Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 32

Dialogue can sometimes run on in this story, so if anyone is having any problems, let me know. I can always mark down who’s saying what like a screenplay if needed.


One of Prince Eric’s delightful friends, Julius, a duke’s heir and huge playboy called out to us.

“Oh Julius-sama, what’s going on? Did you have business with Rose-chan?”

“Hm? In a place like this~, I was just hoping to talk to Roselia-chan.”

“Talk about what?”

“Hey hey, is it fine for me to call Roselia-chan ‘Rose-chan’ instead?”

“……only my close friends can call me that.”

“Well! Then become friends with me!”

(Why!? I don’t understand what this playboy is thinking!!!)

“Julius-sama is capable of being friends with anybody, so isn’t it fine if you don’t become friends with me? Erina-sama seems more than eager enough to get better acquainted with you and Prince Eric……”

“That~ is impossible. Roselia-chan has stolen my gaze ever since you first came to this school. So how about we get along?”

Getting along with such a handsome man. How can people say stuff like that and not turn red from embarrassment? I can barely keep a straight face. Sorry……


Calling me by a rather unique nickname, another man came forward, his face beet red and hot as he stared down at the ground to avoid eye contact.

“Oh Lou! You’re eating here too?”


Lou is short for Lucas, the second son of an earl. He sits right next to me in class, and we got to talking for a bit. We soon found out that we were both animal lovers, and after telling him about the dog I keep at home, we became close enough to develop nicknames for each other. I’m ‘Lia’ while he’s ‘Lou’.
He’s quite popular with the other noble girls who all see him as a taciturn pretty boy. He is actually pretty talkative when he’s with me though, so I’ve started feeling a little superior. It’s like if a stray cat only allowed you to pet it.

“Did you just call Roselia-chan ‘Lia’?”


“I want to be friends too”

“Fufu, Rose-chan is so popular.”

A little later Will-sama came to eat with us as well which was nice, but the seating order was all wrong.
Obviously Will-sama and Sophia-sama sat next to each other. And then I sat directly across from them. The seating order was normal up to that point, but then I had Julius and Lou sitting on either side of me.

(I can’t eat together with Allen and Anna with things like this. Coming out here was pointless…… Haa, it can’t be helped I guess)

“Is this really fine? Should Will-sama really be out here?”

“Yes, I wouldn’t be able to have any fun without Rose there. Sorry for making you wait Sophia.”

“Haa, Will-sama. I enjoy being with Rose-chan as well, and yet I can’t keep quiet about that girl’s behavior.”

“I know. But me saying something will only create it’s own problems.”

“Well, I suppose you’re right.”

“Sophia-sama, I’m really all right, so there’s no need for you to mind it.”

“Just what is that girl thinking though?”

“……Lia, who is it?”

“They’re talking about Erina-sama from our class.”

“Oh, the one with the revolting personality.”

“My, you say some good things. I’ve taken a liking to you”


(Lou has a pretty venomous tongue as well. Not that I really care since I don’t want to get involved with Erina-sama.)

“Hey Will-sama, I’d really like to eat lunch here starting tomorrow, but is that okay? I’m sure we’ll end up causing all sorts of problems for the cafeteria.”

“Yeah, it should be fine. But, rather than you moving yourself, wouldn’t it be better for you to move Miss Erina?”

“I don’t have to walk as far if we eat in this cafeteria.”

“How Rose-like.”

“In that case I’ll come down here as well and eat with Roselia-chan.”

“Oh, but I’m sure Julius-sama should have plenty of invitations from other noble girls?”

“I want to eat with Roselia-chan, so I’ll refuse them all. As such, the spot to your right is reserved exclusively for me.”

“In that case I, will take the left.”

(Huh? Somehow the seat order has been decided upon……..why!?)

“Ara! Then I get the spot across from Rose-chan.”

(Come on. I just want to eat with Allen and Anna!)

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