Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 22


Later that day, we returned to the estate where we received a warm welcome from Mother, Albert, and the other servants. And then Allen, who had persevered more than anyone to save us, came up to me with tears running down his cheeks.

“Allen, I’m glad you’re okay. …….What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

When I ran up to him, Allen looked like he didn’t want to talk about it and hung down his head to try and hide his tears.

“……Rose-sama, y-you’re safe……I’m glad.”

“Yes, and it’s all thanks to your hard work. Thank you”

“N-No……I……I sat by while Rose-sama was in danger. And…..And I should’ve been more careful and been a better guard…..I’ll get stronger. Then I can protect you.”

“We were only saved because you were there. …..Fufu, but Allen’s wish to be stronger really shows how reliable you are!”

I gave Allen a big hug now, thanking him for everything he would do for me in the future.




Today Father and I are going out together after His Majesty summoned us because of the dark auction incident a few days ago.

(What am I supposed to say~? I hope this doesn’t become something troublesome. Rather, what are they calling me for!? …’s probably because of Will-sama. Haa……depressing)

“Thank you for your work during this past incident. Clifford. Many children were saved thanks to your efforts.”

“Your words are more than I deserve.”

“I have heard from William. Your daughter Roselia put forth her own meritorious service as well.”

(It looks like right now isn’t anything official. It’s mostly just some relatively easy greetings, so I only need to be careful not to say anything rude…….His Majesty really does carry a certain grace to him, and although he seems kind enough, there’s an air to him that screams we can’t defy him…….what meritorious service!? I didn’t do anything though……)

“Roselia, you encouraged the frightened children, obtained vital information from the henchmen, and I heard you even put yourself at risk so that one of your servants could deliver your location to the knights. Excellent work for someone so young.”

“…….I only did what I could.”

“Only what you could, is it? Hmm, then I look forward to what you will do in the future. …..why not become Eric’s fiancee? I want that excellence. How does it sound? How about getting engaged once just as a test?”

“Haa, Your Majesty! What is a test engagement supposed to be!? It’d be almost certain they would be wed for something like that! Taking my cute, beloved daughter isn’t that easy.”

(J-Just a moment! ……now’s not the time to say something like that. I want to hold off on the engagement too, but didn’t Father’s tone towards His Majesty change way too quickly there!? What is this?)


“Hm? Oh, Rose doesn’t know yet. His Majesty and I are foster siblings, so except for official settings, our way of speaking to one another is usually pretty lax.”

(I was already surprised by how he carried himself during the dark auction…..there’s a lot about Father I don’t know yet…..)

“Uh um, Your Majesty. Thank you for you words although they are more than I deserve. Honestly, that’s a lot of responsibility. Rather than a fiancee, I could be an advisor……”

“A advisor¹…..? It would bring me some relief if a clever kid child like Roselia would stay close to my Eric. Well it’s just a short jump from advisor to fiancee anyway.”

“Oi! That is no good. I might be able to compromise if we were talking about the first prince, but the second prince doesn’t suit my Rose. I’ll block it at all costs.”

“Well I guess it can’t be helped then. So then Roselia, occasionally you shall visit the castle to play and act as his advisor. Is that acceptable Clifford?”

“…….if it’s only every now and then. I’ll bring Rose with me whenever I come to deliver a report.”

(What is up with what everyone has been saying about Prince Eric until now? I’m certain Erika always said he had a more meek personality. He didn’t want to hear anything other than what his advisers had to say…….so he condemns the villainous daughter without hearing the heroine’s story. I think? But, I don’t know what to expect from someone who is six years old just like me……..I don’t want to meet him. I feel like only something bothersome is going to come from this…….)

Rather than clearing up, my depression only got worse.

1. A literal translation of this is just, somebody you can talk to.

El POV (4)Chapter 23

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