Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 64

Did you ask for plot? If the answer is no, too bad. If the answer is yes, this is all your fault.


[???]: “……ss. ……stess. Mistress!”

I could hear someone calling for me, but with how much my head was hurting, opening my eyes felt like too much trouble.

[???]: “Mistress, Mistress!!”

(…..this voice is…..Anna? She sounds so desperate, what’s going on?)

[Rose]: “Uuh……Anna?”

Somehow I managed to force open my eyes to see Anna while holding down on my aching head.

[Anna]: “Mistres…’re awake. Thank goodness……is your head hurting!?”

[Rose]: “……yes, just a little……”

[Anna]: “Mistress, do you remember what’s happened up until this point?”

[Rose]: “Huh? Until now? …..Allen and El were busy training with Grandpa, so you and I went shopping in the city right? I remember that, and…….”

Oh yeah. Anna and I visited a cake shop that’s been popular lately, and when we were done, we started on our way to the general store…..

[Rose]: “And then on our way to the general store, two strange guys called out to us……I don’t remember anything after that.”

[Anna]: “Yes. I believe we were made to inhale some drug immediately afterwards. It looks like they gave you a stronger one than they gave me…….this was supposed to be a holiday for you……”

[Rose]: “No, it’s all right. More importantly, we need to figure out where we are. ……Haa, with things like this, I really wish I had brought an escort with us.”

(Kidnapped again……what are they aiming for this time!? I wonder how long it’ll be before Allen and El notice…….)

[Anna]: “I think this is a mansion’s dungeon.”

[Rose]: “…..I see. It certainly feels damp in here and is altogether unpleasant. The bars to our cell seem sturdy enough as well, so we’re not forcing our way out. But, who would do this…..”

[Anna]: “Perhaps the offender……is the same one who has been sending you those letters and harassing you with the dolls and such.”

[Rose]: “Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I never thought they’d go this far, so I was a bit careless……. But, does this dungeon truly belong to a noble?”

[Anna]: “Yes. I think so at least. I tried looking for a way out……but I’m sorry, I couldn’t find one.”

[Rose]: “Don’t apologize. You haven’t done anything wrong. We’re not going to be here for long anyway.”

Anna and I began talking about how we would escape until somebody finally came for us.



A few hours later, I heard a clicking noise coming from the direction of the stairs.

[???]: “Fufufu, finally caught you.”

The man who appeared was Count Damiel, a man infamously known as the lecherous count. It’s rumored that although he lives separately from his legal wife, he keeps several mistresses and makes regular visits to the red light district.

[Rose]: “Count Damiel……what is this?”

Count Damiel turned a broad and creepy grin our way. His cold voice was enough to make me tremble, but I forced myself to listen to him while acting resolute, not wanting to show any kind of weakness.

[Damiel]: “I have always been taken with you. I’ve wanted to add you to my collection for so long. I had planned to take you at that auction all those years ago, but well, unfortunately things did not go as planned. But, there was somebody out there who just so happened to be aware of my feelings for you and offered me an olive branch! And at last I was able to capture you.”

[Rose]: “…..and just who is this somebody?”

[Damiel]: “No no, I can’t tell you that yet. Not until I’ve captured you completely. Fufufu”

(Who! Who sold me to such a revolting man!? I’ll never forgive them! ……but, I need to figure out how to get out of here first…..)

[Rose]: “…..I know next to nothing about you, and I have no intentions of getting to know you after this. The fact that you would kidnap me is all I need to know.”

[Damiel]: “Fufufu, put on a brave face while you still can. This drug shall turn you into my slave in no time. You can’t escape from me. Although, you trying to act tough is awfully cute, so I’ll hold off on using the drug for now. Instead, I’ll have you change into the clothes I brought for you. And we’ll move that maid into the next cell.”

That was when one of Count Damiel’s servants walked in and locked weighted shackles onto my wrists and ankles. Anna tried to resist when they moved to her, but she froze up when the servant punched her in the stomach. After that, they shackled her as well before moving her to another cell.

Now alone together, Count Damiel walked into my cell, and after brushing his hand against my cheek, he strapped a collar around my neck.

[Damiel]: “Roselia, from now on you are my dog. And I shall cherish you as such.”

Saying that much, he licked my neck before leaving the prison.

(…..D-Disgusting. Anna might’ve only been moved to the next cell over, but it still feels as if she’s a world away. El, Allen, Father, Mother, I want to see you. …..I want to go home…..)

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5 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 64

  1. The silly thing is if she told her father, he probably would have used all his connections to hunt down anyone connected to the threats, including that nut job behind it… Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. ick but also really rose? also nobody had a problem with her going out unprotected? like regardless of her having a dangerous harasser, she’s the daughter of a duke, why would her parents not even have one guard on her??

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