Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 70


The sudden raging howl roared through the room causing not just me, but Count Damiel to tremble in place.

[Damiel]: “W-What!?”

The sound of several sets of footsteps could be heard storming down the steps, and among them


[Rose]: “……El”


Plus Father, Grandpa, Allen, and Rudolph. All four of them circled around, ready to seize Count Damiel. Father and Grandpa were furious while Allen and Rudolph, wrapped up in his knight armor, looked more worried than anything else.

[Grandpa]: “Sir, that’s my granddaughter.”

[Father]: “Rose, we’re getting you out of here now!”

[Rose]: “…..Grandpa…..Father…..”

[El]: “Rose, sorry for being so late. We’ll save you right away!”

[Rose]: “El…..”

[Allen]: “Rose-sama, Anna, let’s get you somewhere safe.”

[Rose]: “Yes……”

[Rudolph]: “Please excuse the late rescue”

[Rose]: “Rudolph, you came too.”

[Damiel]: “W-What is this!? You can’t come down here without my permission! Roselia is mine. I won’t hand her over to anyone. She’s going to be another piece to my collection. Ah, but you can have the maid in the cell next to hers back. That should be sufficient right?”

Those cold eyes that were taunting me just a moment ago grew flustered as Count Damiel bared his fangs at Father.

[Father]: “If you’re talking about your mistresses in your bedroom and attic then they’re already safe. We’ve already heard their circumstances. Now where did you get those drugs!?”

[Damiel]: “Ah, this medicine here? It was a gift from a nice noble girl. It’s been most helpful. I wanted to use it on Roselia if at all possible, but since I had my doubts about its effects, I tested it out on some other women first.”

[Father]: “…..scum”

[Rudolph]: “Count Damiel, your mansion is already besieged by knights. You are hereby under arrest for the abduction of Roselia-sama and her maid along with the numerous crimes listed in the testimonies of the other women you held here. I have a writ right here from Prince William.”

[Damiel]: “Tch, my dear Roselia. It appears I have been caught. But I do not wish to part……so let us pass on together instead.”

[Rose]: “Hii! S-Stop…..Get back!”

Count Damiel spun around, turning his back on Father and the rest in order to wrap his hands around my neck.

[El]: “Bastard!”

*BAM!* There was a tremendous echo as Count Damiel went flying through the air before my eyes, crashing onto the ground and left motionless on his side. And then, I was wrapped up in something warm.

[El]: “Rose, Rose…..Rose”

El kept repeating my name in my ear as he held me close.

His body is so warm, and yet he was shivering. He held me so tightly it almost hurt, as if he were trying to make sure I was really here.

[Rose]: “Uuu… came… saved me…..”

The dread of my seemingly inevitable fate from a moment ago mixed together with the overwhelming relief of being finally rescued, and all of my energy suddenly left me all at once. I gave myself to El’s embrace as my consciousness slowly faded away.

Chapter 69Routh(El) POV

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      1. How can you be so dense!!! it’s obvious from the start!!!

        It was Colonel Mustard on the conservatory with the knife!

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