Villainess Wants to Live Life Freely Ch. 33

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After a chaotic lunch, Julius-sama, Lou, and I returned to our classroom after saying goodbye to Will and Sophia-sama.

[Rose]: “Lou, do you have anything planned over our next vacation?”

[Lou]: “No”

[Rose]: “Then how about coming over to see Alto?”

[Lou]: “Alto……I’ll go”

[Rose]: “Then it’s decided!”

I was having a quiet conversation together with Lou when Prince Eric, who must have just finished his own lunch, walked over.

[Eric]: “R-Roselia”

[Rose]: “…….yes?”

[Eric]: “You, even if……you can’t harass Erina just because you want to become my fiancee!!”

[Rose]: “…….okay then?”

Just when I was wondering why Prince Eric had suddenly come to my seat, he starts going on about something that doesn’t make any sense. The girl Erina was sticking to Prince Eric with a self-satisfied look on her face while two of his delightful friends stood worriedly behind him.

[Eric]: “I heard about it from Erina. You’ve been harassing her.”

[Erina]: “*Sniffle*…….Roselia-sama is so cruel~ All I was doing was being a little friendly with Eric-sama, and she started bullying me~”

[Rose]: “……and what kind of bullying have I been doing?”

(These crocodile tears, I’m trying to avoid you as much as possible, so why are you forcing yourself on me like this!? Are you stupid!? Give me a break you idiot!!)

[Erina]: “Hiding my notebook~ And purposefully ostracizing me~”

[Rose]: “I don’t understand what you mean when you say your notebook was hidden, and what would I gain by ostracizing you? ……I mean we aren’t even friends. And you’re getting along well with the guys pretty well, so why would you care if I don’t want to hang out with you?”

[Erina]: “You’re ostracizing me from the other girls~!!! Roselia-sama planned it all~!!!”

[Rose]: “I don’t know why I would do that though.”

[Lou]: “Lia, you won’t make any progress talking to a simpleton.”

[Erina]: “Th-! This is how Roselia-sama does it! Cozying up to the good looking men and then flouting her influence to the other girls~!”

[Eric]: “As a noble you should be ashamed of such behavior. You had better change your ways.”

[Lou]: “You should just leave idiots like this alone Lia.”

[Julius]: “Ah, Roselia-chan! Our next class is in another classroom, so how about going there together?”

With the young girl’s voice calling after us, Julius-sama and Lou both took my hand and pulled me out of the classroom.



[Lou]: “Lia, something weird’s set their eye on you.”

[Rose]: “Haa, why is this happening to me……. I haven’t even done anything.”

[Julius]: “Isn’t it because Roselia-chan is conspicuous in both good and bad ways?”

[Rose]: “I’m…..conspicuous? I’m not sure what you mean.”

[Julius]: “Eh!? Subconsciously!? You aren’t aware of it!?”

[Rose]: “No…..well, yeah I do actually. My sharp green eyes can be off-putting. Along with my sharp eyes is the fact that I come from a duke house, so people looking at me and assuming I’m like that is what I should expect.”

[Julius]: “……no? I mean it’s true that you being from a duke house and your rare green eyes are both definitely the reasons why you’re so conspicuous…….but you’re taking it the wrong way!? …….well it’s fine I guess.”

[Rose]: “I’m not even Prince Eric’s fiancee though…….”

[Lou]: “But Lia is the strongest contender for the position. So, everyone spreads the rumor.”

[Julius]: “Yep yep, everyone’s talking about it. “Prince Eric’s fiancee will be Roselia-chan,” or something to that effect.”

[Rose]: “I wish it would just disappear. That stupid rumor……”

[Julius]: “Well then, why not become my fiancee?”

Julius-sama then made his patented always shady-looking smile and grabbed both of my hands.

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6 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Life Freely Ch. 33

  1. Why doesn’t the beast man prince just claim her? That would solve all the problems. Eric is only the second prince and he’s acting like he doesn’t want her while El had marked her completely, whatever that means.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Whatever that means” 😆 Imagine that conversation, “Yeah I met the Royal King and Queen of the neighboring beast kingdom, dare I say it and it didn’t come from me, they are pretty cute. Kept saying some weird things tho, my Dad also seemed freaked out and sad, but not in a bad illegal way, just in a darn it way. Something about claiming and stuff. I don’t think I want to know either, I was young and it was pretty weird. “

      Liked by 1 person

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