Grimoire Master Additional Character 1.1

So a while back I noticed that the author added another little extra near the beginning of the story after I passed it. I’ve been waiting for a good time to slip it in. Unfortunately that ‘good time’ is a while from now, so I said screw it and quickly whipped it up. If you’re looking for it on the table of contents, it’s right after chapter 1, section 1.


Goldmund Introduction

Illustration (By Mitemin)

Age: 12
Height: 210 cm (excluding horns)
Weight: 1.2 tons
Race: Dolinp
Sex: Male
Hair Color: White with black markings
Eye Color: Red
Personality: A hard, diligent worker

Dolinps are herbivores that live in the mountainous regions of Van Delucia.
Despite their heavy bodies, they’re actually fast runners and capable of easily climbing rocky mountainsides.
They’re also generally very strong.

Ever since he was small, he has always been with Rosalith and protected her after she separated from her parents.
Very clever and brave, he will stand by his master and confront any enemy without hesitation.

Chapter 1Chapter 2

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