Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 39


[Rudolph]: “Can I have a moment of your time Miss Roselia?”

The voice that called out to me belonged to one of Prince Eric’s delightful friends, the son of the current knight commander. He has short, light cream colored hair and a sharp look in his eye that makes him look like he’s always grumpy. But according to Julius-sama, he is still relatively popular among the girls, many of whom are just looking for an opportunity to talk to him.

[Rose]: “Oh, you must be the son of our knight commander…….”

[Rudolph]: “My name is Rudolph. I know this is the first time we have ever spoken to one another. Do you have a moment to talk right now?”

[Rose]: “Yes, has something happened Rudolph-sama?”

[Rudolph]: “……actually, I was hoping to consult with you about Miss Erina and Alex.”

(Another consultation…….and once again about Erina too.)

[Rose]: “Alex-sama is the next prime minister correct?”

[Rudolph]: “Yes, and Alex is enamored with Miss Erina. So much so that he is willing to listen to whatever request she makes of him and often acts immediately on those requests…….and just the other day, Miss Erina informed Alex about another girl who had issued to her a warning. She also claims that the main culprits behind this incident are Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama.”

[Rose]: “Eh?”

[Rudolph]: “……she told Alex that the girl had issued a warning to her on Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama’s orders. That is why Alex will most likely try to make contact with you and Sophia-sama soon. I doubt Alex would try anything, but I still wanted to warn Roselia-sama all the same.”

[Rose]: “Yes…..neither Sophia-sama nor I have done anything of the sort. Although there have been several girls who have come to consult with us.”

[Rudolph]: “Oh no, I never meant to imply that you and Sophia-sama had. I told them both as much, but they refused to listen to me. That is why I was hoping you and Sophia-sama would talk to your guards………”

[Rose]: “Oh yeah, you’re Prince Eric’s guard aren’t you?”

[Rudolph]: “Yes, His Majesty and Prince William asked me to……so I am sorry I cannot be of more use to you.”

[Rose]: “Huh? T-There’s no need to apologize!! Sophia-sama is Prince William’s fiancee, so she’ll have her own guards, and I’ll be just fine…….probably.”

[Rudolph]: “Be careful not to be on your own as much as possible.”

[Rose]: “Yes, I understand. Thank you for worrying about me.”

[Rudolph]: “No! It is vexing that I am unable to protect you directly…….and as selfish as it may sound, I am glad I was able to speak with Roselia-sama like this.”

Rudolph-sama’s eyes were swimming around a bit. And looking closely, his face seemed faintly reddish.

[Rose]: “Speaking with me? If you’re happy with that, I don’t mind talking with you whenever you want?”

(Does Rudolph-sama not have any friends? And that’s why he’s happy that I’ll talk to him? I mean if he’s this happy that somebody would talk to him, I don’t mind talking to him whenever he wants.)

[Rudolph]: “T-Truly!? With someone like me……you are truly compassionate.”

[Rose]: “You’re exaggerating. And it’s fine to call me just Rose if you want.”

[Rudolph]: “T-That would be too disrespectful….so please allow me to at least call you Rose-sama. And you may refer to me as just Rudolph without any honorifics.”

[Rose]: “Are you sure? Then I will call you Rudolph then. Thank you Rudolph. I’ll be sure to spend as little time alone as I can.”

I thanked Rudolph one more time before turning around and heading to the lounge where Sophia-sama should be waiting for me.



[Rose]: “Sorry to have kept you waiting Sophia-sama.”

[Sophia]: “It’s okay. I had Julius-sama to talk to.”

[Julius]: “It’s my honor to be able to help you Sophia-sama.”

That little matter about becoming Julius-sama’s fiancee has been put on hold. Mostly because I’ve always had Sophia-sama with me whenever he comes to see me, and he hasn’t brought it up since.

(I doubt he’s forgotten about it…….maybe Julius-sama……..)

[Rose]: “Thank you Julius-sama. And Sophia-sama, there’s something I have to tell you.”

[Sophia]: “Oh? Who was it this time?”

[Rose]: “Actually, this time it wasn’t a girl who stopped me.”

[Julius]: “Hey, should I leave for this?”

[Rose]: “No, I’d like it if Julius-sama were to hear about this as well, so please stay. I’m thinking I’ll tell this to Lou as well later.”

[Julius]: “What is this about? ……although I can guess this has something to do with Erina-sama again.”

[Rose]: “……yeah, it’s Erina-sama again. The other day, Anri-sama consulted with me about how she gave Erina-sama a warning about how she was acting. Well, it seems that Erina-sama went around and told Alex-sama that Sophia-sama and I were the ones who put her up to it. And apparently……Alex-sama is so madly in love with Erina-sama that Rudolph-sama was worried he might do something to the two of us in response.”

[Julius]: “……Hey Roselia-chan, would this Anri happen to be Anri Marcus?”

[Rose]: “Yeah, that’s right. Just what I’d expect from you Julius-sama. But how did you know?”

[Julius]: “No, how could I not. Miss Anri is Alex’s fiancee. I wonder if Miss Erina included that particular piece of information. If Alex did know, the first thing he should have done was check up on his own fiancee before trying to pick a fight with Roselia-chan or Sophia-sama.”

[Sophia]: “It’s just as Julius-sama says. Did Rudolph-sama mention anything about that?”

[Rose]: “No, he just told me to be careful. I’ll try asking him though next time I see him. He did say he didn’t think anything would actually happen, but please be careful just to be safe Sophia-sama.”

[Sophia]: “I will. I’ll be sure to let Will-sama know about this as well. Thanks Rose-chan.”

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6 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 39

  1. Thanks for the chapter! You know, I have to wonder… where are the adults in all this? I mean these kids are in their early teens, right? Shouldn’t someone older be stepping in, especially Erina is messing with some high profile names? Or is this the protagonist halo?

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    1. There are things that adults doesn’t know~
      Like how much porn this pc of mine hold~
      or when did I start playing eroge~
      Adults would only move if their children said something to them, otherwise, ignore and make more money~

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  2. Wait, Alex (the future prime minister) is going to attack Sophia and Rose — one is the fiancee of the future King, which makes Sophia the future Queen, and Rose is rumored to be the future fiancee of Prince Eric. Does Alex want to lose his future position or get thrown in jail?! Or worse? He didn’t verify or investigate the accusations. And his treatment of his own fiancee is horrible. Not worthy to be prime minister, and deserving of any punishments.


      1. This is awkward, the above is supposed to be a comment but when I went to reply to you it shifted to a reply as well. But here is what I was going to say. Ah, ah ah, he said he’d keep an eye on them if they did it, nothing about legit going after them or attacking.


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