Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 24


Afterwards, Will-sama brought me back to the room where His Majesty and Father were and informed them both of Prince Eric’s speech and conduct.

“W-What!? That child is taking such a rude attitude even with Roselia, the daughter of a duke!?”

“………That boy.”

(Haa, personally this works out great for me since if I never see him again, I won’t be asked to be his fiancee anymore…..even if I am a little angry.)

“To treat my cute, sweet Roselia as if she were fugly. …….I’m sorry Your Majesty, but I cannot support matching together Prince Eric and Roselia. I hope you understand that Roselia’s feeling have been deeply hurt as a result of this incident.”

“Mm, sorry. Clifford, and you too Roselia. My son has done you a grave discourtesy.”

“Your Majesty, during this past incident Roselia has taken very good care of me. As such, I would like the opportunity to thank her and wish you would grant me the option of continuing to meet with her in the future.”

“Hmm, I have no issue with it, but what about the people involved?”

“…….I’m fine with it. Rose?”

“I do not care for Prince Eric, but I would love to continue being on good terms with Will-sama.”

“Thank you Rose. Next time I would like you to meet my fiancee. When I mentioned you to her, she said she would really like to meet you.”

“Mentioned me? Okay, I’d really like to meet her too.”

“Well then Roselia, I’ll make sure everyone in the castle knows you are welcome to come here and play anytime.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’ll write you a letter with the details later Rose.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting.”

So Father and I gave His Majesty and Will-sama a final farewell before heading home.




“I’m back El! Allen!”

“Welcome home”

When I arrived home, El and Allen were there to greet me with El immediately running up and giving me a hug.
El’s voice still hasn’t returned to him, but any complex thoughts he has can be written out on a piece of paper. Plus, I can understand any simple messages just by reading his lips, so it doesn’t cause any problems.

“All right. Rose, there’s an important talk we need to have with you, El, and Allen, so come over here.”

(An important talk? I wonder what it is. Does it have something to do with the talk he had to have with His Majesty earlier?)

Mother and Albert were already in the living room when we arrived there, making the same serious faces that Father was making.

“So then, getting right to the point……it’s about El…..actually……




he’s the second prince of the neighboring country, His Highness Routh Ashtel.”

Chapter 23Bi-Pov

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