Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 45

So the author screwed up and accidentally skipped chapter 45. The story skips right from chapter 44 to 46. As such, each of my chapter titles will be one off from the original.


[???]: “U-Um……..”

Turning to see who was talking, I found a plump schoolmate who I’ve never seen before.

[Rose]: “Did you need something?”

[???]: “R-R-Roselia-sama……I, I….”

[Rose]: “You know me, but I’m sorry to say I don’t…….”

The plump boy’s face was red hot, so much so that with each heavy, labored breath, he was expunging steam from his wide open mouth.

[Burt]: “Ah! S-Sorry. I-I’m, Burt.”

[Rose]: “The viscount?”

[Burt]: “Y-Yes! U-Um…..the flower…….do you, like it, per chance?”

[Rose]: “…….you mean this flower?”

When I showed him the single flower I had pulled out of my locker, he happily nodded his head.

[Rose]: “Then you’re the one who has been giving me these.”

[Burt]: “Y-Yes…..during the entrance ceremony…..after seeing Roselia-sama……I’ve longed for you ever since. At first, at first I was fine with just watching you from afar!”

He took a step forward, and I took a step back. As he continued to talk, he continued to advance on me, and I inevitably retreated further back.

(He’s coming on a little strong here……if I’d known this was going to happen, I would’ve gone to class with Julius-sama. And after Lou and Allen explicitly told me not to go anywhere on my own!! I’m an idiot!!)¹

[Burt]: “I really was fine just watching. Honest……but, then Erina-sama noticed how I was always watching you, so she gave me some advice. ‘Just looking hurts right? So how about giving her a flower so she’ll notice you?……but giving you one in person…….was too scary, so I put it in with your shoes instead…….”

(Eh, Erina? You little!)

[Rose]: “You never wrote me any kind of note, so I had no idea who was sending me these.”

[Burt]: “S-Sorry…… Erina-sama told me not to. Her words were, ‘You know she’s interested so long as she doesn’t throw the flowers away.’ She told me the next step after that was to, ‘Write a note using as few words as possible.’

[Rose]: “Which is why you sent those short messages before summer vacation and as soon as the new semester began.”

[Burt]: “Y-Yes”

(Then what do you want!? Are you trying to attach yourself to me!? And didn’t Erina want me to follow the scenario and get engaged to Prince Eric so she could steal him away!? I don’t understand what her goal here is, and it’s giving me a headache…….)

[Rose]: “…….S-So what is it that you want?”

[Burt]: “Huh?”

[Rose]: “You put a single flower in my shoe rack every day, and now you’ve given me your letter…….so are you looking to date me?”

[Burt]: “N-No….that’s……”

I can only describe this situation as scary. With each word this stranger takes another long gasp for breath while continuing to advance on me more and more. My back has already been driven against the wall as a result, and I can’t back up any further.
Even when I look around to see if there’s anyone who can help me, class is already in session, so the odds of somebody walking by is slim.

(How miraculous it would be if Lou or Julius-sama would think something odd and come looking for me~)

[Rose]: “To be clear, I’m afraid I am focused entirely on my studies right now. As such, I have no intention of getting engaged or even dating anybody at the moment. So, anything beyond this would only be troubling.”

[Burt]: “T-T-That. I-I really wasn’t looking to date you Roselia-sama……and becoming engaged is much too far beyond me. ……B-But I just want…….for you to not deny my feelings.”

[Rose]: “I’m not denying anything. However, I do ask that you stop putting flowers in my shoe locker every day.”

[Burt]: “T-That’s…….then what would you like!? I want to give you something that will make you happy. T-These feelings, I can’t just bottle them up anymore!”

[Rose]: “I-I don’t need anything else.”

[Burt]: “Why!? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t deny my feelings!?”

Suddenly, the boy jumped forward with both his hands tightly squeezing my shoulders. I could now feel every one of his hot gasps directly on my face.

(Hiii, scary! S-Somebody!!)

[Rose]: “Y-You’re too close. Back up some.”

[Burt]: “N-No!!”

[Rose]: “Huh!? T-That hurts, let me go!”

The strength of his grip gradually tightened like a vice, causing both of my shoulders to hurt. There was some part of my brain that was able to remain calm despite all of this thinking about how it would probably bruise.

[Burt]: “P-Please accept it! Whatever Roselia-sama loves most, I’ll give it to you!”

[Rose]: “There’s nothing I want!”



[???]: “Oi, what are you doing!?”

Thinking that someone had finally come, I turned towards a voice that had shouted out, but with the light at his back, I couldn’t make out who it was.

1. She said it, not me.

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6 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 45

  1. 1 – yes, but I also said it. Yay~ Routh is here to steal yo girl! Why not go sideways. Also is he an Edina follower instead, he really didn’t tell us what he wants other than suspiciously vaguely.


  2. I don’t know how to feel when the author decides the only fat character that’s been written in the story so far will be a creep :/


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