphires. The corners of the girl’s mouth uplifted with Rachel’s acknowledgment, answering with a strong, daring smile.


Daughter of a Marquis Alexandra Mountbatten. She is a friend with whom Rachel does not need to put on airs, a special companion who is like family. Rachel usually shows a more plain, neat, and clean-cut appearance. In contrast, Alexandra is more flashy and has a gorgeous face that typically shows a look of confidence. She was wearing a formal dress with pants and a sword strapped to her waist. You could call her an older-sister type who looks like she’d take care of others…….a different type of beauty to Rachel.

“Just leave the foreign matters to me Rachel. Those matters especially I can take care of.”

Thanks to her father being a senior official in charge of foreign affairs, Alexandra’s face was known far and wide by top officials in foreign nations. This was the reason why so many foreign ambassadors participated in the moving party and how all the necessary arrangements had been prepared so that the scandal from the Prince’s actions hadn’t spread beyond this country’s borders.

“However it looks like it would be fun to abuse His Highness. If things are this interesting, then I wish I had returned home earlier.”

The appearance of that broad, defiant smile really did make her look cool. Couple that with the background of the dungeon’s dreary stone wall and you had someone who looked just like a female hero from an adventure story.
But in reverse Rachel’s eyebrows moved to a ‘ ハ’ shape, and she made a small smile like she was troubled.

“I would have liked that as well, but if you beat him too much……..I’ll be troubled if the other side accumulates too much stress and ridiculously explodes.”
“I see……..then, what will you do? Well, will you forgive him?”

Knowing that there was no way Alexandra asked an empty question. But hearing the question of her close friend, Rachel made a weak smile and shrugged her shoulders.

“Un, gradually things will have to be concluded……..therefore, I’ll have to smash it before it explodes.”

Rachel only looks weak.

“But I really wanted to enjoy spending my time carefreely~”
“It’s wasteful, but………before His Highness loses all reason and takes action, I have to beat him down until he can no longer recover.”
“Well, I’ll do my best to support you as well.”
“Fufu, thanks.”

The two young maidens then started elegantly laughing between each other while taking a small sip from their tea cups.



George Ferguson jumped down from the carriage and handed over his bag to the butler who had come to greet him at the entrance.
His footsteps sounded especially loud in the spacious corridor as he stomped down towards his room.

“Damn, every last one of them…….”


The plan to corner his unworthy big sister was progressing slowly.
The light harassment wasn’t having any effect. But if it were to become flashy and cause actual harm, then the righteousness of their actions would be drawn into question. He had to look for the line where he could break the sister’s nerves while still not being judged too harshly by third parties……..he wasn’t confident that such a convenient reality could exist though.

To make matters worse is the fact that the courtiers of the Royal Palace were showing a weak attitude for fear of getting involved.
They all wished to remain unrelated before the King hands down his decision, and won’t do or say anything against the sister until then. At most they’ll alert the knights near the prison if they notice some possible spies………and yet, security hasn’t even caught a mouse yet despite that his sister, for whom it is impossible to contact the outside world, threw a large party.
He was also trying to stop any support from the Ducal House from reaching her, but it was impossible to know how much of an effect this was really having.
By appearances, there have been no such movements inside the house. But, George was certain that his sister was still receiving relief supplies. There is no one in this house who opposes him openly, but there was a feeling in the air that everyone was just pretending to listen to him, waiting for their moment to move.


Honestly speaking, George had reached a stalemate. He and his friends’ dazzling sun, they were unable to see clearly how to take revenge for Margaret.

“Hah, really………”

Thinking that for now he should just get a night’s rest, George opened the door to his room.



Taking one step into his room, George mindlessly took a quick glance around………and there was something there he couldn’t express in words.


George wanted to praise himself for not raising a scream. At the very least, he thought it was good that he hadn’t fallen over on his butt.


In the middle of his room.
On the corner of the living room area, books and pictures were beautifully displayed on his desk and chair like a stylish bookstore………all things George should have hidden away.


Erotic novels, and certain unladylike pictures of sexy actresses.
There was his open diary whose contents were never to be seen by people and a fan letter he had written but never intended on sending.
Besides this there was also etc. etc………….

So as not to be found by any maids cleaning, George had skillfully hidden (supposedly) these treasured possessions here and there inside his room.

“No, no, no……….”

George looked through his black history that had been so suddenly gathered together, his mind in a panic thinking where he could hide it all…….not trying to find out who had decorated his room this way………but as the owner, it can’t be helped he’d react like this.
Anyway, these weren’t meant for human eyes, so for now he would stuff them inside an appropriate bag and temporarily store them underneath his bed.

“…….Damn, who…….!?”

Displeased with his actions, he figured it was most likely the work of one of the servants who sympathized with his sister.
But who is likely to do something like this? The faces of all the servants ran through George’s mind as he gathered the books off his desk.

George found an unfamiliar envelope tucked away inside a book. A womanly, pink envelope.

“………what the? I have a bad feeling about this………”

But, if he didn’t look, nothing would begin.


