Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 48


“After all the work El put in to come see Rose, how about you give him the tour of the school.” Being told that I thanked everyone who was worried about me one more time before taking El around the building on my own.

Sophia-sama was still worried about me and refused to leave my side, but Will-sama assured her I would be all right since Prince Routh would be with me. She eventually relented and let me go, albeit begrudgingly.

I thought Allen and Anna were going to come too, but they both said the two of us would be fine on our own and went back to class. Lou and Julius-sama turned back and left for our classroom as well.

Since the opportunity is here, I definitely want to show El around the school. With that being said, I haven’t attended a single class since the day started today. I should probably head there right away as soon as our tour is over.

[Rose]: “Is there any place you want to go see? I’ll do my best to guide you wherever you want.”

[El]: “Nowhere in particular as long as I’m with Rose”

During our tour, El was holding my hand the whole way with his tail excitedly wagging behind us showing just how happy he was.

[Rose]: “You haven’t changed El. I was surprised by how tall you’ve gotten and how deep your voice is, but I’m glad the important things haven’t changed. And it’s especially nice being able to hear you talk as much as you want.”

[El]: “I was surprised by just how beautiful you’ve become Rose. You were always a cute girl, but now you’ve become a beautiful adult woman. …..I hated how I couldn’t protect you back then, so I returned to my country and have been working hard at my sword training ever since. Because I’m a beastman, I have naturally high physical strength already, but I want to be even stronger.”

I could feel myself starting to get nervous after hearing those sweet-sounding words I never expected to come from El.
But for his part, El was always a cute beastman as a boy, but right now with the moderate amount of muscles he’s put on, he looks just like a gallant adult man.



[???]: “Wh-!! Wh-!! Why is the neighboring nation’s Routh-sama here~!!!!”

It should go without saying that the person who bellowed such a loud scream and is running this way…….was Erina-sama.

[Rose]: “Yelling and full-on sprinting like that is improper for a lady.”

Of course my warning was little more than a breeze in the air as her obvious aim was El.

[Erina]: “Why are you here~!? …’s not time for that event yet! …..Well whatever! Routh-sama~ I am Erina~”

Erina-sama pulled El away from me, forcing herself into the place where I was standing, and glued herself to El’s side by wrapping her arm around his.

Seeing that, a sudden pain shot through my chest.

(What, was that? This pain……how odd)

I did my best to ignore the pain and turned my attention back to El and Erina-sama.

[El]: “Don’t touch me”

But El immediately yanked Erina-sama off of him.

[Erina]: “W-Why though~!? I’m much better than a woman like that~”

Erina-sama is quite the skillful woman being able to talk with El using such a sugary, coquettish voice while giving me such a hateful glare at the same time.

[Rose]: “Erina-sama, you are being rude to Prince Routh. And you were the one who told that viscount to start putting flowers in my shoe rack.”

[Erina]: “Hmph, so what!? I just gave some advice to a guy who was troubled over his love, what’s so wrong about that?”

(Nothing besides how it goes against everything you are as a person. She must think I’m an idiot. But, it is true I can’t find her guilty just for giving somebody advice. I really wish she would just have nothing to do with me though)

[El]: “You”

El’s voice was little more than a growl as he turned his own glare down on Erina-sama.

[Erina]: “I-It was just some ordinary advice Routh-sama~”

Erina-sama tried sticking to El again, but he brushed her away with his hand.

[El]: “Never get close to my Rose again.”

After staring Erina-sama down with a cold look, El turned towards me and brushed his hand against my hair. Whenever he looks at me, his eyes are always so warm and gentle.

[Rose]: “Wai-, um, El? What do you mean your Rose!?”

[El]: “Hm? Heheh”

He laughed, saying nothing more on the subject other than about how we should head back home for the day.



[Erina]: “……I’ll never forgive you. Routh-sama is mine!”

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  1. she need to calm like doesn’t she not realized she just pretty much attacked a prince? like she lucky he isnt asked for her beheading and i think el marked rose when they were kids

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