Villainess Wants to Live Freely Allen POV (2)

With how short these chapters are, I’m going to try and make sure that at least one chapter comes out a day. Emphasis on try. So if Grimoire Master ever goes back to 8000 word long chapters, I will release two chapters of this in a row if I have to.


While Rose-sama distracted the man named Rix, Will-sama and I snuck out the door. However, I can’t drop my guard just because we managed to make it out without being noticed. We might still encounter his comrades before escaping out of this mansion.

“Um……it’s Rose, sama? That’s how you address her?”

“Yes, she’s Roselia-sama, the daughter of Duke Winsley.”

“Ah, that noble girl is Roselia. ……..I wouldn’t think someone that smart would be two years younger than me.”

His way of speaking gives him away as a noble, but does the fact that he didn’t even flinch when Duke Winsley’s name came up mean he is of the same status………or perhaps something even higher.

“Yes, Rose-sama is very intelligent. And very compassionate as well.”

I can’t forget to remain vigilant and keep an eye on my surroundings while discussing Rose-sama.

“Hey Allen, we should be able to sneak out from here.”

We found a small window in a corridor a little ways from the room where we were being held. It was the perfect height where we could reach it if we stepped on our tiptoes, and nobody was hanging around outside.

“You’re right. And it’s big enough that we should be able to squeeze through.”

“Then you should go first. You’re smaller than me, so you should be able to get through without making any noise.”

The word 《smaller》 made me grumble a little, but there’s no helping it since it’s a fact and this really isn’t the time to fight about it. So I did as Will-sama said and fit myself through the small window.
Will-sama grabbed my legs and pushed me through, but luckily there was more than enough room for me to fit through. And just as we had seen earlier, there were no guards or any of Rix’s comrades around either.

“Oi! What are you doing!?”

And then I heard a booming voice coming from the other side of the window where Will-sama still remained.

“Allen! You have to go and get help without getting discovered.”

Will-sama muttered in a small voice. I hesitated, frantically wondering if there wasn’t anything I could do to save him, but I wouldn’t be able to go get help if I was caught here, so I started running just as Will-sama had ordered.



After running for a while, I came across a familiar cityscape.

“…….that capitol, it’s not, that much further…….just a little more……”

Taking a deep breath, I aimed for the Duke’s residence.
And then by chance, I happened across a knight along the way.

“H-Help me please!!!”

Chapter 16Allen (POV 3)

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