Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 31


A few days have already passed since my school life began, and I’m still having lunch with Will-sama, Sophia-sama, and Prince Eric. During that time however some of Prince Eric’s delightful friends and a certain new monster have begun to come greet us each day.


This pink-haired daughter to a baron is constantly chasing after Prince Eric and his delightful friends. ……No, rather than chasing, it might be more apt to say she’s constantly sticking to them.
We’re in the same class, so whether it be during lessons, breaks, or lunch, you can always find her attached to Prince Eric or one of his delightful friends which is why all the other noble girls hate her.

(Well that’s how it goes. I come from a ducal house, and not only is Sophia-sama from a ducal house as well but also Will-sama’s fiancee. So while nobody can say anything to us about having lunch with them every day, she’s being quite bold for being the daughter of a baron. It doesn’t matter to me because it has nothing to do with me, but it makes it difficult to enjoy my lunch. And for some reason she sees me and Sophia-sama as her enemies……how troublesome~)

“Ara~, you’re here today too Roselia-sama~?”

“Well then, I’m going to leave my seat for a bit.”

“If so, then I will come with you Rose-chan. Let’s be off”

Sophia-sama doesn’t like being around that girl either. So standing up at the same time, she joined me in leaving the dining room.
By the way, the dining room here is meant for royalty and high ranking nobles. Now while the cafeteria we’re heading to is a little inferior, it’s not on the level where I mind it, so we’ve been moving here whenever that baron’s daughter has come over to talk. To be honest I actually prefer this cafeteria since it’s fine for Allen and Anna to come over.

“Sorry for dragging you with me Sophia-sama.”

“Don’t mind it. I want to be with Rose-chan. Plus my food would taste awful if I stayed with that little girl. Fufufu”

Sophia-sama shows no mercy towards the people she doesn’t like. There’s a gap there, and while she’s always tender and kind with me, she’ll spit poison when it comes to others.

“But Will-sama is still Will-sama. Leaving that girl be without reproaching her. An interesting child was how he put it…….meanwhile not saying anything about how she sees Rose-chan as an enemy for some reason.”

(That black-hearted prince……I guess Will-sama is enjoying himself in his own way. Although that baron’s daughter seems to be sticking close to Will-sama as well, I feel like he’s letting her get close to Prince Eric just to see how I’ll react. He’s probably waiting for me to say something in order to push us together.)

“I don’t really care. It doesn’t hurt me, so it doesn’t affect me.”

“Ah! How unfortunate”

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