Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 59


Returning to the mansion, I was greeted by both Alto and Rickert-oniisama.

[Rose]: “Alto, Rickert-oniisama, I’m home.”

[Rickert]: “Welcome home. I have some mail for you Rose-chan.”

[Rose]: “Hmm, it’s from Grandma. …..and another one that’s not marked.”

Thanking Rickert-oniisama, I parted from El and took Alto over to my room.

[Rose]: “It’s been a long time since I’ve received a letter from Grandma. ……it looks like she and Grandpa are coming over to see Ribel. You and Grandpa get along really well, don’t you Alto? I bet you’re looking forward to the both of them visiting as I am.”

Grandma and Grandpa on Father’s side of the family live a leisurely life together on the outskirts of our territory. Sometimes they’ll come to visit us at our mansion in the royal capitol, but usually we’re the ones who go see them. My younger sister was just born, so we weren’t able to return to our territory this time around. That’s why they are coming here to see us instead.

[Rose]: “Who is this other one from though?”

I turned the envelope around, but I couldn’t find a name listed.

[Rose]: “A letter with no sender……it creeps me out considering what happened last time.”

A little nervous, I decided to open the letter without knowing who sent it.

[Rose]: “!?”

I wanted to scream, but my voice wouldn’t come out.

There was just one word scrawled across the page in large, red lettering. DISAPPEAR.

[Rose]: “…….’Disappear’ again. And it almost looks like it was written in blood. Wait, is this actually blood!? ……disturbing.”

[Alto]: “Woof!”

[Rose]: “…..thanks Alto. I’m, okay.”

Alto placed his paws on my thigh to raise himself up, releasing a worried bark before licking my hand.

[Rose]: “…….I need to call Allen and Anna.”

I immediately summoned Allen and Anna to my room and showed them both the letter.

[Anna]: “Kya…”
[Allen]: “This is……”

Seeing the word written in blood, Anna turned a deep shade of blue and tensed up, but Allen threw his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming.

[Allen]: “This is serious. What kind of person would do something like this to Rose-sama? The culprit is most likely the offender responsible for the harassment at school, so please refrain from being by yourself whether you’re home or at school.”

[Rose]: “…..okay, I will. Alto is always with me whenever I’m home, and I can always run to you two right away if something happens…..but that doesn’t work with school.”

[Anna]: “You’re right. Allen-sama and I are always either in class or the annex, so we won’t be able to help….. Mistress, you should make sure you spend as much time with your friends–Prince Routh, Sophia-sama, Anri-sama, Lucas-sama, and Julius-sama–as possible. And I’ll do as much as I can during school as well to serve you and be by your side!”

 [Rose]: “Thanks Anna. I’ll ask them. ……so I should report this to El right away then.”

[Anna]: “I will go fetch him.”

Anna left to go retrieve El.

[El]: “Rose!? Are you all right!?”

And a few minutes later, the door burst open as El rushed inside.

[Allen]: “Prince Routh, you shouldn’t so vigorously enter a lady’s room like that.”

Allen started lecturing him, but El ignored his words and came right to me.

[El]: “I heard from Anna you got a harassing letter. Were you injured? The letter, show it to me.”

Receiving the letter from Allen, El immediately began sniffing out its odor.

[El]: “……this is animal blood. The scent of the animal is so strong I can’t pick out the sender’s scent……”

[Rose]: “Animal…..blood?”

(You mean someone hurt an innocent animal for this letter!? How cruel!)

[Allen]: “Prince Routh, we were hoping you would spend as much time outside of classes with Rose-sama as you can……”

[El]: “Of course! I’ll stick closer to Rose than I already am!”

[Rose]: “……thanks. That’s a relief. Allen and Anna too, thank you. You’ve been a huge help. Alto too of course.”

El started rubbing my head as Alto lovingly brushed his cheek against my feet.

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      1. Common sense? What is that? If common sense existed in these novels, the problems would be solved in a single chapter and the story would be over before it began. What would we read then? 😅

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