Villainess Wants to Live Freely Erina POV

This happened right before Erina spoke with Rose.


It was just before I started school that I realized the world I had reincarnated to was the world of an otome game I played, and I was its heroine.

After enrolling, I quickly got to work aiming for my reverse harem, something I’ve always dreamed about. But things aren’t going well.




[Erina]: “Why isn’t Roselia a villainous noble girl!!!!”

Erina is the heroine of this otome game and should be loved by everyone. The rival is the daughter to a duke Roselia who is supposed to be constantly bullying me, but not only is she not doing that, she isn’t even engaged to Eric. She’s also well liked by the other capture targets and isn’t anything like how she is in the otome game.

The villainous noble girl Roselia appears as an enemy no matter what capture route you choose. So if you’re aiming for a reverse harem, there’s no way the bullying wouldn’t escalate accordingly.

[Erina]: “She’s good friends with that Sophia too…..which reminds me, it’s weird that Sophia and William get along so well! They couldn’t stand each other in the game! The only saving grace here is that the future prime minister and knight characters aren’t very close to Roselia. I have to make sure those two think of Roselia as a detestable woman. And Eric really is useless…….”

Each of the capture targets are incredibly good looking guys who draw in your gaze with each and every gesture they make. But if Roselia isn’t a villainess, none of the guys will ever bother sparing a passing glance for the heroine Erina.

[Erina]: “If Roselia were to become more of a villainess……..I wonder what she’d do. Normally by now she should’ve tried hiding my things, pushing me down some stairs, and pelting me incessantly with insults…….”

[Noble girl]: “Just a minute, are you Erina-sama?”

(Oh! Like this!)

[Erina]: “What is it~?”

[Noble girl]: “You, why have you been flirting with my fiancee?”

The girl looked calm, but it was impossible to not notice the anger in her low voice.

(Right~ Was she the daughter of an earl? It’s only natural to want to flirt with a good looking guy, and I have no idea who is whose fiancee!!)

[Erina]: “Flirting~? Erina doesn’t know anything about that~”

[Noble girl]: “It’s just common sense not to get all touchy feely with somebody who already has a fiancee! And yet, when you’re already sticking close to my own fiancee, don’t you feel even a little embarrassed getting handsy with other girls’ fiancees!? …..Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama may be ignoring you for now, but it’d be in your best interests to get on their good side!”

[Erina]: “Eh~ Why are you bringing up Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama~?”

[Noble girl]: “Sophia-sama is Prince William’s fiancee. And while they aren’t engaged yet, everyone knows Prince Eric and Roselia-sama are sure to be wed! So……!”

[Erina]: “Eh~ But don’t you get it though? Eric-sama doesn’t have a fiancee right now~ And I’m just trying to get on good terms with William-sama~! Don’t you think it’s pretty narrow-minded of you to get angry at me when other people are doing their best to get along with him too~?”

[Noble girl]: “Wh-Wha!!!!!!”

The girl’s eyes opened wide, and her calm expression twisted as her whole face turned red.

[Rudolph]: “Miss Erina?”

Just as it looked like the girl was going to grab me, I heard a familiar voice coming from a short distance away.

[Erina]: “Oh Rudolph-sama~! Please save me~!”

[Rudolph]: “What’s going on?”

Both of us turned to see Rudolph-sama, the oldest son of the current knight commander.

[Erina]: “She was about to grab me~”

[Noble girl]: “T-That’s wrong! I-I…….”

All the blood had drained from the girl’s face, turning her from a bright red into a ghastly pale blue.

[Rudolph]: “Haa…..Alex was looking for you Miss Erina.”

[Erina]: “Then, let’s go see him together~ If you’ll excuse us Miss~”

(I’m going to have to talk to Roselia directly and convince her to harass me just like this!)

Rudolph-sama, looking really tired for some reason, pulled me by my hand, and the two of us went together to go see Alex-sama.

Chapter 37Rudolph POV

3 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Erina POV

  1. If she knew the game, why didn’t she act like one~
    The girl I know did every CG perfectly and her acting as the protag is perfect it’s scary~
    Though she relapse when it comes to money~


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