Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 52

So I might be a little tired right now after staying up all night reading Beastars. In my defense, it’s really good. In more relevant news, this is the end of part 2, so we’re about halfway to the end.


[Rose]: “Hey, Anri-sama?”

Probably called over by someone from our class, Alex’s fiancee Anri-sama was standing in the classroom’s doorway as if to get involved in this mess.

[Anri]: “…..Alex-sama”

[Alex]: “Anri……what are you doing here!?”

[Anri]: “Alex-sama……why are you, the next prime minister, trying to cast blame on Roselia-sama for a nonexistent sin? ……and with no evidence.”

[Alex]: “The fact that Erina-sama is always suffering because of Roselia-sama is my evidence.”

[Anri]: “How can you call that evidence? I just can’t come to understand this……. Alex-sama, I’ve idolized you ever since we first became engaged to one another. You were dazzling when you told me about how you dreamed of succeeding your father, and I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life by your side……. However you’ve been so preoccupied with Erina-sama lately that you haven’t even been studying……..”

[Alex]: “Because I’ve found true love!”

[Anri]: “Eh?”

(Oh, oh no!! He, He said it!!)

Nobody was looking at me anymore as the same thought ran through all of our heads.

[Anri]: “……Alex-sama, your true love……you’re talking about Erina-sama? So, you won’t look my way anymore.”

Anri-sama started to tear up as she brought a handkerchief up to her eye.

[Alex]: “Yep.”

The classroom was already a scene of carnage, and that was before we heard the joyful voice coming from the hallway.

(Somebody who’s definitely involved in this but I wish they wouldn’t have come……)

[Erina]: “Fufu, Eric-sama~….. Hm? What’s wrong with everyone~? It seems so tense in here~”

(Try reading the air!)

[Alex]: “Oh~ My beloved Erina! I’ve been waiting.”

[Erina]: “Alex-sama~ What’s going on~?”

Separating herself from Prince Eric, Erina-sama twined her arms around Alex-sama’s.

[Anri]: “……Alex-sama! Your feelings have been clearly transmitted. So then, let’s annul our engagement.”

Anri-sama’s whole body tensed up as she delivered the most powerful glare she could muster towards Alex-sama in order to keep herself from crying.

[Alex]: “…….okay, I don’t mind.”

[Anri]: “Then it’s official. This matter has already been reported to Alex-sama’s father.”

[Rose]: “Fufu, Alex-sama’s father is such a sincere person. I thought I would be on my own helping Anri-sama, but he agreed to do his part with little thought. ‘If he’s going to make a pass at another woman while already engaged, then he’s not fit to be a son of the Eagle family!’ was what he said. Oh, that’s right! Please don’t worry Alex-sama, we’ve already started looking for a proper gentleman that will suit your former fiancee Anri-sama. Your father is helping us with this as well, and since it sounds like your younger brother is going to be made into the next prime minister, it’s seeming more and more likely she’ll end up as your sister-in-law.”

I walked past the stunned Alex-sama without bothering to give him a sideways glance as I took a position next to Anri-sama.
Erina-sama took a step away from Alex-sama as well, reaching back out to Prince Eric.

[Eric]: “Oi, what are you talking about? Explain this to me.”

(Uwa, there’s somebody else here who can’t read the air……)

[Rose]: “Prince Eric, Alex-sama has had a rather intimate relationship with Erina-sama despite already being engaged, so his fiancee, Anri-sama, has been having a hard time as of late. And so, after getting the consent of both Anri-sama and Alex-sama’s parents, we received permission to break off the engagement assuming Alex-sama agreed to it as well as he just did. Are you understanding things now?”

[Eric]: “…….huh? Erina and Alex are dating each other?”

(Eh!? That’s what he’s having trouble digesting!?)

[Alex]: “We are”

[Eric]: “But, didn’t Erina say I was her number one? …….hm, and, I thought I heard you tell Prince Routh that you loved him…….but Alex is your favorite?”

Prince Eric’s mind fell into chaos as he wasn’t too sure on what was really going on here. However, although he definitely seemed to hold some affection for her, the fact that he’s not getting angry and is only earnestly asking Erina-sama what’s going on makes me think he isn’t actually in love with her.
Meanwhile it seems like she’s said the same kind of things to other boys in class who have started speaking up one after another.

(Hold on! She’s already made a move on El!? He hates you to the point where he doesn’t even want to look at you though)

[Erina]: “H-Hold on a minute please~! I’m Erina, and I can’t do something like choosing someone~! My number one is everyone who cherishes me~!”

[Alex]: “…..but, Erina, aren’t we going to be engaged?”

Alex-sama grabbed Erina-sama’s arm and yanked her away from Prince Eric.

[Erina]: “Eh~? I never said something like that~! That hurts~ Please let me go~”

[Alex]: “T-That…..”

Apparently unable to bear Erina-sama’s words, Alex-sama crumpled down and sat down right there on the ground.

[Rose]: “…..what a villainess”

I let out a sigh, and Anri-sama nodded her head at my low mutterings. Meanwhile I overheard Julius-sama and Lou’s mutterings about how scary women can be.

I asked Rudolph if it was okay for us to head out. I figured Anri-sama had to be feeling more exhausted than I was, so after thanking Rudolph for his concern, I, Anri-sama, and Lou left the classroom and headed towards the break room.

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    1. Teachers are nobles too but they’re lower rank to those kids so they can’t do anything but to watch the world(of nobles) burn~


      1. But they should control the system before the legit school burns down lol. The school was kindling for the rest of the (nobles’) world.


  1. I dislike seeing that I take up so much of the recent comments hahahahaha, seeing that enlarged profiles picture freaks me out. Also, I was thinking of watching Beastars, is it any good?


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