Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 37


[Erina]: “Can we talk for a bit Roselia-sama~?”

[Rose]: “Sure”

One day out of nowhere, Erina-sama called out to me. She had me follow her until we reached a courtyard other people didn’t pass through very often.

[Erina]: “…..Roselia-sama, why aren’t you engaged to Eric-sama~?”

[Rose]: “Eh?”

[Erina]: “It’s odd~. Roselia-sama is the daughter of a duke and the same age as Eric-sama, so it’s strange that you two aren’t engaged~. …’re also not really a villainous villainess.”

(A villainous villainess…….it sounds like she really is a reincarnated person.)

[Rose]: “That is for Prince Eric and Their Majesties to decide. I have no say in the matter. But, aren’t you looking to become Prince Eric’s fiancée?”

[Erina]: “No I’m not~”

[Rose]: “….you…..even though you were reincarnated?”

[Erina]: “…….HUH!?”

Erina-sama jumped back, her eyes opened wide the instant her brain processed the word ‘reincarnated’.

(Her usual sweet expression’s been messed up.)

[Rose]: “So then…….I was right after all.”

[Erina]: “After all!? Then you reincarnated here too!? ……so it’s not just me!?”

[Rose]: “Looks like it. I thought this might be how it is after you mumbled reverse harem to yourself the last time. Were you talking about the otome game?”

[Erina]: “That’s right! I loved this otome game. That’s why I was so happy when I realized I would get to live the game after I was reincarnated as the heroine. Don’t you think this is the most wonderful thing that could happen? Well, you reincarnated as the villainess, so it’s probably less so for you. ……But, things aren’t going how they’re supposed to at all because you keep working against the scenario!!!”

She’s stopped trying to use that weird, cutesy inflection at the end of her sentences and started talking like a normal person…, her whole tone has changed into something more crisp and condescending. This is probably how Erina-sama actually talks.

[Rose]: “I could go along with the game’s plot, but then I’d certainly meet with a bad end. That’s why when I realized I had reincarnated into the game as a child, I decided to just live my life however I wanted until after the condemnation event passes and I graduate.”

[Erina]: “S-So that’s why!!!! Well stop it. Do what you’re supposed to!!!!”

Erina-sama suddenly shed her more quiet, fragile demeanor and abruptly drew close with a hysteric look in her eyes.

[Erina]: “I’m aiming for a real reverse harem right now! I’m going to be in trouble if you don’t follow the script, so you need to get engaged to Prince Eric and get Lucas-sama to  constantly pelt you with verbal abuse whenever you walk by in hate!! Sophia-sama is supposed to be a villainess and have a terrible relationship with William-sama while Julius-sama is supposed to hate you both for all the stupid things you always say!!! And, and yet almost the exact opposite is happening. What are you going to do about this!!!!”

(………No, um, what am I supposed to do? I’ve honestly been troubled this whole time because I’ve never played an otome game before. I have no idea what is supposed to happen which is exactly why I’ve just been doing whatever I want.)

[Rose]: “Haa, I’ve never played the game before, so I only know bits and pieces about what happens. And if I did know what was supposed to happen, I’d go even farther out of my way to avoid it.”

[Erina]: “……huh!? You never played!? ……you’re not saying you only read the novel then right?”

[Rose]: “Eh? …….Actually, a good friend of mine from my previous life played this game and would always talk about it, so everything I know comes from her. Personally I’d prefer a book where the villainess plays a more active role though.”

[Erina]: “…..I see. Just like Nozomi. …..well it’s fine! I’m aiming for the reverse harem! So don’t get in my way! And hurry up and get engaged to Eric-sama! Okay!?”

(Huh!? Did she say Nozomi just now? ……did I imagine it? Well whatever, this is getting bothersome, so let’s just finish this already.)

[Rose]: “…..I don’t want to get engaged to Prince Eric. I’m going to continue spending my time carefreely until I graduate. If that’s all you wanted to talk about, I will be heading home now.”

I didn’t bother waiting to hear her response, instead walking out of that place towards where my carriage was waiting for me.

Chapter 36Erina POV

5 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 37

  1. Such scummy desire to tell someone to ruin their life to better their own. I wonder if Erina really understands what she’s saying.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I knew someone who also aimed at the harem end, she ended up having 5 hopeless dudes with no job~
    If her “onii-chan” didn’t helped her, she’d be dead by now~


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