Villainess Wants to Live Freely Bi-POV

There are two viewpoints in this chapter. The first half is Will, the second is Eric.


I heard one morning that Roselia, the daughter to the Winsley duke house who was involved with the dark auction the other day, would be coming by the castle today, and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since.

“Hi Rose. Have you been well? I’m happy to see you again.”

“Yes. It looks like Will-sama is doing fine as well.”

The ever lovely lady gave a bow before looking back up towards me and smiling. She’s still just six years old, but this noble girl has caught my interest with her elegant manners and sharp mind.

“Hey, you greet her too Eric”

I urged my younger brother who was hanging his head standing next to me to greet her as well.


“Prince Eric, it’s an honor to meet you. I am Roselia Winsley.”

“Sorry Rose. He’s pretty shy. He’ll be fine after he gets used to you.”

It’s true that he’s shy, but because Mother babied him when he was young due to him being born with a weak constitution, he’s a little spoiled even after becoming more energetic……, it’s better to say he’s grown up to be a very selfish person.

“Prince Eric, from now on whenever my Father visits the castle, I will be coming as well to play with you. So I guess you’ll get used to me eventually?”

“So Rose is only concerned about Eric huh~”

“Fufu, I’ll be sure to visit Will-sama as well.”

Rose is reliable but also very young, so I’ve started to think of her as a little sister.

“……I refuse”


“S-Someone like you, w-why would I want to get along with such a fugly girl!? I don’t wanna play with you! Will-niisama is kind, he’ll talk to fugly girls like you, but I won’t!”

(Haa, again……he’s acting like this even to the daughter of a duke who is the same age as him……)

Father once called over a couple of sons from other noble families to the castle who were the same age, and he acted this exact same way. It did not end well. Of course Eric’s behavior is even worse when it comes to the servants.

“……is that so? I got it. I’m sorry that someone like me started talking to you. I will be leaving soon, so don’t worry. Will-sama, sorry for my impoliteness.”

There’s nothing for it.

“Haa, Eric……sorry Rose. I’ll take you back to where our father’s are.”

I turned a sideways glance towards Eric to chide him for acting like this before walking over to Rose and guiding her out of the room.





I quivered a little from Will-niisama’s glare, but it was that girl Roselia who was still on my mind.

“W-What was that! …..I-I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t Mother or one of the servants before……and I, I’ve never seen someone so beautiful……and then she suddenly got so close……..”

I kept pacing back and forth inside the room while holding my head.
I don’t know long I was doing it, but eventually Will-niisama walked back into the room.

“Eric, why did you act like that? Don’t you know she’s the only daughter of the Winsley duke house? You need to be able to at least get along with her.”

“B-But Will-niisama! I’ve never met someone who looked like she’d break if I touched her! And I just suddenly met her today……and she got so close……a-and she grabbed my hands!”

“Did you fall in love at first sight…….? But still, that kind of attitude was rude. You were rude to those noble sons that Father brought over before too.”

“Tch, those guys…….they were making fun of Will-niisama, saying how girly you looked.”

“Right……..I know you’re gentle deep down. But you don’t understand people at all. You’re going to end up in trouble later if you don’t study and train your mind as well as your body. Got it?”

“I’m going to be a knight who protects Will-niisama, so I don’t need to study.”

“Studying is useful for knights too.”

Will-niisama responded plainly, but his words soon lost their edge.

“Eric, thank you for thinking about me, but you need to take care of yourself as well. You’re a member of the royal family too, so you need to know how to act properly. ……And next time you meet Rose, be sure to apologize for today.”

Will-niisama looked into my face and gently patted my head.

“Oh! That’s right. You should also prepare yourself because I’ve already told Father about what you did.”

Saying that much, he left the room with an unkind smile.


I immediately imagined Father’s demon-like face and hid myself in one corner of my room.

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2 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Bi-POV

  1. oh god, i can see it already, he acts all ‘tsundere’ at her, she uses it as an excuse to keep them apart, he gets horribly confused and sad, Will tries to get the two set up as a couple, hilarious hijinx ensue involving the other harem members and he’s demoted to a comedic side character, calling it now


  2. Thanks for the new chapter! The bullying/hatred style of showing you’re interested in someone. That’s a way to get hated easily.


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