Villainess Wants to Live Freely Routh (El) POV


Ever since the day I made that promise with Rose that we would meet again, I have studied and practiced my swordplay harder than anyone else. I want to be able to protect Rose no matter what.
The next time we meet, I want Rose to see how much I’ve grown and know just how hard I’ve worked.
I keep sending Rose letters to make sure she doesn’t forget about me. I keep sending her everyday objects like flowers that remind me of her, and every time without fail Rose will send me a letter back. She’s so nice, even sending back accessories or other small trinkets she thinks will suit me.

Our writing back and forth to each other has continued, and I’m now already twelve years old. I actually really wanted to see Rose before this, but because I wanted to show her how much I’ve grown, I kept thinking, “I’m not quite there yet,” and now a few extra years have passed by. I’m starting to get impatient, but her letters always manage to give me some peace of mind.

[Brother]: “Just one more year and Routh will be studying abroad with our neighbors. I’m sure you’ll learn quite a bit.”

[El]: “Yes, Nii-sama.”

[Brother]: “Ever since then Routh has changed. You’ve been studying like mad and tempering your body, growing up so fast that you’ve really surprised me. Is this all because of that girl?”

[El]: “…….yes”

[Brother]: “Mother and Father seem very taken with her as well. If only I hadn’t caught a cold back then I could’ve talked to her directly as well.”

[El]: “……I won’t give her to you Nii-sama.”

[Brother]: “Haha, I know. I’m not going to steal the girl Routh likes. But is it true that you haven’t told her you’re studying abroad? Won’t she be awfully surprised?”

[El]: “Yes, probably. I hope she’s happy about it too……”

[Brother]: “I’m sure she’ll be ecstatic. Look forward to it. In just one year.”

Yes, I’m one year younger than her, so I can’t join into her grade nor can I take any classes with her……but my heart still beats like crazy when I think about even being able to see Rose.
Back then she was able to hear my voice although I was a little hoarse and still young. But my voice has broken now, so I’m looking forward to see how she reacts now that it’s lower. Although I am a little worried that she might hate it.
I’m getting taller, and because I train every day, I’ve put on some muscle. What is she going to think when she sees me?



I want to see her as soon as possible.



[El]: “Wait for me Rose……”

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7 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Routh (El) POV

  1. Another will join the mix!!!! Wonder how he’ll react when he learns that there are a bunch of other men hanging around her.
    I also hope that he proposes the moment they meet again.

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