Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 42


It’s been a few days since Rudolph gave me that warning, and Alex-sama still hasn’t tried to get in contact with me. So everything is as peaceful as ever.
Well even if I say everything is the same, that means Erina-sama is acting the same as she always does too, so can you really call it peaceful? The answer is no, you cannot.

The only thing out of the ordinary is that somebody keeps leaving me flowers in my shoe rack. It’s always just a single flower, but the sender never leaves behind any notes.
The flower can vary in type from day to day, but it’s usually some variation of a rose. The flowers are always dethorned, so I don’t think somebody is doing it out of malice. Still, it’s a little creepy since I don’t know who is doing it.

[Rose]: “……Haa, I wonder who you are.”

[Lou]: “A rose?”

[Rose]: “Yes, there was one here today as well. It’s a little eerie since the person doing it isn’t giving me their name or leaving any notes.”

[Lou]: “I have a bad feeling”

[Rose]: “They’ve been leaving them here each and every morning. You always get here before I do Lou. Have you seen anything?”

[Lou]: “No”

[Rose]: “I just can’t understand what their goal here is by constantly leaving flowers in my shoe rack.”

[Lou]: “….stalker?”

[Rose]: “There’s no way. For me? But it doesn’t feel like someone is trying to harass me either…..”

[Rudolph]: “Has something happened Rose-sama?”

Rudolph called out to me while I was talking with Lou about the flowers that show up in my shoe rack every day. Prince Eric is having a harmonious little chat with Erina-sama a short distance away, so Rudolph decided to come over here and talk with me while they’re at it.

(Anybody would want to escape if a couple was shamelessly flirting right in front of you. This is especially true for somebody who has no friends like Rudolph!)

[Rose]: “Why would you ask if something’s happened?”

[Rudolph]: “Because if something’s happened, I want to be involved.”

[Rose]: “Really? Even though it’s just a flower being left in my shoe rack?”

[Rudolph]: “A flower, in your, shoe rack?”

[Rose]: “Yeah, that’s right. Recently somebody has been leaving me a flower every day in my shoe rack. It’s usually a rose, but it’s always beautifully wrapped and dethorned. Strange right?”

[Rudolph]: “…….Rose-sama, isn’t that a stalker!?”

[Lou]: “Agreed.”

[Rose]: “You’re both so dramatic. Why would anyone want to stalk me when there are so many other cuter girls around?”

[Rudolph and Lou]: “”Blind””

Both of their voices came together, their voices echoing off one another, but I’m not exactly sure what they’re saying that I’m not seeing. I’m the villainess of an otome game, so if you were to ask me if I thought I was ugly or pretty, I would have to say I am pretty even with how naturally sharp my eyes are. But with how intense my features are, I think it’s a stretch to think that somebody would be interested enough in me to go as far as stalking me.
If I was a stalker, I would definitely aim for a cute girl. If I was to go off just their face, I’d probably aim for the heroine Erina-sama. She’s a cute noble girl who gives off that aura that makes you want to protect her. Well, that’s completely ignoring the personality though…….

(Could a stalker possibly have developed an interest in me? Yeah, there’s no way. …….probably.)

[Rudolph]: “… least try to be careful for now. There’s also that matter to consider…….”

[Rose]: “Right, thanks Rudolph. I’ll be careful.”

(This is so bothersome~ I already have to watch out for Alex because of that Erina, and now I have to be vigilant because some stranger keeps leaving me flowers. I’m becoming mentally exhausted!!! Summer break needs to hurry up and get here so I can spend all of my time with Alto!)

[Rose]: “Oh right, are you still coming over to see Alto during summer vacation Lou?”

[Lou]: “Yes”

[Rudolph]: “…..Rose-sama…..who is, Alto?”

[Rose]: “My most lovely and adorable pet. Do you want to come see him too?”

[Rudolph]: “I-Is that really okay!?”

[Rose]: “Yeah, so long as you’re okay with it. It’s not like you’re always on guard duty right? So how about coming when you have a day off? Lou has come to see Alto before, and I know Sophia-sama plans to come as well sometime. Will-sama might end up coming with Sophia-sama to see him too……. I was also thinking about inviting Anri-sama…..”

[Rudolph]: “…….so long as it’s not an annoyance to Rose-sama, I’ll definitely come!”

[Rose]: “Fufu, then it’s a promise.”

While making plans for the upcoming summer vacation with Lou and Rudolph, the matter of Alex and those flowers were driven to the corner of my mind.

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