Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 43

It is the morning before summer vacation starts, and there is a flower in my shoe rack just like always. This time however there was a small piece of paper that came with the flower as well.

I’m always watching you.

That was all that was written on it. The sender hadn’t even written down their name, making the creepiness increase that much more.

[Rose]: “Lou……there was some paper with it this time……”

[Lou]: “Paper…..what?”

[Rose]: “They wrote down here, ‘I’m always watching you’. I wonder if this is supposed to be like a love letter from a romance novel? Or maybe this really is some sort of harassment? I can’t even ask since I don’t know who is sending these.”

[Lou]: “Either way it’s bad.”

[Rose]: “Whether it’s a love letter or meant to be harassment, it doesn’t look like they intend to do anything other than creep me out. Do you think it would be fine if I just ignored them?”

[Lou]: “… had better be vigilant. You’ve told your servants about this, right?”

[Rose]: “Vigilant, huh….. Yes, I’ve told Allen and Anna. They’re with me all the time unless we’re in class. Summer vacation starts tomorrow though, so I think everything will be okay.”

[Lou]: “…….”

Lou seemed to be thinking about something for a moment, but with summer vacation starting tomorrow, even he started to think that everything would be fine. After all, the amount of time he’s going to get to spend with Alto is going to increase as well.
The person always sends me flowers, and this time they just so happened to send me a note as well. They’re just words. Nothing to worry about.
I’ll discuss the flowers and note with Lou, Allen, and Anna, but maybe I should mention it to Rudolph as well. Should I talk about it with Sophia-sama and Will-sama too? No, it’ll be okay if I wait until after summer vacation is over.

[Rose]: “Hnng, my vacation starts now.”

I stretched out my arms while taking in a big breath of that fresh morning air. Anna helps me get ready after I get out of bed, and the both of us immediately head out into the garden where Alto is waiting for us afterwards. We exercise with Alto in the morning when it’s nice and cool, and once the sun rises and it starts to get hotter out, we all go back inside to relax.

[Rose]: “This is bliss.”

[Anna]: “Mistress might be the only one thinking that.”

[Rose]: “You think so? Ah, now that you mention it, is Mother doing okay?”

Mother’s body has had its share of difficulties recently. That’s because I’ll soon be getting a new younger brother or sister. Mother’s morning sickness was severe to the point where she actually started to lose weight. I was beside myself with worry at the time. Since then her morning sickness has died down and her stomach started to get bigger. Now she’s facing the opposite problem though in that she’s gotten so big it’s hard for her to move.
As a loving daughter, I wanted to help my mother, but she told me, “Just the thought is enough,” and that was the end of it. It’s left me with a really murky feeling in my chest knowing there isn’t more I can do.

[Anna]: “Yes, she is apparently feeling good today and ate breakfast in her room.”

[Rose]: “Okay, that’s good. I’m really looking forward to meeting my new brother or sister. I’d like to have a sister if possible, but I’m fine with either one so long as they’re born healthy.”

[Anna]: “Indeed. I’m sure they will be very cute no matter what gender they are.”

[Rose]: “Just a little longer…….I can’t wait.”

I was an only child in my previous life, so I was always jealous of my friends who had siblings. My best friend Erika had an older sister and a younger brother, each of them five years apart. I always wished I was her whenever she told me about when she would go out with her sister or get into a fight with her brother. That’s why when my parents in this new life of mine told me I was going to have a new sibling, I was literally jumping with joy.
Allen has been with me ever since we were young, but since we’re the same age, he’s always felt more like a childhood friend. El is a year younger than I am, so I guess you could say he was like a younger brother to me when Father protected him and brought him into this house, but our relationship feels a little different than that. That’s why I’m really looking forward to having a brother or sister with a blood relation to me this time.

[Rose]: “Allen, did you deliver that handkerchief to Mother?”

[Allen]: “Yes, the Madam looked very pleased.”

Since Mother has been spending almost all her time in her room lately, I’ve been embroidering flowers from the garden onto a handkerchief which Allen delivered for me.
I really would have preferred to deliver it myself, but it’d be bad if I went in there at the wrong time and accidentally woke her up. Plus Alto is almost always with me, and if he were to jump on Mother while I was visiting her…… I asked Allen to deliver it in my place.

[Rose]: “So she was awake. I’m glad she liked it.”

[Allen]: “Also, she wanted me to tell you, ‘Don’t worry Rose!'”

[Rose]: “Fufufu, oh Mother. Do you think it would be selfish of me to make another and give it to her myself?”

[Allen]: “Please do. I’m certain the Madam will be pleased.”

[Rose]: “Thanks Allen.”

Chapter 42Lucas POV

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