Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 61


[Grandpa]: “Oh! So here you are Rose.”

[Rose]: “Grandpa, are you already finished?”

[Grandpa]: “Yes, she’s just so small I’m afraid I might break her!”

Grandpa used to be a soldier, and while he has since retired from active duty, I hear he still trains knights, mercenaries, and the like during his free time. Because of that, there are supposed to be a number of knights in the capitol who greatly respect him.

(He’s a bit of a meathead, but he never let up on his studies either which is why our territory has been able to prosper so much. That’s why I really respect him myself as well.)

[Rose]: “Grandpa, this here is Prince Routh, the second prince of Ashtel. He’s staying here while he studies abroad.”

[Grandpa]: “Hoh, so you’re Prince Routh? My name’s Germa, the former head of the Winsley house.”

[El]: “Germa-dono, it is a great honor to meet you. Your story is famous in my country. I’d always hoped to meet you at least once.”

[Rose]: “He’s famous in Ashtel?”

[El]: “Yes, everyone in my country knows of the Red Lion.”

[Rose]: “Grandpa…..”

[Grandpa]: “Gyahaha, someone from the old days randomly started calling me that. Then the name got around, and eventually everyone was calling me that way. Well, I never much cared for it myself, but I see. So that name spread to the neighboring nations too eh?”

(I roughly knew that Grandpa had played a tremendous role on the battlefield in the past, but for his name to have even spread into Ashtel…….that’s amazing.)

[Alto]: “Woof Woof!”

[Grandpa]: “Oh! Alto! How ya doing boy!? ……so you’re doing fine too eh? I came here to see you as well. And we still got some time until dinner rolls around! Let’s play~!”

Sitting at my feet and doing his best to behave himself until a short while ago, Alto waited until he thought we were done talking before trying to sell himself and jumping to his feet once Grandpa had said it was playtime.

[Rose]: “Grandpa, what about Grandma? Is she still with Ribel?”

[Grandpa]: “Hmm? Oh, she said she wanted to knit together some clothes that would suit our new granddaughter. So she’s going to be preoccupied for a while yet. Introductions with Prince Routh will have to wait until it’s time to eat. Prince Routh, how about playing around with us in the meantime?”

[El]: “Are you sure that’s okay Germa-dono?”

[Grandpa]: “Please, call me Gramps.”

[Rose]: “…..El, hang in there.”

[El]: “Huh?”

El acted a little shyly after that, but Grandpa eventually did convince him to start calling him Gramps, even if El did still carry a respectful tone when saying it.

But, El is still completely unaware of what kind of ‘playtime’ will be starting from this point forward.

[Rose]: “……Allen, could you please make me some tea. And, prepare a large portion of cold water for when El gets back.”

[Allen]: “……right away.”

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