Grimoire Master Preface




挿絵(By みてみん)

Heavy clouds hung in the sky like a stagnant river, letting loose drizzling rain onto the ground below.

A wingless dragon bellowed as innumerable raindrops were dyed a dark red by the evening sunset as if it were raining wine.

Collapsed ramparts, and a burned down mansion. Beyond that, a pearl white castle stretched towards the sky as if rejecting the darkness.

A red-haired girl straddling a unicorn stepped forward to protect the King and his people from the dragon’s threat.

Only fifty knights……..and one priest stood to protect the girl.

The pink-haired priest sent out her commands to the other knights while holding up her own silver shield.

“Shield’s up!”

A dazzling white light illuminated the knights’ shields to signify the Goddess’s blessing in order to stand up against the storm of slashes from the atrocious dragon’s claws.

“Now unravel the commandments of this world!”

Protected by fifty-one sturdy shields, the red-haired girl red shouted out with a grimly shining grimoire in hand.

“My life, my name a bridge, now cross over!”

――Thus, in response to the Princess’s call, a purple haired knight manifested.

This knight wore thick, black and grey armor and granted the young girl’s wish………joining the line and drawing her sword.






This is a tale about the everchanging world Van Delucia.
A world of swords and magic, knights and mages, fairies and dragon.
Here there are Gods, and there are Demons.
Here the mysteries are still mysteries, just waiting for someone to find the truth.

An adventurer setting off on a rainbow to climb the heavens.
An adventurer who brought a friend on a journey and challenged a dragon living in the sky.
And another adventurer who challenged a labyrinth in the clouds, defeating an evil mage and rescuing a fair princess.

In this world, there are many such epic tales grabbing the hearts of the adventurers who hear them.

However even in a strange and magical world like this, there are still people who are just trying to live their lives.
A Hero cannot live without bread, and without a people to lead there can be no princesses.
And without a bard to sing of its tale, how will any know about a dragon’s fearsome power?

Iris Calvafon.
The girl in this story is just one of many at first.
With no glorious honors or dazzling treasures, she is but an ordinary village girl.

But the stories of natural born heroes and their great feats have begun to grow stale.
So let’s distract ourselves for a moment and instead turn our eyes to this young girl.

Character IntroChapter 1

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