Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 26


In the end, it was decided that I would share a room with Father while Allen slept with El.

“Father, it’s the last night, so I want to sleep with El.”

(I’ve slept with El every night since I met him, and tonight’s going to be the last!!)

“Do you hate me that much?”

I started to feel sorry for Father when he ran up to me with a crying face though, so I eventually let it go.

(Will El be all right though? He’s not alone, so maybe it will be fine?)




The next morning after I finished getting ready, I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in”

After Father invited him in, El opened the door and walked in with a lonesome face.

“El? What’s wrong? Did you not get very much sleep?”

It must not have been that because El solemnly shook his head. So, without knowing why he was looking so down this morning, El suddenly hugged me tightly.

(…..I see. El was feeling lonely too. I was feeling lonely because we didn’t get to sleep together, but I guess he was feeling the same way.)

“……I really wanted us to sleep together during our last night too.”

Saying so, I hugged El back.




When everyone was ready, we re-boarded the carriage and left for Ashtel’s capital.



“Duke Winsley, how good of you to come all this way. It’s been a while.”

“Allow me to apologize as it was due to our own inadequacies that you were made to wait for so long.”

Once we made it to the capital, we were immediately escorted to the castle and brought into an audience with the king and queen.

“Nonsense. If it wasn’t for the Winsley family, my son would be gone, spending his time as a slave.”

“Duke Winsley, thank you for saving our son.”

“Routh, come here.”

El, er, Prince Routh then stepped forward towards the King and Queen.

“I’m happy you’re safe. You had us worried. ……..come, show me your face.”

The queen hugged Prince Routh close, looking him up and down as tears started to run down her cheeks.

“Duke Winsley already gave us a report, but you still don’t have your voice yet……..”

The king watched Prince Routh with a lonely face.

(Oh right. He received a huge mental shock from the horrible abuse. I kept hoping it would return one day while we were playing together. I, really wanted to hear El’s voice.)

“Duke Winsley, would you mind introducing us?”

“Of course, go ahead Rose.”

“…’s an honor to meet you. I am Roselia Winsley.”

“Hoh, so you’re her. I look forward to seeing how you develope in the future. And you smell just like Routh. He must really like you as well.”

“Well well! What a beautiful child. And she’s so well-mannered. I can see why Routh is so taken with you! A complete marking! Wonderful!”

I didn’t really understand what they were talking about there at the end, but since I’m pretty sure they’re complimenting me, I’m thankful. I don’t know why, but my Father who is still standing next to me suddenly started holding my head. Meanwhile while they were saying a bunch of things I didn’t really get, the king and queen’s tails and ears were excitedly perked up. It might be a little rude to say this about royalty, but they were both so cute.

(Oh no, this is bad! I really want to pet them. R-restraint. Restrain yourself. I’ll die if I try something like that! I’ve already decided that I’m going to survive past graduation!!!)

“Roselia, you must have constantly been beside Routh. I want to thank you. Ah yes, Duke Winsley, you plan on remaining in the city for two or three days right? In that case Roselia, would you please stay with Routh while you’re here?”

“T-That’s right. Since there are a few fine details in the reports, I planned on staying for a few days in case any questions arise.”

“Then stay in our castle. That way Routh can stay beside Roselia, and you can have an easier time with your work.”

“T-That would certainly help, but……”

“Then it’s decided! Roselia-chan, let’s have a tea party later!”

So it was decided we would not only be staying in the castle, but I was thrust into having a tea party with a queen.

(Will El be coming to the tea party too? Then, I should invite Allen too!)

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  1. Just straight up tell the girl what the marking is and what sleeping together symbolizes!!!!
    I mean, the king and queen already acknowledge her as a daughter-in-law.


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