Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 16


As a result from our discussion, I would distract the man called Rix who always drags the end of his sentences and is in charge of delivering our food so that he won’t notice Allen and Will sneaking out behind him. That would be our strategy.

“The auction is already the day after tomorrow, so we have to do it tomorrow…….I’d really like it if we could squeeze out a few more people, but that’d probably be impossible. ……Allen, Will-sama, please be careful.”

“Yes, we’ll definitely escape and go grab help.”

“Mm, we’re entrusting the other children to you. You should be careful as well.”

“Yes, but El will be with me, so I’ll be just fine.”


El hasn’t left my side since we were caught. He was shaking only in the beginning, and he’s been staying close to act as my guard ever since.

“I can breathe easy because El is here with me.”

El put on a big smile and narrowed his eyes when I started petting his head.

“The operation is set for tomorrow night. ……It’s already late, so we should get some sleep.”

Wishing each other good night, all of us gathered around close together and went to sleep.




“Oi~. Time for dinner~.”

It’s finally time for the operation. I’m truly grateful that it’s still Rix who is bringing us our food even now.

“Oh, thank you very much Nii-san. What’s for tonight’s dinner?”

Rix hands out the meals one by one to us kids, and I know during that time he doesn’t pay much attention to the door. So Allen and Will-sama are fine to approach the door while I try and make it a little easier for them by starting up a conversation.

“For today~, it’s the usual bread and corn potage~. The client said you should all eat up since tomorrow’s the day of the auction~.”

“Is that so? I’m really happy that the soup is always lightly seasoned. But so the auction’s tomorrow then.”

While talking, I watched as Allen and Will-sama made their way out the door.

“That’s right~. Bland soup is tough on growing kids. But, starting tomorrow you’ll all live wonderful lives after a noble buys you~. Ah, well, I suppose that’d be impossible if a weirdo noble came here to buy you though~?”

“……A, weirdo, noble!?”

“Mm, that’s right~. There are a lot of people with strange tastes~. It’s because of people like that that auctions like these get held~. And so, the person who worked here before~, they kept abusing the children which meant they were hurting the product~, and so the nobles got really really mad~.”

(Those are definitely the guys who had El. ……Then, this guy isn’t him.)

“……Then that person isn’t here?”

“Yeah you bet~. I heard the client say they were going to frame him as the real mastermind of the dark auction~.”

(So Father has already captured him. And that’s why he was replaced with these guys. Well, he’s the one who abused El, so it’s good he got caught!!)

Even though he had handed out meals to everyone and still had some bread left over, Rix still hadn’t noticed that Allen and Will-sama were gone.

(Haa, it’s a really good thing this guy is such an idiot. I wonder if Allen and Will-sama have made it outside yet? I hope they don’t get caught by any of this guy’s comrades…..)

Chapter 15Allen POV (2)

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    1. About 2 to five minutes a chapter. It was really funny reading this through my first time because the author would apologize for a long chapter, and it’d end up only being an extra 100 words long.


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