Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 58


[Rose]: “Ow”

A shot of pain ran through my finger when I reached in my desk to grab my textbook.

(Ouch, did I cut my finger on a loose piece of paper? This kind of sting tends to linger.)


[Rose]: “…….a needle?”

A needle usually used for embroidery fell from my desk. But this school doesn’t have any embroidery classes. And I never do any embroidery while I’m here, so it’s not one I’ve brought from home.

Thinking about how strange this all was, I looked inside my desk and found several such needles fitted between my text books.

[Rose]: “Eh……”

Luckily(?) I only hit one needle, so there wasn’t a lot of blood. It wouldn’t have been funny if I had jammed my hand in my desk and hit all of them though.

[Rose]: “Who, something like this……..”

[Lou]: “……Lia? This……a needle?”

[Rose]: “……y-yeah. It must have gotten caught in my things when I was embroidering at home. Thanks for picking it up for me Lou.”

[Lou]: “Mm, Lia embroiders?”

[Rose]: “….S-Sometimes! It looks like I accidentally poked myself with it, so I’m just going to go disinfect this.”

[Lou]: “………”

After clearing away the needles in my desk, I got out of my seat and immediately left the classroom.

[Rose]: “……such a stereotypical prank…..who though?”

(Some kind of harassment……but why!? Maybe because I’m friends with so many good looking guys? …….but, I thought I was getting along relatively well with the other girls here…… then again, it’s impossible to know what somebody is really thinking in their heart of hearts……. I’ll take the wait-and-see approach for a bit.)

The small cut from where the needle pricked me had already stopped bleeding, so I ventured over to the school greenhouse to try and calm myself down.

[Rose]: “……come on, calm yourself.”

The powerful aroma of the flowers in the greenhouse wraps around me, helping to calm my nerves.

[Rose]: “I’m scared, but that’s only because I have no idea who is doing this. This could be like last time, so I should probably talk to Sophia-sama about it…..but then again I don’t really know what was up with those needles today…..I’ll talk to her if it continues.”




Really trivial harassment continued on a daily basis from then on.

Continuing on from the first needle incident, I found my textbooks discarded outside and then my shoes tossed in the courtyard. Plain, stereotypical harassment like that. But recently I found something like a curse doll in my desk. This one certainly did surprise me.

A little girl’s doll had my name stitched onto it with a needle shoved in. A small piece of paper with the word, “Disappear” scribbled across came tied around the leg.

I was so scared I decided to finally talk with Sophia-sama, Will-sama, El, and Lou about it.

[Rose]: “……these last couple days, someone’s been harassing me. It wasn’t anything too serious, and I figured I was just being too self-conscious at first. But, recently…….I found this doll in my desk, and I got scared.”

I kept everything from the first needle to this doll and showed off what I had collected to everyone. To make sure I wouldn’t miss anything, I reported each individual harassment to Allen and Anna as well.

[Will]: “Starting with the needle and then ending with the doll. This is especially nasty.”

Will-sama was looking over the doll with a grave expression.

[Sophia]: “You must have been scared Rose-chan. Thank you for talking to us about this. But! It would’ve been fine for you to come to us about this right away!”

[Rose]: “Thank you Sophia-sama. I just thought it would stop right away if I ignored them……”

[El]: “Harassing Rose, I’ll never forgive them. Are dolls like these used to curse people in this country?”

[Lou]: “Probably with a small group of people. Lia’s name is embroidered on. Unskillfully.”

[Sophia]: “Yes, although that is definitely Rose-chan’s name stitched on there, the one who did clearly does not know much about sewing. Perhaps whatever effect that was intended may have been invalidated because of their poor workmanship.”

[El]: “I’ve never seen something like this in Ashtel. What kind of effect is a doll like this supposed to have?”

I don’t know all that much about dolls like these either. I know they were a thing in my previous life, but I never thought I would have anything to do with them. So Will-sama explained for all of us.

[Will]: “Just as Lucas said, it’s not a common thing in this country, but it’s not unheard of either. When a person hates someone and wishes them misfortune, you are supposed to embroider the individual’s name on the doll and stab it with a needle in the place you wish to curse. For example, if you hate the voice of the person you wish to curse, then you stab the needle in the doll’s throat. That’s what I’ve heard at least. I never thought the day would come when I’d see the genuine article.”

The people of this country aren’t a very superstitious people after all, so something like this isn’t very popular. That was Will-sama’s opinion on the matter at least as he examined the doll one more time.

[Rose]: “Then, what about this doll? The needle is just stuck into it’s body……so does that mean……the person who did it wants me to disappear just like the piece of paper says?”

[Will]: “Well, I’d guess so. But, I can’t say how effective it’d be with how terribly your name was stitched on. Although, I also can’t say that its intended effect hasn’t already been accomplished.”

Will-sama said he would do some digging around concerning the doll, so I decided to leave things to him for the time being.

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  1. Damn, that thot’s(Erina) downfall is starting. The very moment the prince does something about the matter, there’s nothing else you can do, that’s basic knowledge (i think) in these kind of stories.πŸ˜†

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  2. Oh and! Thank you very much for the chapter!😊😊😊

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