Grimoire Master Character Intro


Iris Calvafon


Age: 16
Height: 152cm
Race: Hyurian

The heroine of this story.
She likes books, especially adventure novels.

Because of heavy snowfall, she was left unable to return home after visiting a neighboring village and has lived in its in for half a year now.
It was here that she met and hit it off with the warrior priestess Rosalith and the two adventurers Tosrillon and Carotayle. She has since accompanied them sometimes in the work they do.

On one such job, she finds a book.

She has one younger sister.


Rosalith Cuulbacall


Age: 20
Height: 162cm
Race: Hyurian

A warrior priestess who follows the teachings of the Goddess Illya.
However because of her immaturity as a priestess, she has imposed a ban on conversing with those of the opposite sex along with a vow of chastity.

Usually a calm, kind person, that all comes to an end while in the midst of battle.
She’s always the first to raise a shield, charging into the enemy and offering a prayer to the goddess while bringing down her weapon.


The Dark Violet Knight – Hadion


Age: ???
Height: ???
Race: ???

A thousand years ago, she was known as the goddess’s strongest knight.
However one day she betrayed humanity and tried to overthrow the Goddess.

Currently she is locked away in the prison Endura, banished into a realm of darkness.


Tosrillon F. Iriburgh


Age: 19
Height: 172cm
Race: Elf

A long life elf swordswoman.
Born into a knight family, she currently traveling and brushing up her sword arm.

While elves are blessed with an astounding talent for magic, the person herself has no magical ability whatsoever.
………..but she more than makes up for that with her impressive physical strength, wielding a sword that’s blade is larger than her own body like it was a toothpick.
She also has a small attachment to money



挿絵(By みてみん)

Age: 14
Height: 138cm
Race: Half Werewolf

A member of a rare half human/half wolf tribe that was persecuted several decades ago. Features bushy ears and a tail.
A talented thief who is quick on her feet and has a sharp intuition.

Despite having lost her parents when she was young, she has an extremely bright personality.
She was friends with Toslin long before they met Iris, but that doesn’t stop them from constantly bickering.
A mischievous girl during the morning, night, and day which oftentimes ends with her getting hit in the head.


Charlie Emiretta

Age: 16
Height: 158cm
Race: Hyurian

Poster girl for Rifront’s pub and inn the Shining Hen.
A friend of Iris’s.
A cheerful and energetic girl that brightens her surroundings just by being there.
While she herself is concerned about her freckles, the people around her insist they’re a charm point.

A girl who never forgets to dream and is waiting for her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet.

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6 thoughts on “Grimoire Master Character Intro

  1. Yes!!!! Thank you for picking this up!!! I can’t wait to finally read this story, it seemed so interesting!

    Also, I love how the human race is called “Hyurian”
    Yes, hYURIan! That has to be deliberate.


  2. hyurian and illya sound suspiciously like hylia, a goddes from the zelda series, and the hylians, the human race in the zelda series.


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