Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 57

First half in Rose’s POV. Second half in Erina’s.


[El]: “Rose!?”

My door was wildly thrown open and a heavily out of breath El appeared before my eyes.

[Rose]: “El? What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

A few beads of sweat trickled down El’s forehead as he sat down next to me and looked absolutely relieved to see me.

[Rose]: “El!? Really, what happened!?”

[El]: “I thought we could go back home together Rose, but when I went to your classroom, that knight and quiet guy both told me you weren’t there. When I went looking for you to see where you went, I found your scent mixed together with that woman’s, and…….I got upset. …..I thought maybe something happened again…….I wouldn’t put it past that woman to try it……..”

Saying that much, El scooted over closer and wrapped his arms around me.

[Rose]: “I’m sorry El. Thanks for worrying about me.”

[El]: “Rose, you have to be more cautious. She might try to use another strange guy to scare you off.”

[Rose]: “……yes you’re right. Maybe I have been careless.”

El’s hand, which had at some point became larger than my own, suddenly started petting my head over and over again.

I was left completely at his mercy until El finally calmed down.





[Erina]: “Just who does she think she is!!?”

This world is my……, I own this world.
In my previous life, I was bullied in high school for being an otaku, but despite me playing truant to escape from all that, I still managed to get into a good college. But I didn’t have any real hopes or dreams for the future, so after graduating college, I became a shut-in.

That was when I found this otome game.
All of the capture targets were handsome men, so I got absorbed into it. It was especially hard to capture the second prince of the Ashtel Kingdom Routh, a hidden character who only appears after you finish every other route.
But, the day after I finally managed to capture him, I went out to get some food and abruptly died in an accident.

I had a friend, Nozomi, who would always try to encourage me after I had been bullied. Who would always come over and call out to me after I started playing truant. We ended up attending the same university, and she even came over after we graduated to try and convince me to come outside more often.

And it was so annoying…….

She was just a hypocrite, trying to be mindful of me so she could play at being the good girl. She was never interested in any of the otome games I talked to her about…… (Well, that never stopped her from listening to me talk about them I suppose.)

Even though our hobbies didn’t match up at all, she would always come over and talk about how worried she was for me. So annoying. I was finally liberated when I was told Nozomi had died. Although I’ll admit thinking that way might be a little extreme.

But my point is Roselia acts very similarly to that Nozomi.

So is that why she irritates me so much? Or is it because she keeps getting in my way? Probably both.

She gets along so well with my favorite Routh who refuses to even acknowledge me. Even Prince Eric, who is always at my side, often thinks about her. And now the knight Rudolph doesn’t see anyone besides Roselia either.

[Erina]: “Wrong, wrong, wrong! Why isn’t my world going the way I want it to!? If that woman wasn’t here……. Of course! That’s right. Why didn’t I think of that before? Everything is becoming twisted because Roselia is here. So if that woman disappears, everything will finally start going my way.”



Erina’s ominous laughter resounded down the empty hallway, but there was nobody else there to hear it.

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8 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 57

  1. Does she not read any other novels/manga that what she’s doing rn is a death flag to herself~?
    Or she’s just too deep down in the rabbit hole to realized that~?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think her mental state is on the progressive side of the breakdown. I mean she’s thrilled about someone who genuinely cared for her died, enabling her to be more out of touch. Her friend Nozomi from what appears to have re-arranged her life to make sure she was alright and did some activities of a normal routine. I found both parties in the relationship pitiful.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Urghhhh, i hate Erina. How could she being si blind?! She’s supposed to be grateful. There is someone who cares about her well-being! STUPID IDIOT ERINAAAAAAAAAAA. I JUST WANT TO KILL HERRRRR.


  3. I mean, I saw this coming but I guess it’s official now that Erina is Rose’s best friend from her previous life.


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