Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 46


[???]: “Oi, what are you doing!?”

[Burt]: “I-It has nothing to do with you! Go away! Roselia-sama and I are talking!”

[???]: “Roselia?”

[Burt]: “T-That’s right! Roselia-sama is mine! So you need to go somewhere else!”

[???]: “No, if that’s the case, then I’m exactly where I need to be.”

(Hold on just a minute! What’s with all this ‘mine’ stuff! And speaking of which, who’s this other guy? It doesn’t sound like Lou or Rudolph, and the voice is different from Julius-sama who I just left as well. But, it sounds like he knows me.)

[Burt]: “Then we’ll move this somewhere else! Come on Roselia-sama!”

Releasing his grip on my shoulders, Burt grabbed my wrist with his cold, sweaty hands.

[Rose]: “I-I’m not going. Please, let me go.”

A shot of fear ran through my heart at not knowing where he was going to take me, so I tried pulling my hand away from him. But despite how damp with sweat Burt’s hands were, his vice-like grip prevented me from shaking him off.

[???]: “She said to let her go.”

The mystery man’s voice came out like a short growl.

[Burt]: “N-No! Roselia-sama is mine!”

The mystery man circled around and embraced me from behind.

[???]: “You’re hurting her.”

With the man hugging me from behind, I couldn’t see his face to figure out who he was. The man then grabbed Burt’s own wrist, and after a small cracking noise rose to my ears, Burt started to scream.

[Lou]: “Lia!”
[Allen]: “Rose-sama!”
[Anna]: “Mistress!”
[Will]: “Rose!”
[Sophia]: “Rose-chan!”

All of the sudden, Lou, Allen, Anna, Will-sama, and Sophia-sama came running around the corner, each of them looking completely out of breath.

[Rose]: “E-Everyone…….”

[Will]: “What is this?”

Will-sama took another step forward, glancing between me and the screaming Burt before demanding an explanation from the man standing behind me.

[???]: “This guy was scaring Rose.”
[Will]: “You are…….”
[Sophia]: “Rose-chan, are you all right!?”

Sophia-sama cut off whatever it was Will-sama was about to say when she ran over and hugged me with tears in her eyes. Meanwhile Allen and Anna moved in order to restrain Burt.

(Anna, just where did you get that kind of physical strength from!?)

[Lou]: “Lia, I told you. Don’t be alone!”

[Rose]: “S-Sorry……I didn’t think anything was going to happen. O-Oh right! You are……..?”

I wanted to thank the mystery man for helping me, but when I tried to move, the strength of his embrace only increased. Sophia-sama wasn’t letting go of me either.

[Rose]: “U-Um”

[???]: “Rose, thank goodness. I was worried.”

[Rose]: “Eh? ……Um”

[???]: “Do you not recognize me? I suppose my voice did break recently, so I can understand why you wouldn’t recognize me by that alone.”

As the man spoke, a some kind of ‘tail’ brushed against my hand.

(This tail feels like…….a tail……tail……!?)

[Rose]: “A tail!? Eh!? What is this doing here!?”

[???]: “Haha, a confused Rose.”

[Rose]: “……P-Perhaps…….El? Are you El!?”

I tried turning around, but Sophia-sama was rubbing her head against my cheek and refused to budge which meant I was stuck.

[Lou]: “Lia, an acquaintance?”
[Julius]: “Do you know each other Roselia-chan?”

A still slightly angry Lou and a recently arrived worried Julius-sama stepped forward to ask about the mystery man.

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  1. Is there like a harem group and then a friend group? That would make things easier to understand but I am so tempted to put everyone in the harem group, yes even the girls, because that’s much more drama.

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