Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 49


When we arrived home, Alto was there excitedly wagging his tail waiting for me as always.

[Rose]: “I’m home~! You’re so well-behaved waiting for me today too. Alto really is such a good boy!”

[Anna]: “Mistress, you’re troubling Prince Routh.”

Also like always, I ended up getting so engrossed in thanking my cute Alto for welcoming home that I completely forgot about everything else around me. Including El.

[Rose]: “Ah, s-sorry El!”

[El]: “Who is this?”

It’s all right. Saying that much, El took a seat on the ground next to me and started petting Alto with me.

[Rose]: “I was so lonely after you left that Father and Mother bought me this child as a present to cheer me up. Fufu, cute isn’t he? His name is Alto.”

[El]: “So it was him that I was smelling.”

[Rose]: “Smell?”

[El]: “My scent was completely gone off of you, so I was wondering what guy I was smelling on you when we met.”

He’s back to using ‘I’ (boku) again. At school he was always using ‘I’ (ore)ยน, so I wonder if he was taught to speak like that while in public. I was feeling a little lonely, so I’m glad he’s changed back now that we’re home. Although, he might have just been doing it to look more intimidating to Erina-sama. So there’s probably no need to think too deeply about that ‘my Rose’ thing either.

[Rose]: “Hm? El’s scent?”

[El]: “Yes, do you remember when we slept together? So back then my scent attached itself to you. But, since my scent was gone, replaced by someone else’s, I was jealous.”

[Rose]: “J-Jealous!? … beastmen have really good noses. Definitely.”

[El]: “Back then I did my best to make sure any other beastman understood that Rose was mine. It’s regrettable that my scent wasn’t able to linger after all these years, but I’m relieved at least that the only other strong scent hanging off of you is from your pet dog.”

El kept going on and on, saying more and more embarrassing things that made my cheeks burn red.

(It was like that back then……no, El saw me as an older sister back then, so surely this was him saying, “this is my sister!” or something of the like right!? Quit being so self-conscious me!)

[El]: “Can I attach my scent again?”

[Allen]: “Rose-sama, the Master and Madam are calling for you.”

Allen stepped in just as I was having trouble thinking up a response.

[Rose]: “S-Sure thing! Let’s go El! Mother and Father are sure to be happy to see you again too!”

So grabbing El’s hand, I rushed him off into the next room without bothering to answer his earlier question.



[Rose]: “Father, Mother, I just got back.”

After welcoming me home, both of them turned a happy gaze towards El.

[Father]: “Well well, look at how big you’ve gotten. How have you been?”

[El]: “I’m fine, and you two both look great as well.”

[Rose]: “Mother, how are you feeling? Your complexion looks better than it was before, but”

[Mother]: “Thank you, but I’m feeling fine today. You and your father are such worry-warts fufufu.”

[El]: “Both you and what you’re carrying in your belly are very important to the both of them. I’m sure they’re just excited for when the baby comes.”

[Mother]: “Fufufu, yes I suppose so. But I hear El-kun will be attending the same school as Rose-chan come the spring? If so, then you’re more than welcome to stay here while doing so. How about it?”

[El]: “Ah, that would be a great help. So long as I wouldn’t be bothering…..”

[Father]: “Of course you wouldn’t be a bother! I never thought we’d have the joy of having you here again. Please feel free to make yourself at home!”

[Rose]: “How wonderful! It’s like a dream being able to live with El again.”

With my parents’ permission, El would be staying with us once again as soon as spring rolls back around. He’ll have to return home the day after tomorrow once again, but with all the fun we’re going to have until then, I don’t feel lonely.

1. Boku is a more formal version of I and is usually used by young men. Ore is a more informal I and is usually used by men who have reached adulthood.

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