Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 38


[Anri]: “H-Hello…..Roselia-sama…….”

I was talking with Lou about a book we were reading in the library when a noble girl walked over to us.

[Rose]: “Um, you were…….”

[Anri]: “Ah, I-I’m sorry. I am Anri Marcus.”

[Rose]: “Right, from Earl Marcus’s house. So what can I do for you?”

[Anri]: “U-Um…..I was hoping I could consult with you……please……..”

Anri Marcus is the second daughter to Earl Marcus, a sweet girl with a lovely face who isn’t gaudy in the slightest and really carries the air of a refined noble girl. She’s in the next class over, so we’ve never talked before now though. I’m a little worried whether or not I can give a good answer even if she does want to consult with me, but there’s no harm in at least hearing her out.

[Anri]: “…..the other day, I worked up my resolve to give Erina-sama a warning……but she isn’t listening to me…….”

[Rose]: “A warning? By yourself?”

[Anri]: “…..yes. I have a fiancee, and Erina-sama is always flirting and attaching herself to him…..and I think he probably likes her too. He and I would often go shopping together or exchange letters, but after Erina-sama came by, he stopped talking to me……. The same thing is happening with a lot of other girls and their fiancees too……. So I tried warning Erina-sama about her behavior…….. But she ignored my words…….and then said I was just being narrow-minded……..”

She told me everything while desperately holding back her tears.

(Haa, Erina…….you’re just going to create even more problems like this…….)

[Anri]: “She won’t listen to anything I say, but, but maybe if the warning comes from the higher ranked Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama, Erina-sama might understand and be a little more careful……..I’m sorry for forcing this extremely selfish story on you……..”

[Rose]: “Have you tried talking to your fiancee directly?”

[Anri]: “Y-Yes….. I made sure to talk to him first. I thought I could manage if he said he was just on good terms with her……..instead he replied, “How can you not see Miss Erina’s magnificence?” and I ended up getting angry…….”

[Rose]: “Haa, Erina-sama shouldn’t be doing what she is, but I have to wonder about that fiancee of yours.”

[Anri]: “Yes……he wasn’t like this before though”

(Is it because she’s the heroine? Jeez, that would be bothersome.)

[Rose]: “Well, I don’t have a fiancee, so I’m not really in a position to talk to her. But I can pass on what you’ve told me to Sophia-sama. She has quite a few thoughts about this when it comes to Prince William.”

[Anri]: “T-Thank you very much……”

(This is really worrisome. Even though it was a political marriage, it looks like this girl really liked her fiancee. My troubles just keep increasing…….. For now I’ll just tell Sophia-sama and figure out what to do later.)




[Rose]: “And that’s the story. What do you think Sophia-sama?”

[Sophia]: “… they’ve been coming to you too. I’ve been run ragged with all the girls coming to me asking for my help with their fiancees.”

[Rose]: “Thanks for your hard work Sophia-sama.”

[Sophia]: “Yeah, thanks. That girl doesn’t care no matter how many girls come up to tell her off, so the girls end up coming to me with tears in their eyes. …… by one, with the same problem every time………”

[Rose]: “You have your schoolwork to manage, and there’s still your queen education that you have to take care of. I know you can’t solve every problem a girl brings to you, but when somebody walks up to me with tears in their eyes……..I can’t help but want to help……”

[Sophia]: “Fufufu, raise your head Rose-chan. Erina-sama has been sticking to Will-sama lately as well…….and there’s no way I can allow her to keep sticking and clinging and hanging off of him like this. Clearly I need to take a moment to keep her in check.”

[Rose]: “…….Right”

(I doubt that Erina will be scared off simply by a check. If it’s her, she might just welcome the event and play at being the victim…….)

Rudolph POVChapter 39

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