George opened the envelope. Inside was just a single piece of stationary.
He spread out the paper…………and after a quick glance, this time he did scream.



Nighttime in the front chamber of the dungeon.


George was facing the iron bars, prostrating himself on the ground inside the prison.

“My sister, I’m truly sorry!”

Seeing the form of her younger brother, trembling as he rubbed his forehead into the cobblestone floor……….Rachel though about lying back down in bed and going to sleep.

“Oh my George, is something wrong?”

The general claim alluding to how you don’t know anything, of course there was no such thing. Zero chance.
George continued to simply and painfully rub his forehead into the cold, uneven cobblestone, yelling at the Great King of FearRachel.

“For declaring that the blame for Margaret’s bullying rested solely on my honorable sister’s shoulders, I am truly sorry!”
“Oh dear. Suddenly saying such a thing, I wonder what could have possibly happened?”

While the other side was busy feigning ignorance, George could do nothing but keep his head lowered to his sister.

“………please, please Big Sister………everything written in that letter is private………”

As her brother desperately pleaded with her, Rachel once again asked what was going on.

“What’s wrong? Why is George, the heir to the Duke House, kneeling on the ground? And speaking of letters……..”

Rachel’s words trailed off, and finally tilted her head in the other direction claiming defeat.

“Are you talking about that September when you were five years old, and I had to wash your pants? Or maybe that February when you were seven years old, and you became so scared of the fireworks that you wet yourself? But, that “pleasant” time was such a small part of your life.”

Rachel smiled as she stared down at her terrified younger brother.

“That was such a small part……..
Perhaps instead you’re talking about that day in May when you were eleven and awoke to sex, deciding to stroke and caress the dresses in your sister’s closet so that nobody else would see you?
Or maybe that June when you were fourteen, and after checking to make sure that nobody was watching you lied down on my bed, sniffing the sheets after I had slept on them.
If not those……..then perhaps the July when you were fifteen, in other words last year, when you snuck into the laundry room, stealing my still dirty underwear to make into your treasure?”
“I’m so sorry! Big Sister, I’m sorry! Sorry, so sorry!”

George was terrified, and there was nothing else he could do but apologize.


That pink envelope George had found.
That stationary inside described several fragmented episodes that George would never be able to live down if others were to know.
There was no doubt that it was his sister who had written it. That beautiful cursive script was all too familiar, but if even one of these events were to leak out it would bring his ruin, let alone a whole chronology.
They were all scenes he did after confirming that nobody else was there.
They were all events he didn’t even remember himself until they had been brought up.
What shouldn’t have been seen by his sister or even any of her servants was all laid bare like a business presentation before him.
And if they know all of that……….
Even in George’s memory, the contents written were just the ‘entrance to the valley’¹, and it is impossible to know what else they are aware of.

In other words, this pink envelope letter is just an excerpt.
Here was an older sister who could pin down George’s entire black history with excruciating detail.



As if puzzled by the trembling state George was in, the elder sister continued to feign innocence on his distressed situation.

“Oh my my George, you’re so frightened. Your sister just, since I don’t know when His Highness will have me executed, the memories just kept coming, so I wrote them down in a letter. All those “pleasant” memories just kept coming back to me………I just thought I’d share a little of those memories with my younger brother.”

And then splendidly……….with her elegant mouth, that absolute family soldier older sister made a broad grin and laughed.

“George is also already at that age. You’ve fallen in love with the lovely Margaret, so it’s no wonder you forgot how good your sister’s memory is.what you did in the house The very same sister who has no idea how long she’ll be locked in prison, who stands alone form her splendid brother, but remembers for just a moment……..even if her body were to disappear, she would live on in her beloved younger brother’s heart.”
“Th, that is……..!”

There is absolutely no way that this sister would sit back and be quietly executed by Prince Elliott. It’s something easily understood despite what she is saying………but George wasn’t a fool who didn’t know his place, so he avoided pointing that out.
With a lovely expression that would never make you think she was worried about an execution, the captivating older sister showed a bright, radiant smile. She then gestured towards a notebook she had in hand.

“Ah, but George is crazy about Margaret, so there’s no more space in your brain for your sister right? Then, this little booklet where I wrote everything I remembered………yeah, perhaps I should give it to Father and Mother? That way when it comes time for the two of you to get married, they can read off a couple episodes to show off how you’ve grown? That way your sister can watch from up in heaven, and I can look over your future with the confidence that I did a good thing.”

“I beg of you Big Sister! Please……..what you have written in there, please don’t show it to Father and Mother!”
“Big Sister? In the old days, I always thought it was so cute how you’d always call me ‘sissy’.”
“S, Sis”
“S, Sissy………please, please don’t tell Father and Mother all my embarrassing secrets!”
“Eeeeeh? But, as an older sister, I won’t be able to watch over George anymore………”
“His Highness made a mistake about Bi……..he will never lay a hand on Sissy because I will always stop him!”
“But, George loves Margaret as well as me………very strange, don’t you think I did a terrible thing?”
“No, there is absolutely no way!”

