Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 53


After the case of Alex-sama and Anri-sama’s broken engagement, I started hearing stories about other girls who were breaking off their own engagements as well.
In addition, after the remarks Erina-sama made after she shut Alex-sama down, men who had thought they were seriously dating or thought of themselves as special had started leaving her side. Erina-sama hasn’t let that get her down however as she still uses every opportunity she gets to call out to Prince Eric, Rudolph, and Prince Routh.

[Rose]: “Haa, I had hoped she might calm down a bit, but Erina-sama is Erina-sama.”

[Sophia]: “If nothing else that Erina-sama has a strong heart. That girl, I can’t figure out what she really wants. She jumps at any chance she gets to talk to Will-sama…….but”

[Rose]: “Something worries you?”

Seeing Sophia-sama as she took a minute to think back, I thought I might be just overthinking things, but Sophia-sama soon continued while carefully choosing her words.

[Sophia]: “She glared at me….. It used to be that whenever she would talk to Will-sama, she would always pretend I wasn’t there. But now, she stares at me with the same look my parents’ enemies always give them. Those eyes, they scare me for some reason…….”

[Rose]: “… might certainly have a point Sophia-sama. Lately I’ve found her glaring at me even when I’m alone. She never did that before.”

[Sophia]: “I wonder what happened. …..things haven’t settled ever since the incident with Alex-sama, but we should continue to keep an eye out for Erina-sama. Rose-chan, be careful.”

[Rose]: “Yeah, you be careful too Sophia-sama.”



[Anri]: “Ah! Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama”

Anri-sama called out to the both of us with a bright tone.

[Rose]: “Anri-sama, you look like you’re doing well.”

[Anri]: “Yes, and it’s all thanks to everything you did for me back then Roselia-sama. Thank you so much.”

[Sophia]: “So what has happened to Alex-sama? I’ve heard he won’t be coming back to school.”

[Anri]: “That is correct Sophia-sama. Alex-sama’s father will be retraining him. I’ve heard he will be undergoing strict lessons for the next couple months in their mansion. And then if he is able to correct his attitude to a certain extent, he will begin studying abroad in the neighboring nation of Ashtel to broaden his horizons.”

[Sophia]: “My, but I thought his future as the next prime minister had all gone up in smoke, but is that not truly the case?”

[Anri]: “No, it has already been decided that his younger brother will be made into the next prime minister in his stead. Alex-sama will be made into his assistant.”

Fufu, how unfortunate for him. Sophia-sama let out a small, evil laugh and smiled while hearing about the fate of Anri-sama’s former fiancee.

[Anri]: “I’m engaged……to…..Alex-sama’s little brother now. Apparently he’s been in love with me for a long time now……although he didn’t think I would agree to marry him since I’m two years older……”

I have to say, Anri-sama’s face as it gradually reddens more and more while getting embarrassed is really cute.

[Rose]: “That’s a relief. It’s good to hear that he’s genuinely thinking about you.”

[Anri]: “It’s all thanks to Roselia-sama and Sophia-sama. I can’t thank you enough.”

Tears started welling up as she came in close to give us a hug.

[Rose]: “You’re giving us too much credit. And well, this did save me from my own troubles with Alex-sama.”

(More than anything else, I’m jealous of that fact that he gets to study abroad in Ashtel! I wish I could’ve gone to that school. …..El will be going home next year, and Sophia-sama will have graduated by then as well. Maybe I should try studying abroad too? I’ll talk with Father about it!)

[Rose]: “Well the biggest problem child Erina-sama seems to still be up to something which means we still have to be careful, but I’m glad things are more or less solved for now.”

[Sophia]: “That’s right, her behavior has only been getting worse for Rose-chan and me as of late. You should watch out for yourself as well Anri-sama. Although I can’t really imagine she has any reason to target you…….”

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