Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 65


[Rose]: “Anna? Can you hear me?”

I called out to the cell next door, but I didn’t get a response. Anna must still be incapacitated after that punch.

[Rose]: “Haa… are we going to get out of here……and is the drug that pervert was talking about some kind of aphrodisiac? But he said it would make me his slave……is it some kind of narcotic then? He probably uses that same drug to keep his mistresses compliant. Isn’t that a crime!?”

I irritatedly glare at the shackles binding me trying to find something I can hit to work out this frustration.

[Rose]: “If only I had some kind of power to easily remove these…….tch, I wish I was born in a world with magic! I’ve been kidnapped twice now……I must look like an idiot……. I want to see everyone…….”

This feeling of helplessness suddenly took control of my entire body, so I curled up into a ball and started to cry.



[Anna]: “Mistress!? Mistress!?”

[Rose]: “Anna? You’re up? Are you okay?”

Having woken up and not knowing I was so close-by, Anna started shouting as loudly as she could while frantically trying to understand her new surroundings.

[Anna]: “Mistress!!! Are you all right!? Has something been done to you!?”

[Rose]: “Yes, calm down Anna. Nothing’s been done to me so far.”

[Anna]: “…..Mistress, I have failed you……I’m so sorry. To allow you to fall into a terrifying situation like this…..I, I……”

[Rose]: “No no, you haven’t failed me in any way. So please don’t blame yourself. The two of us are going to get out of here safely.”

[Anna]: “….M-Mistress……yes! Let us escape from this place!”

I could tell by her voice that Anna had started crying, but I decided to keep quiet about that.



[Servant]: “I beg your pardon. I’ve brought you your meal.”

The servant who the count had brought with him earlier was also the one to bring us our meals.

[Rose]: “I don’t need it.”

(Like I’m going to touch something you could’ve easily been drugged!)

[Servant]: “There isn’t any poison in it.”

[Rose]: “But is there something other than poison inside?”

[Servant]: “No”

[Rose]: “…..I don’t believe you.”

[Servant]: “In that case, I’ll take a bite for you to show there’s no poison. Would you believe it’s safe then?”

The servant’s cold gaze locked me in place.

[Rose]: “……yes, okay. If you would.”

The servant took several bites from each portion of my meal, and after a minute passed, nothing happened.

(I’m starving! I need to eat whenever I can. We won’t be able to escape on an empty stomach.)

And so I slowly enjoyed my warm meal as the servant kept watch.

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