George desperately denied his sister’s deliberately leading questions.


Margaret’s things being destroyed and even being pushed down some stairs.
Until half a day ago, there wasn’t a doubt in George’s mind that this had been his sister’s work……..but, he’s singing a different tune now.

…………….a human who could arrange all of this form inside a jail cell just to harass George, there’s no way she’d partake in that kind of lukewarm bullying against a love rival.
Really, if she really were in love then she’d never resort to bullying in the first place.
If his sister were to have gotten serious……….then by now Margaret would no longer even be around anymore.


“I believe that Sissy has never laid a hand on Margaret! I’ll write a note swearing it! ………So, so Big………Sissy, just please don’t pass along what you’ve written to Father and Mother! Please!”
“Oh my, really? ……….so all I have to do is not inform Father and Mother?”
“Y, yes!”
Really? Isn’t there anybody else?”

George was left confused at his sister’s strange reminder.
He was appreciative of the now silent atmosphere………..but who else?

Thinking about it though, his sister could definitely muddle things up because it would seem ‘interesting’.

“T,then…….the chief maid Martha……”
“Anyone else?”
“Eh? Umm…….His Highness and Margaret……..”
“Anyone else?”

An older sister who continued to ask every time to the bitter end.
George was sure there was a pitfall hidden here somewhere, but he couldn’t figure out what her intentions were.
With a cold sweat running down his back, George continued to desperately try and think if there was anyone else.

“O, other……..t, then, Sykes and all my other friends……..”
“Is that so?”

The sister wasn’t asking anymore. Then in front of George who was breathing a sigh of relief that this relentless pursuit had finally finished.
Rachel came in close to the iron bars. She then shoved the notebook from between the bars in a complete different direction from where George was.

“I understand. I will completely respect George’s feelings.”
“T, thank you very much………”
“Since she already heard everything right now, I was worried about what I would do if you had said that she was also no good.”

Before even having any time to ponder on his sister’s strange words………George’s attention was caught by a steady drumming going on behind him.



Turning back and taking a look, from the dark side of the stone steps.
A girl with an extravagant appearance showed herself.


The girl was a little queen-like, with a style different from his sister yet was comparatively beautiful, and she slowly walked over towards the cell with a smile, picking up the notebook Rachel had passed over.
A mixture of surprise and fear kept George from saying anything coherent.

“A, A, A, A………..”

George had fallen on his butt, unable to move or stand as the girl approached him while floating the same, daring smile she always wore as she spoke with an elegance suitable for a refined lady such as herself.

“It’s been much too long George. Since I accompanied Father, visiting foreign countries, has it already been a little more than a year………”

Her expression was that of a maiden………however that beautiful girl floating a full smile had the eyes of a bird of prey.

“I am your childhood friend, the one you forgot about after only a year, your worthless fiancee, the cuckolded girl Alexandra Mountbatten. It’s been a long time……..or rather, I wonder if it would be ‘pleased to make your acquaintance’ now? Is this your first time seeing me?”
“Come now George. Even a good woman who doesn’t care that you’ve forgotten about your ten year relationship would feel hurt if you were to suddenly scream at them as if having seen a monster in the dark………which reminds me, isn’t it pretty dark here too? Fufufufufu”

Seeing the reunion between two wonderful fiancees made Rachel smile as well.

“George’s various, ‘nostalgic memories’, after all it is best left with the companion who will be sharing his life with him. Alexandra, for George please?”
“Yes, Sister-in-law.”
“George too, be sure to always listen to what Alexandra says.”
“Something about your reply worries me……’s a reunion of two fiancees after a long time, so your older sister will draw away from you two. There’s a lot for you two to talk about, for example……….educational guidance.”

Rachel ignored the echoing screams, hoarse voice, and tears sounding from outside the iron bars, choosing instead to enjoy the tea she had made.

“Now, hm………..if I don’t cut off the other wing, then the balance will be off.”


1. I.E. Breasts

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      1. That last one is unlikely. Even if they were just political marriages, the men would still have to keep up the charade at the least or risk any number of punishments up to dis-inheritance. That’s where Otome stories lack any even remote sense of reality and logic after all.
        Margaret having something (perhaps a perfume or some sort of scent) to use that makes them braindead is quite possible. I dont think it’s anything particularly supernatural but something created is likely. After all, her little brother didn’t seem to question the obvious glaring flaws in the charges until she put the fear of her into him. After that, he seemed to regain his brain capacity a bit which suggests that whatever she uses to fool them is overridden when the person is faced with something greater in influence.

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    1. I’d say it’s politics. In noble engagements, there will be a lot of problems if the engagement were to be cancelled without reason. Just because George betrayed his own sister and has feelings for another girl aren’t valid enough reasons to cancel the engagement. George is still designated as the heir, so there is no reason to be dissatisfied with the arrangement, even if he’s an idiot.

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    2. You are feeling bad for a pervert that takes his sister underware and stores it as trophy. You need help, bro


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