Grimoire Master Ch. 29


Chapter 5: Solretta
Section 2: Dragon Litta

After departing from Rifront we were faced with a surprise event, but after that was sorted out several hours passed by without and further incidents. And then right after lunch, just as the sun had started to descend after reaching its crest, we arrived at the neighboring village.

“I was planning to spend the night here, but…….looking around, does this place even have a place where we can stay at?”

“The inn should have already reopened, or so the story goes.”

Our destination is the town where I was born, Solretta Litta. It’s about a three day carriage ride from Rifront or a five day hike on foot. The road there passes through several villages along the way, so we decided to spend our first night on the road in the village formerly known as Porta.

Why formerly known? Well that’s because…….apparently the village took the unusual step of changing its name just now.

“Nevertheless, well, they have a very strong commercial spirit……..somehow……..”

A signboard posted right next to the village entrance had the words {Dragon Litta, the town where the dragon descended} written in huge letters.

“But isn’t the village practically gone? Aren’t they trying a little too hard to show off?”

“They’re describing themselves after the village has been rebuilt right? Well, after the way the dragon messed up these people’s lives, you can’t blame them for trying to use its name to help promote and rebuild the village.”

Porta village…….I mean Dragon Litta, has been home to a dragon for over six months. To show that fact, buildings this way and that were either in the process of collapsing or have already been outright reduced to rubble. I was told that the dragon’s fight with the hero had also taken place here, so that may also be a factor in the village’s current state.

“It didn’t take that dragon very long to get from here to Relton after it ran away. I guess that means it must have still been able to fly at the time.”

Broken timber was piled up in one spot where a line of wooden houses had probably once stood with a small wayside shrine erected next door. According to the small engraving adorned on the front, this was apparently the dragon’s main nest. The dragon also paid a great deal of attention to any rain or morning dew that accumulated.

“Ahaha……I wonder. This village will probably have a lot of different tourist attractions…..whoa!?”

I do feel sorry for the people who live here, but just as I was starting to get into a real sightseeing mood, my foot suddenly slipped on some melted snow on the ground.

“It seems that my master is unexpectedly careless.”

Just as I had resigned myself to having to spend the rest of the day with a cold, wet butt, Hadion appeared and hugged my body from behind.


I turned by gaze away from my still mid-air foot towards Hadion’s face as she smiled wryly back at me. But I mean, this is only the first time today I’ve stumbled, and it’s when my feet met a slippery spot? I guess back in Relton I was a little careless and slipped in the cave. But isn’t it unfair to conclude that I lack self-awareness just because of that?

“It was my pleasure, my lord. Ah, your hair has become disheveled. Here, allow me to adjust it on your behalf. Please stay still for a moment.”


Hadion stood me up straight before starting to straighten my hair. Her fingers tickled as the gently ran through my hair, and I inevitably let out a soft squeak after being taken by surprise.

“First it’s master, and now my lord. You’re talking as if I’m a princess.”

“Is that not the perfect word? In truth Iris stands in a position equivalent to at least that.”

“Princess is……. I am just a tried and true commoner.”

A commoner like me suddenly being treated like a princess is enough to leave anyone as perplexed as if a mountain had suddenly started moving in front of them, so I tried convincing Hadion to treat me normally at least once. But, “I cannot treat my master so roughly,” was the only response I got back.

It’s really hard to turn her down when I’m the one who asked her to stay close to me, but just how in the world did it end up like this? I’m really worried about how I’m going to explain this situation to my family.


Speaking of trouble, there’s Rose-san. She hasn’t said a single word since we got to Dragon Litta. There aren’t any men near us, so I don’t think she’s not allowed to talk or anything……..

“Then back to what we were talking about at first, let’s go find the inn.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Carol, run ahead a little and take a look around.”

“What!? Am I your gofer or something!!?”

“Yep. As long you understand that, get running. If you find something that looks good, feel free to buy it.”

Toslin tossed Carol several coins as she spoke.

“Hyaaha, I like, I love you Toslin!!”

Carol skipped off, quickly disappearing from view as if her grievances from before had all been a lie. Just as I’d expect, Toslin and Carol have been together for a long time, so Toslin knows just how to handle her.

“……..good grief, that girl changes her mood at the drop of a hat.”

……but then Carol too knows just what to say to leave Toslin feeling embarrassed.

“You two are really close.”

“Not really. We have an unfortunately inseparable relationship. Aah, I really hope that Carol is looking for a blacksmith. I want to get my armor fixed already.”

Toslin’s armor was heavily damaged during the fight with the dragon in Relton. Rifront didn’t have any blacksmiths that could fix her armor though, so she was still wearing the broken and damaged bits even now.

“I’d also like to swing a sword. I find it difficult to calm myself unarmed as I am.”

“Rose too, isn’t it better to have your armor and shield checked? You took a pretty serious hit from that dragon as well.”

“Yes, you are right. I planned on waiting until we arrived at Iris-san’s town, but if this village has a blacksmith, I shall have them take a look.”

Was Toslin also mindful of Rose-san’s silence? But we were both relieved to see Rose-san reply normally.

“Ah, it looks like Carol is coming back.”

“That’s quick.”

“My my, she looks happy. She must have been incredibly hungry.”

Carol was running back with a skewer in each hand. But the smile that spread across Rose-san’s face when she saw Carol running like that was the same one she had worn over the last six months.

(…..perhaps, it was just by chance?)

I had thought that, possibly, Rose-san was feeling hostile towards Hadion who had reportedly turned her blade against the Goddess a thousand years ago……..

But perhaps it’s just a coincidence that Rose-san wasn’t talking very much, and she might not actually care.

At the time……..I was still thinking like that.

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    1. Oh it’s beyond jealousy. I mean when you think about it Hadion is supposed to be a heretic knight. Enemy of the goddess and all that jazz And she DARES to SEDUCE *HER* IRIS!!!!!! Slowly dragging Iris into a honey trap was supposed to be Rose’s job. And now this betrayer is going to seduce her or she may deceive and betray her or even worse make Iris into a loyal servant to the Primordial King…

      Basically standard zealot paranoia mixed with thinly veiled lust… quite a dangerous combination.

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