Villainess Wants to Live Freely Rudolph POV


I first encountered the “Goddess” on my first day at this school……..



[Rudolph]: “Alex, I brought Miss Erina.”

Alex, the eldest son of the current prime minister and man everyone says will one day succeed his father’s position absolutely adores Miss Erina. So when he said he wanted to see her no matter what, it was my job to find and bring her here.
I made the rounds to all the guys she usually talks with. Miss Erina doesn’t give off the best impression because of how intimate and clingy she gets, but a person is free to do what they want.

My father is the knight commander who serves directly under the King. I should therefore be serving directly under the future king Prince William, but the prince asked me to instead act as a bodyguard and friend for his younger brother Prince Eric since the two of us were the same age. As a result, I am often by Prince Eric’s side and find many opportunities to talk with Miss Erina.

[Alex]: “Hey Miss Erina, just where did you go? I always get really, really worried when you aren’t next to me.”

[Erina]: “Fufu, oh Alex-sama~ I was just taking a moment to gaze at our school’s wonderful garden~ Oh, but then one of the other girls said some really cruel things to me~ I was really scared~”

Miss Erina clung to Alex’s arm and started acting like a spoiled child.

[Alex]: “What cruel words were said to my Erina!? Who said them!?”

[Erina]: “…..I don’t know her name~ But I’m sure Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama sent her~”

No, there’s absolutely no way that’s true. From what I could hear from the conversation, the other girl was mostly saying, “Quit touching my fiancee,” and other things she would naturally be upset about. I couldn’t really hear what Miss Erina was saying in response, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything kind. The girl Miss Erina was talking to seemed pretty levelheaded and mature, so for a girl like that to want to lunge at somebody, it must’ve been pretty bad.

And I’m pretty sure that girl was……

Miss Erina’s behavior lately has been intolerable, but since Prince Eric and Alex allow it, I can’t say anything too strongly against her.

[Rudolph]: “…..I don’t think Roselia-sama or Sophia-sama would do that.”

[Erina]: “No! I’m sure those two must have sent her~ Roselia-sama wants to be Prince Eric’s fiancee, and she hates how I’m friends with him~! And even though she’s already his fiancee, Sophia-sama clearly hates how Prince William has been taking care of me lately~!”

[Alex]: “Hmm, I can’t say whether or not those two are the ringleaders. But, if Miss Erina is in trouble, I’ll keep an eye on those two.”

[Erina]: “Oh dear! You’d really do that for me~? I’m so happy~ Thank you so much Alex-sama~”

(There’s nothing more I can say……. However, I have to report this to Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama. ……I wonder if Roselia-sama knows who I am.)

My first day at this school was the first day I met Roselia-sama, and it was the first time I ever met a woman that beautiful. I had gotten confused, my cheeks turning a deep crimson as I wondered if a Goddess had descended upon the world.

But, I’ve never had a chance to talk to her, and since all I’ve ever done is stand quietly behind Prince Eric while the two of them talked with each other, I’m nervous that I might not have even entered her vision. There’s also the problem of how she and Miss Erina are at odds with one another, so the two of them do their best to avoid each other.

(I can understand why Miss Erina acts the way she does, but it looks like Roselia-sama is actively doing her best to avoid Prince Eric…… Oh how happy I would be if I could ditch this conversation and go to where Roselia-sama is…….)

Imagining when I’d finally be released from this place, I gave Alex and Miss Erina’s continued flirting a sideways glance before letting out a long sigh.

Erina POVChapter 38

8 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Rudolph POV

  1. Thanks for the chapter! This is hilarious, because if you were to follow the usual otome trope, when the prince and the heroine denounce the villainess, Rudolph and God knows how many people would raising their hands and going, “Uh, excuse me, but no…”. Also, it’s refreshing to see capture targets who are perfectly aware the heroine is not a nice person, and are sympathetic to the people she’s harming.


    1. For what? She hasn’t done anything illegal yet. Also, in most countries a prince doesn’t hold any actual power. You wouldn’t gain any favors by pissing off a Prince, but if you did, it’s not like he could legally have you banished or anything.


      1. So what she does isn’t counted as les majeste or anything against the female nobles that are higher rank than her?


      2. No because for starters, the children of nobles technically aren’t nobles. None of these children hold any real power until their parents give it to them. Imagine your boss’s son. They could tell on you to their parents and see what they could do, but that’s about it. Also, she hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Sure she’s flirted with the fiancees which is insulting, but there’s nothing illegal about that and the fiancees would share some of the blame. A lot of stories similar to this like to play up the power a noble has, but unless they were doing shady things behind the scenes, they couldn’t just do whatever they wanted.

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