Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 34


A few moments of silence passed,

[Lou]: “Disgusting”

before Lou answered on my behalf, grabbing me by the hand, and leading me away.



[Roselia]: “Julius-sama is pretty simpleminded too. I have no idea what he was thinking.”

Lou continued dragging me along until we made it to the school’s controlled greenhouse.

[Lou]: “He’s strangely attached to Lia.”

[Roselia]: No, I’m not saying I’m happy about it, but Julius-sama is strangely attached to everybody. But, do you think it was okay to leave him on his own like that?”

[Lou]: “No problem.”

[Roselia]: It’d be bothersome to return to the classroom just like this. But, we still have a few lessons left in the day…..but then again it’d probably be fine if we missed a couple……”

[Lou]: “Tomorrow’s a day off anyway, so let’s go to your house so I can see Alto. Lia is already ahead in class, so you’ll be fine.”

(Well after El left I kept studying until the point where there’s so much information in my head I probably don’t even need to go to school anymore……but should I really be skipping~?)

The greenhouse doors opened, interrupting my inner turmoil.

[Eric]: “So this is where you were Roselia.”

And out popped the bothersome Prince Eric.

[Roselia]: “……why are you here Prince Eric?”

[Lou]: “Haa, a bothersome guy showed up.”

[Eric]: “Do you really care about me enough that you’d resort to harassing Erina? In that case I thought I would formally accept you as my fiancee! And so I came looking for you.”

(These developments are happening so fast I can’t keep up!!!!!)

[Roselia]: Prince Eric, you seem to be misunderstanding something here…….? I haven’t harassed anyone, and I truly have no intentions of being engaged to Your Highness.”

[Eric]: “Hmph, another bluff. You say that, but it’s all about that! You’re still upset I called you fugly when we were small.”

[Roselia]: “Haa, no, I’m not still upset about something that happened when we were children. I just think a fugly woman such as myself would make a poor fiancee for someone of Your Highness’s stature, so I’m afraid I really must decline.”

[Eric]: “Ex, cuse, me! That was different! I mean……I couldn’t be honest back then. So that……”

[Lou]: “We’ll be going now Your Highness”

Without letting the Prince finish, Lou took my hand again and dragged me out of the greenhouse.

[Lou]: “There are hindrances no matter where we go.”

[Roselia]: “Hehe, thanks Lou. I appreciate you dragging me away and saving me like this.”

[Lou]: “Let’s go see Alto.”

[Roselia]: “You’re right, something bothersome is just going to happen again if we stay here.”

So summoning Allen and Anna, the three of us returned home with Lou tagging along.



[Anna]: “There were all sorts of things there to trouble Ojou-sama today.”

As I told Allen and Anna about everything that had happened today, Anna’s eyes narrowed, giving me a sympathetic look. Meanwhile Allen’s eyes continued getting wider and wider as the story continued on.

[Allen]: “That simpleton prince and airheaded noble girl…….to a Duke’s…… should I deal with them?”

[Lou]: “With poison”

[Allen]: “Does Lucas-sama have experience with poisons?”

[Lou]: “Only a little.”

[Allen]: “Ooh! That’s heartening.”

[Roselia]: “Hey! That’s scary!”

The two men’s discussion was veering off into a shady direction, so I forcefully put an end to it.
After that, it was time for me to show off my home’s well-behaved, adorable caretaker Alto.

[Roselia]: So? My Alto’s really adorable isn’t he Lou?”

[Lou]: “……Mm”

I buried my face into Alto’s fluffy neck while bragging about him.

[Roselia]: “Alto, did you miss me?”

Then it came Lou’s turn to hug Alto from the front, so I took a step away and petted Alto’s back.

[Roselia]: “I know I missed you Alto.”

[Lou]: “Lia is enviable. You have such a cute dog.”

[Roselia]: “Fufufu, I know I know. I’m enviable! My child is the cutest in the world. I won’t give you my Alto, but you are free to come visit him at any time.”

[Lou]: “I will.”

Thanks to Alto’s wondrous healing effect, all the events that transpired today were thankfully forgotten.

Chapter 33Routh (El) POV

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