Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 62


[Grandpa]: “Gyahaha, has Alto’s endurance gone down since I last visited? And you still have a long way to go Prince Routh.”

Alto and El both collapsed at my feet.

[El]: “……I’m, a beastman, and I lost…..”

[Alto]: “Woof”

Well I figured this would happen. Grandpa’s version of playtime is as difficult as military-grade intensive training. I always refuse to join in because I’ve seen Grandpa playing around with Allen before.

(After the things I’ve seen, I will absolutely never join in.)

[Rose]: “Grandpa is as strong as ever. El and Alto look exhausted.”

Alto collapsed on the ground right where he was while El managed to stand up just long enough for him to sit down in a chair and moisten his throat with the cold water Allen had prepared for him in advance.

[El]: “I’m a beastman, so I had confidence in my physical strength. I thought I was strong even among my countrymen……I need to train more.”

[Grandpa]: “Oh, Allen! Did you come to play too?”

Having not even broken a sweat yet, Grandpa locked eyes on Allen who was standing beside me and invited him to participate in the hellish training known as playtime.

[Allen]: “……….yes. Rose-sama, excuse me.”

[Rose]: “…..Grandpa, please keep it to a moderate amount.”

[Grandpa]: “Of course! We’re just making sure his body hasn’t grown dull at all.”

(…, you’re definitely going to take it too far. Allen, I’m so sorry.)

With Allen taken away, Anna came over to serve as his replacement.

[Anna]: “Mistress, we just finished baking some cookies. How are they?”

[Rose]: “Well they certainly do smell good! I’ll tell you how they taste in a moment.”

[Anna]: “The head chef was more than happy to make Mistress’s favorite cookie for you.”

[Rose]: “Despite how he looks. Fufu”

The head chef here looks like a yakuza straight from my previous life, but the food he makes always has a light taste with a dainty appearance. He has a talent in baking sweets especially.

[El]: “Rose, you like cookies?”

Showing some poor manners by laying himself out on top of the table, El slowly raised his head.

(The way he can’t help but to have his ears perk up whenever he tilts his head like this is too much!!!)

[Rose]: “…..yes, I love them. But, I’ll be troubled if I eat too many of them, and the shape of my body starts to change because of it.”

[El]: “…..cookies huh. …..I think Rose is fine no matter what you look like.”

[Rose]: “Fufu, thanks. But, I need to maintain my figure at least until I’ve become a bride.”

[El]: “You’re okay because I’m here!”

Despite being so exhausted just a moment ago, El had suddenly found some second burst of energy as he excitedly stuck out his chest. He was so cute I couldn’t stop myself from patting his head.

[Rose]: “That’s right. I’m sure I’d find happiness if I married El. Would Anna come with me at that time?”

[Anna]: “Of course! If it’s Mistress, I’m willing to follow you anywhere!”

[Rose]: “That’s a relief. ….So, let’s get started on the cookies the head chef made for us then. It’ll be a bit before Grandpa and Allen come back to us.”

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4 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 62

  1. So Rose unknowingly accepted a marriage proposal right there and then. Lol! I wonder if that makes their relationship official yet.

    Thanks for the new chapter!

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  2. I love how she won’t even allow other guys to talk about marriage with her as a joke, and yet she says this about El. My ship has sailed.

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