Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 23


“Roselia, I still need to talk with this guy, so why don’t you go play with William and Eric for now?”

And suddenly His Majesty put me in a bind by insisting I meet the problem child Eric who everyone is talking about.




“Hi Rose. Have you been well? I’m happy to see you again.”

“Yes. It looks like Will-sama is doing fine as well.”

“Hey, you greet her too Eric”


Before my eyes stood Prince Eric who, from what I could tell since he was busy staring at his feet, looked remarkably similar to the handsome blue-eyed, blonde haired Will-sama who I met the other day.

“Prince Eric, it’s an honor to meet you. I am Roselia Winsley.”

I showed the proper etiquette as a lady of the court and greeted him, yet his gaze refused to move away from the floor.

“Sorry Rose. He’s pretty shy. He’ll be fine after he gets used to you.”

(Hmm. He’s a lot different from what I was expecting. It doesn’t seem like he’s extremely selfish or prideful……. Maybe he’ll change as he grows up? Is this how he is in the game? …….I never played it, so I don’t know. Well, this could be good for me!)

“Prince Eric, from now on whenever my Father visits the castle, I will be coming as well to play with you. So I guess you’ll get used to me eventually?”

I took both of Prince Eric’s hands in mine and smiled at him.

“So Rose is only concerned about Eric huh~”

“Fufu, I’ll be sure to visit Will-sama as well.”

(Will-sama’s personality is really similar to His Majesty’s. They don’t really resemble each other although they’re both beautiful, but I don’t want to make an enemy out of him since there’s no telling what he’s hiding under that smile.)

“……I refuse”

Saying that, Prince Eric threw aside my hands.


“S-Someone like you, w-why would I want to get along with such a fugly girl!? I don’t wanna play with you! Will-niisama is kind, he’ll talk to fugly girls like you, but I won’t!”

“……is that so? I got it. I’m sorry that someone like me started talking to you. I will be leaving soon, so don’t worry. Will-sama, sorry for my impoliteness.”

“Haa, Eric……sorry Rose. I’ll take you back to where our father’s are.”

Will-sama sent an amazed look towards Eric for an instant before immediately walking over and stylishly escorting me away.

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