Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 66


(How are we going to escape from here…..I could get out of here easily if I was facing the single-celled idiot duo from before, but this time it looks like it’s going to be a bit more difficult.)

My meals are usually brought by that expressionless servant, but sometimes one of the count’s knights who stand guard would bring it instead. Either way, it’s unlikely that I’ll find a chance to escape.

(If I agree to be that pervert’s mistress, I’ll at least be able to get out of here, but……what will happen to Anna? If I can at least get Anna released…….)

I can’t tell how long I’ve been down here. The meals are scattered around in what feels like random times, so I never know whether I’m eating breakfast or supper. This dungeon is humid, and there isn’t any sunlight down here. I’d like to avoid staying down here for too long if at all possible.

(I’m going to become asthmatic if I stay down here for too long with how damp and moldy it is. Haa~, a mistress though?)

[Rose]: “Hey, the knight there.”

[Knight]: “What is it?”

[Rose]: “If I agree to be the count’s mistress, will you let go of my maid in the next cell over?”

[Knight]: “…..yes. If you become his mistress, the Lord with listen to almost any of your requests.”

[Rose]: “Okay. That helps.”

[Knight]: “Are you going to become his mistress?”

[Rose]: “Your Lord would be ecstatic wouldn’t he? Shouldn’t that make you happy?”

I answered the knight’s question with a question, and he lowered his eyes.

[Knight]: “…..My Lord would be pleased……but is that okay with you?”

[Rose]: “So long as my precious maid is released, I……”


Before I could say anything more, Anna started shouting while causing a racket from the cell next door.

[Anna]: “Mistress! If you are thinking of sacrificing yourself for my sake, then stop it this instant!!! Mistress is my important master. And besides, you are the daughter to a duke! Don’t foolishly make the wrong choice.”

[Rose]: “…..Anna. But, you’re important to me too. And I’m not seeing any other way for us to escape this place.”

[Knight]: “Despite being of such a high status as a member of a ducal house, you have such a beautiful heart. All of the other aristocrat girls who were here before were so haughty, high-handed, and selfish.”

[Rose]: “Well, I can’t deny that there are a lot of us who are like that. And despite what you say Mr. Knight, I don’t have any kind of special heart or anything.”

[Knight]: “You think so? And yet you’re willing to give yourself away as a mistress to save a maid. You’re the first one to ever even think about them.”

[Rose]: “Huh?”

[Knight]: “Most of my lord’s mistresses were kidnapped and separated from their maids just like you. But not a single one of them have ever even shown concern for their servants. The opposite actually. ‘I’ll let you have my maid, so save me,’ is the offer I always get.”

[Rose]: “…..and what happened to them?”

[Knight]: “I reported them to my lord. The lord would then drug the girls into submission…..until they became his slaves. And then, if the maid met his fancy as well, he would drug her tool. Of course, I can’t think of a single maid in the world who hasn’t suited his fancy……”

[Rose]: “That’s…….”

Words failed me when faced with the shocking truth. I could understand being physically attracted towards people you find cute. But to be so depraved that you would force every woman you meet into being your mistress without letting anyone get away. And then forcing them to submit with drugs too.

[Anna]: “M-Mistress! Let’s run away! There’s no way you can force yourself to become the mistress of a man like that!”

[Rose]: “…..but, to escape a place like this……would a certain strong knight be willing to help us?”

I looked towards the muscular knight who was still standing just outside my cell.

[Knight]: “…..tomorrow, this estate is going to be investigated.”

[Rose]: “Eh?”

[Knight]: “….with the situation being what it is and the whereabouts of you two young ladies currently unknown, the duke house and the royal family have been frantically looking for you. I heard they’ve been investigating all of the noble residences. And tomorrow is this place’s turn.”

Excusing himself, the knight walked away to return to his post.

[Rose]: “…..Anna. Let’s shout as loud as we can.”

[Anna]: “Yes Mistress!”

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  1. okay but regardless this knight is garbage, so what if theyre haughty and selfish? they dont deserve this, and the maids are still drugged anyway so what even is the difference, what did you accomplish? you could have put in an anonymous tip, this guy better get punished im so annoyed

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