Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 60


Weeks passed and I continued receiving harassing letters every day with light harassment sprinkled in through my time at school until we’ve finally reached today, the day Grandma and Grandpa said they would be arriving in their letter.

[Rose]: “Hey Anna, isn’t it weird?”

I’ve checked with Anna dozens of times now over and over again to make sure I didn’t look strange or anything.

[Anna]: “You look exceedingly lovely Mistress.”

[Rose]: “I know Grandma and Grandpa are coming to see Ribel, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen them I’m starting to feel nervous.”



Once Grandma and Grandpa had finally arrived, Allen came to my room to get me.

[Rose]: “Grandma, Grandpa, thank you for coming.”

[Grandma]: “Well, thank you for having us Rose-chan.”
[Grandpa]: “You’ve gotten even more beautiful since I last saw you Rose!”

[Rose]: “Thank you. I’ll take you to see Ribel.”

I guided them both over to the room where Mother and Ribel were resting, and in the meantime, Grandpa kept asking me questions about school, my friends, and Alto.

Grandpa and Grandma are still the pictures of youth, and if you didn’t already know their real ages, you would be forgiven for thinking of them as Mother or Father’s siblings instead.

[Rose]: “Mother, we have company.”

A broad smile crossed Grandma and Grandpa’s faces the moment they met Ribel. Ribel really is a cute child. I’m so excited for her future. She also greatly resembles our parents to the point where I’m a little jealous. I inherited Grandpa’s emerald green, sharp eyes and don’t really look like Mother or Father much at all.
So yes I am a little jealous of my little sister Ribel, but because I resemble Grandpa whom is really nice and I cherish, there’s no reason for me to feel down.

And well, I’ve received plenty of love and affection from my parents, so it’s not like I’ve ever felt lonely before either. As a matter of fact, ever since Ribel was born, Mother has had to constantly be by her side, so Father has been spending extra time with me to compensate…….

(My parents in my previous life never showed me much love, so right now, I’m incredibly happy. … parents love me so much, there’s absolutely no way I can let them find out about the harassment. I don’t want to worry them…..)

Grandma and Grandpa were still gushing over Ribel, so I excused myself and left Mother’s room. Allen told me Alto was in the garden right now, so I stopped by my room to grab my homework and invited El to come out with me.

[Rose]: “Alto, Grandpa is here. I’m positive he’s going to come out to play with you in a bit, so look forward to it.”

[Alto]: “Woof!”

When Alto heard that Grandpa was coming, he ran right up to me with his tail vigorously wagging behind him.

[El]: “Is it okay of I greet them both as well?”

[Rose]: “Yes, of course! They’re both completely absorbed with Ribel right now though, so you’ll have to wait a little longer.”

[El]: “That’s okay. I’ll pass the time together with Rose in the meantime.”

Recently El has had this sweet air to him, and there have been several times now where I’ve caught him staring at me with this hot look in his eyes.
I never know what to do when he looks at me like that, so I always end up looking away.

[Alto]: “Woof!”

And almost as if he could somehow detect that atmosphere, Alto jumped up between the two of us with a loud bark.

[Rose]: “W-What’s the matter Alto?”

[El]: “Tch, honestly…….”

[Rose]: “? Is something wrong El?”

[El]: “No, nothing in particular. Yeah, nothing…….haa~”

I silently thanked Alto for his help in my heart and decided that I would have to eventually think about what I’m supposed to do myself whenever this atmosphere comes up.

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    1. He’s showing the signs but not saying his real intent so I’d also brush that as normal skinship from childhood like she’s doing right now~


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