Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 27


After that, as soon as I got to the room, a maid walked in and started preparing for a tea party on the queen’s orders.

“Roselia-chan, welcome. Come, take a seat. You sit down too Routh. ……Oh? Roselia-chan, who is this?”

“Ah, yes. This is my personal butler Allen. Both the black tea and herbal tea Allen makes is really tasty.”

Standing behind me, Allen gave the queen a polite bow before retreating to one corner of the room.

“Is that so? My servants have prepared our tea today, but I would love to try Allen’s black tea next time.”

The tea party with the queen was very fun and ended in no time at all. Meanwhile Prince Routh happily listened to us talk while stuffing his face with sweets.

“Oh yes, I wanted to ask if Roselia-chan already has a fiancée”

“A fiancée? No, not yet”

“Yes, I see. Then from this point on. Although, it might not be so easy with that Duke Winsley involved.”

A somewhat ominous smile spread across the queen’s face while she was muttering something to herself under her breath.

“Great! Then do your best Routh!”

*Nod* *Nod*

(Eh? With what!? How did the story go from fiancée talk to El doing his best?)

I didn’t understand what was going on at the end of this tea party, but we’re going to have another one tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it.



With the king and queen’s permission, I was allowed to spend the night sleeping with Prince Routh in his room while I was staying here. Although for some reason Father and Allen had this unspeakable look on their faces when we were talking about it.

“Tonight and tomorrow will be the last times I get to sleep together with El. …….I’m feeling really lonely again.”

I held hands with Prince Routh, and the two of us got into the same bed together. I was already told that it’s okay to call him El whenever it’s just the two of us though.

“Also, it’s unfortunate that I never got to hear El’s voice. ………I wonder if I’ll ever see El again. Our countries are neighbors, so do you think we’ll be able to visit each other?”


Prince Routh vigorously nodded his head when I asked, so our promise was set. So I hugged El close, and the two of us fell asleep just like that.

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